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    trying to call out noxer and ket for biting cross hatching just cuz your favorite "cool guy" writer is doing it? wolf AOK was doing cross hatching in the 90s man. reas too. so whoever you think they "got it from" got it from the above mentioned.
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    bump my nigga misery rolling through detroit. stk family
  4. 2 points
    you guys make me look silly... 93 faze exchange, the fill got away from me a bit, so i did a quickie 3d and called it night
  5. 1 point
    take it to pm's cus you both sound like bitches its hard to tell which one is the bigger one.
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    gossip is juicy. I'm not gonna lie, i do find it interesting. this is like the national enquirer for writers.
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    You know the s2000 held the most power per cylinder record on a stock motor until recently? That's pretty impressive even though I'm not a fan of Honda. I drove a turbo miata recently that was turbo'd with a DSM t-25 and side mount intercooler. That thing was a blast but they still look gayer than aids.
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    these long fbr straights are too legit
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    after reading that i instantly thought of: :lol: @ parking lot stuntin' oh and props for the htown jam
  20. 1 point
    Re: OCCUPY CHANNEL ZERO WITH POSTS ABOUT WALL STREET *making a difference* LOL. I have been coming on here since my graffiti days, which were in the late 90's. How did i miss that Frennel Morris has been a 12oz joke? Its even funnier to me because i went to Art School with that kid, and knew chicks that were his roomates back in the day. Wow. Life is strange..
  21. 1 point
    lol @ you trying to tell me ANYTHING about MC's :lol: my father and his father have always been into bikes and MC's oh and i was wearing a 3 piece when this show came out and i knew a bunch of idiots were gonna try and form an opinion based on what they see on tv when in fact they actually dont know anything at all(you are the perfect example). so go ahead and try to tell me something else that i dont know about MC's that you just learned about from the internet
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    im looking for the san francisco thread can anyone help me? this seems to be the hype/gin relationship thread... wow get off their dicks all this gossip and fucking speculation
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    pasta/ pumpkin sauce/ chicken breast/ chicken crackle//
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