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    Summary of the thread to the best of my memory for those that missed it: - Blood Fart moves back to Texas from Germany, while Random is deployed to Afghanistan getting shot at by Al-Ababa Haminuh Habidablahblahblah - BF talks about how her bank account is cut off by Random. It's either a joint account or it was like her "allowance" money he gave her. And talks about semi-famous guys she's "hanging out" with. In the meantime BF says Random cut her off relationship-wise. - It is exposed that these same semi-famous guys have a past history of beating up women, being drug addicts, and being douchebags - edogg first calls Random a loser for cutting off BF's bank account, then later decided he was a good dude after DAO comes in and accuses Blood Fart of sleeping with the men in question while Random is deployed. - DAO calls out Seeking, calling him a cop lover and claiming that he was at first scared of the hood, but now he's transforming himself in to a tattooed thug or something like that. - DAO mocks the "downfall of Random & Blood Fart"... talkin' bout, "You guys came in here months ago and said you had it all... everything would be nice. Big plans. Big dreams. Germany... eatin' sauerkraut and livin' large... now look at you... a disgrace..."
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    Re: High school is shut down after principal and teacher 'turn it into their very own meth "Musta been some of that Boone county moonshine"-Hank III http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3ysuG2O0zw
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    Re: High school is shut down after principal and teacher 'turn it into their very own meth
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    well I was lurkin' that "poor me I'm a spoiled fuck up" thread but I guess it got too offensive/entertaining
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    Sorry for the blurry pic.
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    if you need someone to tell you to stay away from an internet forum to get your life right, you should just give up. this life's gonna be way too hard for you.
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    and you stay on my dick cerote. just shut up you pimpled ass faggot. nobody was talking to your long haired punk ass.
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    Maybe you don't know what you're talking about... don't act like that's not a possibility either. I've never blown off a request like that from anyone, including some of my absolute least favorite people on this board. Even the very, very few who have actually managed to piss me off or drag me into an argument over some stupid shit, have received that courtesy. Whether it's something they regretted posting themselves because they were too fucked up, or someone else dropping some insignificant shit that the first party considered dry snitching. The thread in question is gone. Even I can't see it. All I'm saying is that if you have a problem with someone personally, that's fine, but it irritates me when people are just on some "fuck the mods" in general type bullshit. You couldn't possibly imagine how thankless or irritating a task this is.
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    Graff~N~Dance Br0 Graffiti artist wanted (down town reno) Date: 2011-07-25, 7:12PM PDT Reply to: job-qavc8-2513391703@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Looking for someone who loves to do graffiti but doesnt want to get in trouble for doing it. We have a building in down town reno which we could like our logo on and "advertise here" wuth phone number.. You can ad your artistic ideas but everything will need to be approved by owner.. THIS JOB DOES NOT PAY. Just will help you get your art seen around town.. Will consider throwing in free advertising for the artist. Please email back with what you can do and some pictures of your work. Thank you And the response from some umad guy... RE: Graffiti artist wanted ( (down town reno)) Date: 2011-07-26, 4:57PM PDT Reply to: job-capss-2515068626@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Oh boy, you mean I get to have my art on a wall as compensation for my hard work? Where in hell have people got the idea that artists value vanity over provision. I've been designing professionally for over 23 years and have MANY design peers, not a ONE of them would trade their paycheck in for exposure. And Graffiti is a true artisan expression, not one of those buy-a-mac-become-an-overnight-designer. What is your business that needs walls decorated for free? I'm hoping it's a non-profit org or a homeless shelter. Otherwise, I hope it crumbles to the ground due to your greed and insane assumptions that art is free.
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    http://dl.btjunkie.org/torrent/Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-S08E01-HDTV-XviD-LOL/4358b0141811d4f8faa6cca0a881e432f08c0cc3299f/download.torrent http://dl.btjunkie.org/torrent/Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-S08E02-The-Safe-House-HDTV-XviD-FQM/4358b96313df9fb1394cbf480d2debe1d2778b83fa90/download.torrent http://dl.btjunkie.org/torrent/Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-S08E03-HDTV-XviD-LOL/43581d14301dcf0001267d345429b4c64cf936d26f57/download.torrent
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    "You're saying LOL. You're verbal texting."
