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    I was fuckin drunk as fuck up on that roof...
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    a dog would be an awesome gift.. girls family got me: home brewing kit a new fleece some random book, i already forgot. she got me a new pair of vans. a gumball machine a light for my bike a steel nib marker mom: gift card to drakes new stockings..? a bottle of baileys scategories board game pops: a kroger gift card im not mad at all. very happy with the gifts, but more happy for my grandmother who had a successful heart surgery last week, and was able to be home to see the family together. spending the first christmas with my current girlfriend. and having a couple extra days off work
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    ^^^^ I dont know who did that one. This one is done by my homegirl Marie Sena.
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    Pinhole shot of a train moving (to the right): Yeah not much around here but trains.
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    Oh shit.....who caught that girl in them daisy dukes at the train station!
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    chilean sea bass mashed potato yule log gingerbread cookies
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    chilean sea bass mashed potato yule log gingerbread cookies
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    that thing is happy becuase it just got a dao tattoo..
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    shumai with her xmas gifts some stuff I got going to try it out saw wild horses saw not so wild horses oops, sorry santa
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    Yes they are exept for 8th diagram.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ghaHlOPdYU Been jamming this. Probably have been posted, but Im real into it.
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    Spoiled brat thread 2k11
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    Check out Dreamhost.com. That's what i use. Use wordpress for content management since the interface is about as idiot-proof as it gets. Check out themeforest.com for cheap website ideas. You can usually find torrents for them. I can probably help you with tweaking html/css/php but I've been pretty busy lately.
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    sounds pretty dank fuse. for dinner tonight after xmas dinner. herb and garlic crusted rib roast with a horseradish jus, goats chevre mashed potatoes, green beans with caramelized fennel, garlic and bacon plated with a side of bulleit rye with some rocks
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    I remember when this thread had quality pics that made you think and ponder your descision, not girls you would only do after having one to many four lok's. Back in day formula. Now its just filled with fatties/chubbys/scuts and obvious smashes. and whats up with those reef girls of course smash your doing it wrong how do you accumulate that sort of post count in such a short time............... oh yeah posting horse shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lurk more son'''''''''''''''''''' End rant Ugene had that order on point for them michigan moms.. and smash yellow shirt with bangs girl......... I like the chubbies at times!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    They're wet and standing on a stage wearing bikinis. . . are you seriously asking this question?
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