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    The chain of events that I saw and remember doing: I turn into my neighborhood faster than I was supposed to. I had to countersteer. I see an officer standing next to my door. Seeing those events unfold felt like it took five seconds (probably the same time it took you to read those four lines). Between each line was black. Here's my story: My friends and I were drinking at the bar a few years ago. Shots and Long Island Iced Tea galore. My night's getting blurry while we're still at the bar. I turn into my neighborhood faster than I was supposed to. Even though my windows were up, I can hear the tires working hard to keep the car glued to the road while I was turning. It helped that my car is AWD. The distance from where I turned to my house is roughly a quarter mile. I mash on the gas pedal going down the straight road. I hear the engine getting louder, but all I can see was the color black. Then I saw (and felt) the car sliding left (as if I took a hard right) so I tried to countersteer by turning the steering wheel counterclockwise somewhere between 180° and 360°. All of a sudden, I was in a dream state staring into total darkness. It felt like I didn't have a spine so I was "looking" down at my floor mats into said darkness. While in this pitch black, dreamy, calm state, I felt my arms weren't moving around frantically, my body slightly swaying left and right, and hear tires squealing followed by a loud crash with the sound of glass shattering. I'm sure my eyes were closed, but my mind was telling me they were open and that I was just staring into absolute darkness. I opened my eyes and looked outside the driver-side window and see dirt everywhere. I noticed there were strobing lights that were reflecting off the white walls a couple feet back. I turn my head to look forward and realized that white wall is part of a house. The police officer approaches my door and tells me to get out. He asks if I want to blow. I refused. He asked if I would perform a field sobriety test. I agreed to it. After the field sobriety test, he puts me in handcuffs. They felt very cold against my wrists. As I was being escorted to the squad car, I can see in the corner of my eyes were civilians and their kids. I sat on the rear driver-side of the cop car. I looked out the window and see my car. The following morning, I went to the shop where my car was towed to. From the look of it, I t-boned a tree at the driver-side (B-pillar). The impact was enough to break my OEM spoiler and pop one of the two screws out leaving my (rear) license plate hanging. I slammed against the palm tree so hard I managed to "cut" it from the ground like a lumberjack. I recall seeing a large pile of dirt at the scene of the accident. It turned out to be the root of the tree so I guess I uprooted it too. Instead of taking a left to get to my house, I took a right. I saw the tire marks on the ground. I spoke to my friends and they said they all offered to drive my car and take me home but I declined. They said I looked and acted fine to drive so they thought nothing of it. There was a witness who claimed she saw the entire accident unravel. She lived next door to the house I would have drove in to if it weren't for the tree. She also happened to be a member of MADD. I am thankful no one was hurt or killed from this and that I was the only person in the car. Looking back, the moment I turned into my neighborhood until I heard the crash felt like five seconds. The moment I was trying to countersteer felt less than half a second. Me in the "blind" state (looking down at the floor mat until I heard the crash) felt like a full second. It sounds cheesy but what I see in action/thriller movies depicting a car chase ending in an accident, I experienced in real life. You know, those brief moments where everything is black for a split second. It was extremely difficult confronting my parents about this, but I had to. Although I heard my tires screeching and my body slowly swaying left and right, my mind and body felt very calm and relaxed--soothing, if you will. It was as if I was in a peaceful state of mind. Zen, I suppose. It was definitely a strange feeling.
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    friday night, sitting here waiting on girlfacekiller.. figured i'd upload some pics from mid july i think. wake up.. what chu know bout clock-e? waited for the bus. stop broke on broke crime.... laughed at someones wrecked car.. walked to the bank at lunch an saw this.. dude's kinda free already... wish i was heading that way.. tell me about it.. back to work. was geeked about the new computer setup. get home and chill on my deck.... and ordered some mexican food from the neighborhood spot.. doesn't look that great but it was def crunk.. END
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    happy birthday to me. yeah, fuck. about to shower.
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    go ahead and continue to post your boyfriends luckylisp, malcom reynolds, whatever new screenname you got off myspace i will just continue to delete it and ban you. the longer you keep it up, the more obvious it becomes that you can't paint, can't get pussy, can't leave your man's computer alone...
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    Sooooooooooooooooooo, What you're telling me is that you wear glow in the dark shoes to the yard. :cool:
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    i need to photoshop a nice bucket of chicken instead of a shoe in that guys hands anddddd done.
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    in Amsterdam at the moment about to do the Amstel and Heineken tours then heading to Brussels, Belgium for the trappist ales. Cannot wait to be sipping on a fresh Westvleteren...
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    Word, that's all that matters.
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    Happy B-day Meth. Friday's Highday!
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    Just put this on. Its been a while
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    True. TCL FAM!!! Tpbm has created a successful thread.
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    looks like he got................ clowned on
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    i always wonder how people don't have some internal sense of awareness when they speak or type. do they have any idea of how they sound?
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    the other side of the page all i got to do now is add my name and a lil more background
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    was lucky to find these for about a dollar a piece today
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    Oh ya, forgot to mention that Graffiti Urban Restaurant does sell cheesesteaks. Don't think they would be DAO approved though (Philly Cheesesteak - Steak, provolone, cream cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms).
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    I don't see open tops and bottoms on that Sero...
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    pederast 8-year olds, dude.
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    He is expected to miss at least six weeks after sustaining a hip flexor injury.
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    bruh i go bombin wearing all ed hardy i cant afford to fuck that shit up i already got silver shit on my tommy bahama button down shits all fucked up
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    You went and asked people if sumone from 12oz knew them ? LOLSSSSSSSSS where dey do dat at ?
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    THE RUG IS NOT THE ISSUE. We're talking about unchecked agression here. I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand, dude. Across this line, YOU DO NOT... Also, dude. Chinaman is not the prefered nomenclature.
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    Yeah, but I heard they're gonna release an upgrade in 2015
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    ^ either you suck at telling stories or the story sucks, either way it sucks.
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    :cool: proud I flicked this lol Shout out to dek nd moderator
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    just clicked on the thread because i was curious to see what you were describing as "black pony penis water"
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    You fags can't do good enough graffiti for anyone other than yourself to post. So you resort to internet vandalism. How cute!!! Bet you faggots slammed a bunch of heroin and plotted on who your gonna snitch on next.
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    imma put on my tin foil hat and these shoes to go check out the illuminati thread. later guys.
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    thats the only sample i could find. but im referring to the painting technique, the fade outs from the letters open tops + bottoms
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    bump the kuma...LOW DOWN DIRTY FUCKIN WETBACKS.....
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    so glasses make people ugly? so you're basically saying you think you're ugly
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    I do believe there is some degree of power from the Illuminati on our culture, media etc, but that video does nothing but discredit any argument about Illuminati influence upon the music industry. The rain man part was just asinine.
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    dude you really got that tatted on you:lol: your a decent artist but you got a way to go before you go getting that done as permanent work! your 3d are pretty generic the lighting and shading is off on lots of places. If your open to advice you should try 2d styles and do some life drawings if your serious about 3ds
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    I finally found a job in this tiny place i decided to move to! Harbor Freight Tools Woot!
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