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    I thought you said it was cool!?! I never post out of line shit (no pun intended) but I thought you just said it was cool. sorry br0
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    i don't think she'd do anything to fuck it up. she see's her opportunity in this... and is going to make a good chunk of money if she keeps quiet and helps launder money once she gets the car wash.... which she will... she'll go into bitch mode and fuck that dude up and make sure he knows walt is not buying the wash, she is. get the fuck out of here... filler episode? what the fuck are the episodes between season opener, and season finale to you? filler? it's not filler, it's a story/character builder... you don't get instant gratification with a show about cooking meth, laundering money, and cartels... you need to build story so it's not stupid. the jesse shit was to show jesse is still not able to accept someone being killed.. he takes it badly everytime... and there is something walt needs to do about it. it was also to show how badly walt wants to take out gus, to the point where he even tried to convince mike to switch teams and join walt. and it also shows how smart gus is, by completely cutting himself off from seeing walt because he knows whats coming. this show is going to get good, not every episode can be 100% pedal to the medal crazy shit happening, and people need to deal with it... or go write your own show so that every episode is just a crazy shit-nado of things happening. like a couple people said, i can't wait to see what they make hanks character become.. it should be good... i think he'll kick out /divorce marie in the upcoming episodes. and something is going to happen with jesse's friends.. either they will set up another side operation... or who knows.. bump this dude!! said it before i could.. props when i'm not 24'd but some of you guys have no common sense.. /end rants
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    its that type of time wildlife almost bought these .... yeah right no traffic....sweeeet houses next to highways? i think its wierd. got home chilled out.. roomate cuttin hair more chillin went downtown ate cheesesteak and thought of dao saw buff the end
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    Re: High school is shut down after principal and teacher 'turn it into their very own meth id wear that
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXCnWUzUw_E&feature=player_embedded#at=41 Painting - a fuxcking mess - brilliant
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    Isn't it obvious..., the octopus asked for soy sauce.
  26. 1 point
    Looks to me like someone is about to enjoy some delicious live squid that apparently doesn't enjoy being seasoned with soy sauce. Squid clearly doesn't know shit about umami.
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    There is a nigger I see all the time on television. Usually at night. past my bedtime. pressing the return key like a junkie scratches at her open track marks. eating gorgonzola cheese. i used to be serious about washing the dishes . and caring about what my roomates would think. when. I. didnt. pay rent. ex-lax. prunes. i shit myself tonight. Today. Yesterday. The day before that. eating a full can of pringles. and. collapsing. drunk. at. rallyburger. Not really. I can only subscribe to one magazine at a time. And then I need breaks. I listen to state property a lot, as well. Beans. Always. People say I am turning out to be the best at pressing. the return key. It's probably true. I got to get back in the kitchen. And back to women's work. Wearing an apron.
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    Get the fuck out Son!...& take ed hardly with you,,,
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    pesk, i have a problem with your attitude, not your graffiti. ask anyone on this board, i dont have respect for biters or arrogance. i do however give props where they are due, and try to constructively criticize. i dont write "sayword", but since one of the few things ive posted on here is a page full of tags i did in 30 seconds, perhaps you can show me up. im working 70+ hours a week right now dude, so i dont have much time for arrogant assholes, nor their egos. i will say this, i also do not have the time to go at you in a full colour piece battle. although i think your letters are shit, i do respect the fades and blends you can achieve with colors and your marker technique. ive said this many times before. however, since you called me out on something that i hold so dear, handstyles, id love to see what you can do with sayword. drop it in the handstyle thread when youre done, im interested to see you show me up. ive noticed you have a hell of a time with the english language, so be sure to get the spelling down correctly. yours truly,
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    Little Dragon-Constant Surprises She has an amazing voice, and i think she is extremely beautiful as well.
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    bbs, that site you posted, some of the links tell me to download a codec, what's up with that? /confusedoner The voice he does when he's saying "lucky coincidence" had me rolling. dickhead
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    dear whatever, been drinking too much. too much green top tip, kinda depressed feeling all the time /noEmo. Not sad depressed, more like feel like going around kicking complete strangers and hoping they do somthing about it just to make myself feel better depressed. Need a vacation top tip. Need a break from school. Lower spine pain all day errr day fuck off abcs
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    Steez: tell your dude graffshirts aren't as cool as he thinks they are.
  35. 1 point
    yeah man, this name just got unbanned on the 17th i think. i thought it was fun...
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    She's Green, and lurking. And clearly in love with Jef bout 80 posts about him in tat thread :D :D :D
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    Ugh, should I post a GIF or not?
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    ^ dont forget a QB, football teams need QBs
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    both with the t4 on kodak gold 200
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    That octopus gif just fucked my day up.
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    hopefully soon you'll get it
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    A car carrying San Francisco Giants baseball memorabilia was stolen Monday morning from a Walnut Creek McDonald's restaurant parking lot, Walnut Creek police said. At 7:10 a.m. a man parked his silver Hyundai Sonata at the fast food chain at 1380 N. California Blvd. He left his key in the ignition then went into to the restaurant to grab a coffee. When he returned about three minutes later he saw his car being driven away, police said. According to police, the man had San Francisco Giants memorabilia including former player Willie McCovey autographed bats and balls in the Hyundai. There was also a commercial kitchen mixer in the trunk. Giants memorabilia and a mixer... it has Ralph written all over it.
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    cant color shit for the life of me..never comes out looking right
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