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    Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? They all left when you stopped posting. The forum was a desolate, lonely place and Raven was left heartbroken. With tear stained cheeks he roamed the streets, searching for the members that had so cruelly left him. When he couldn't find anyone he almost gave up but there was a fire in his belly and hunger in his heart. He would not let his beautiful creation fade away and die. He drank a light beer for courage and with a new found determination he went forth into the world and recruited, recruited like he never thought he could...like anyone could. Out there in vast metropolises and hinterlands he searched for the new members that would fulfil his dreams and breath life, a new life, into his source for graffiti, street art, style and culture and he found them, boy did he find them. The new breed, well versed in nonsense and arguing with a vast knowledge of tits and ass unrivalled by even the most perverted of 4chan members. Taggers and bombers alike they flocked to the forum, a small piece of the internet they could carve out for their own...as long as they clicked ads and could put up with the complex media bar and forum downtime. He built it and they came..both figuratively and literally. Now please check in at the front desk and give Raven your social security number and credit card details. Welcome to the future, big guy. Please don't leave us again.
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    Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? I did NOT have the standards that fist did
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    That shit happens, could of been dark.... I had a big straight letter from 95 get gone over on the bottom last year.... fix it when you see it. Back to pies.
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    Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? i have the most pathetic post count, considering ive been here since 04. ALSO, I wish I had chosen a better username way back then
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    i find it extremely hilarious that people such as yourself create nonsense false dichotomies between slavery and liberty. its is not black and white, and you feeling as if you're a slave because of the taxes you pay, laws you have to obey, and social benefits you reap are just too much is hilarious, narcissistic, over-privileged, and generally selfish. call me a statist now and talk about the constitution, bring up an element of history that doesn't apply to modern society, and keep your nose held high...
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    USERS CURRENTLY FAPPING TO THIS THREAD: 418 (15 members and 403 guests)
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    Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? nope
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    Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore?
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    hard to believe all of them are solely for spam cleanup... nevertheless, a toast to the new supply teachers - FREE COLTON
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    I dont undertsand your Aussie bullshit, if your saying dont perform for your friends that probably because you have few, and no one cares about hoe fucking bothersome you are, either you do stand up comedy or shut the fuck up
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    that's not the girl from mythbusters, that's alex sim-wise. and she needs to be fucked by me asap. i would have remembered that a lot sooner if the redhead thread was still around.
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    I'm pretty sure this was a nationally run PSA, but anyone who grew up watching cartoons after school, or in the morning, saw this: http://youtu.be/3ut4C_MOmsc Anyone who grew up in the Boston area will remember this one: and this one: http://youtu.be/COcR2Erpbx4 and this: They tried to teach us how to save money with these: And the Boston area Boy Scouts were always And there was always Mr. Yuk.
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