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    No Yankees No Red Sox No Phillies No Problem.
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    The following pictures & stories were copied from an issue of "Reader's Digest". All characters mentioned are, of course, fictional, comic book superheroes & heroines. Set design: Industrial Blockbuster-Light & Magic. This was a well planned, but ill-fated mission. We pulled it off, but basically everything went wrong along the way. The connection never buzzed us in, so we had to wait for someone to enter the front door & we kinda just pushed our way in carrying all this shit.OK, so we take the elevator up to the 7th floor, but still gotta get up to the roof, which is locked.The fuckin' people who lived in these lofts should work for Homeland Security or some shit. A couple of guys started hassling us right away but I forget what bs we laid on them. (After we finished painting, the same guys came back, real pissed off & tried to start a fist fight with me & DONA.) So, buckets ready, rollers ready...of course. it had to start raining, fuckin' hell...DONA'S taller than me & we did ours together, so she held my ankles while I hung over the edge with the extended roller pole. REVS was doin' his own thing on the side with "primo location" that could be seen from Manhattan across the East River. He wound up painting "crasy" instead of "crazy". Working upside down in the rain at night. It was funny anyways cause they couldn't buff the "VS" under the RE. To take flicks, I literally stopped my truck on the Willy B bridge; cars, trucks, drivers cursing us swerving around. Good thing we flicked it, cause it got buffed later that day. I bet that "VS" is still there too. I "think" West Side Hwy, way uptown, wasn't there so,correct me if I'm wrong. Real nice job though, they rocked it!!! This was def "THE" spot to hit on Houston...I believe it made the papers, people were up in arms. "Oh no, not OUR DKNY city mural, heavens to Betsy, these vandals must be stopped". PEAK & DONA!!! Every member of VIC were the nicest, most talented fuckin' people you could ever work with. The men treated all us women as equals in every way. With respect. Damn, PG was a sweetheart, showin' me the ropes the 1st time we met. Nobody really bothers you in Chinatown. Since we always first cover the spots solid, we just say we're "eradicating" the hideous graffiti. Mark off even spaces. Outline the letters. Bam! Gone. Haha. Yeah.
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    Fuck. I will keep it simple: Marry my sister, I want to be your brother in law and help raise your kids. I want to be related to you in some way.
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    You got your normal roommate evicted just to fully clean house :lol:
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    Can anybody help me find the Erase and Seca e2e with the character Qbert?
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    wait.....this nigga pmb stays steady 27/7 in almost all the channels and doesnt post a single thing for like 3 years... then outta noplace replies in the nonsense thread with "yeeaah" thats some nonsense right there..
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    Had a good back day yesterday, i started doing rack pulls a few weeks ago, got 135x10, 225x10, 315x10, and then 385x5. Havent deadlifted in a while though, not sure which i like more. Also anyone know a good solution for stretch marks? I've got nasty ones all over my bi's, tri's and lats. Looks like someone cut me open.
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    im glad Oakland is so popular to paint nowadays.. i remember puttin in work and cats would tell me i had to go to frisco to really matter... Props to anyone who put it down in the town since before
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    There is a Firefox plugin called FlashGot (http://flashgot.net/). Peek at their website, this might be what you are looking for. You just highlight the content you want, right click, select flashgot selection.. and all content selected is downloaded at once.
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    What a fucked up irony that the team that the Phils got into the playoffs, was the team that bumped them outta the postseason. Sorry Ralph, I respect your baseball appreciation, but I love watching the Phillies lose almost as much as I love seeing the Braves win, almost.
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    pura pinche ele ce eme unos saludos para los conpas zany,frajo,orby,akae,bread,save,smak,pluk,gripa,ongo,piger,dvour,chees,ens,dayta,dre,suka puro pinche vato pesado..........puro pinche michoacan.....y agance que llevo lumbre
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    just got back from youth of today / misfits what a load of shit. yot was only given a 30 minute set ( they were awesome ) fucking rock star danzig took like 1 hour and 30 minutes to set up only to play bullshit danzig songs from his 3rd and 4th album. metal head loved it he was terrible sounded like shit they played like 4-5 samhain songs. besides a few songs that sucked as well then they played a measly 5 misfits songs that i enjoyed but then they switched back to danzig and started playing bullshit again. i got into at least 3 shoving matches with metal heads that were way too bro-dog for their own good some dude tried to trip me while i was leaving then tried to trip my wife. fuck danzig if it comes through don't waste your time hope that yot headlines a small show so you can skip the metal shit
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    Proppers. I need to get down to NY again before it snows. Or before it gets stupidly cold at least.
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    HAHA megaprops NOES weird wild wednesday walk black out
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    Maybe it's just because I just came out of "Contagion" but you sound like a member of the New York Police Department. "Blogging is the equivalent of graffiti with punctuation" -That guy who played the doctor in Contagion that wasn't Morpheus
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    I'm not sure what you prefer best, ATI or Nvidia. ATI has good products and its generally on par if not better than Nvidia. Nvidia also has good products but a little more expensive and usually consume more power. You didn't state your budget so I'll just say to look into the Nvidia 500 series (560)<200.00 or 400 series (460 >) <150.00. For ATI you might want to look into the 6800-6900 series, i has almost the same price point as above but they usually consume less energy and perform the same as the range above in some areas. For the cpu, go with a sandy bridge, the i5 will be plenty for your needs. Take a look at this to make your own comparisons and decisions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This could be two things, a change in boot order or a corrupt bootloader. Boot Order: Lets start with the easy one. The boot order of a drive is more prone to be changed when there are more than 2 drives in the computer. If you only have one drive in this laptop then you may want to skip this part. When your computer boots, log into the bios settings (usually by pressing Esc or some F-key, then a blue screen with options should appear) once you are in there try to look for the menu that says "boot" once there you can switch the order of the drives up or down. Make sure you know which drive the OS is intalled in and set that one to be the first one. Startup Repair: If the above steps do not work you can try to fix how windows starts and you will need the OS install disc for this step. Insert the disc and proceed to load it as if you were doing a fresh install on your computer. Once you arrive on the "Install Now" page select the option at the bottom that says " Repair your computer", then after that select "Startup Repair" and follow the steps. Bootloader Repair: If the above steps still don't do it for you, you can attempt to repair the booloader. To do this you will need to follow the same steps as Startup Repair but now, instead of selecting "Startup Repair" select "Command Prompt" and you will now see a black screen and you will need to enter: To repair Master Boot Record bootrec /fixmbr To write new boot sector bootrec /fixboot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You might need to disable wifi. Go to Settings> Wi-fi> off. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are site crawlers out there but I'm not really familiar with them to be honest. About the videos, how is the content presented? Are there links that you follow and the video automatically opens up or are there presented with a windows player where you click play to buffer them. If you have a link you usually right click on it and "save as" which will save it to your computer. You could try something like jdownloader and see if that works. It usually grabs whatever you're viewing. Another one is Flashget, I think this one had an option to crawl through a webpage and download its content but its a little confusing to use as I remember it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes Microsoft Word is available, which version are you looking for specifically? You are better off getting Microsoft Office 2010 though as it comes with power point, excel, and outlook, etc. I'm not sure of which type of torrent site you are most familiar with but I would highly recommend getting from a source like demonoid, iff you need an invite I have plenty. ps-pg666 FTW
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