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    One summer, probably close to a decade ago, my friends and I decided that we didn't want to waste our summer months sitting around bored, only to kick ourselves when the nice weather was over and we hadn't done anything cool. So we made the list. The list was a bunch of fun activities-- the kind of shit you always say that you're going to do some time, but never actually get around to. You know, that spot that no one's ever painted, or the actually-pretty-cool tourist destination in your city, or whatever. There was also a bunch of stupid shit on there, like "get stung by a bee" or "get kicked out of three bars in one night", (both of which turned out to be extremely entertaining), and the only rule was that at least two members of the crew had to be involved in each activity. I think there were 60 things on the list, and we only managed to knock off about forty, but it was a really fun summer. I had totally forgotten about the list until it came up at the bar tonight, and we reminisced about all the fun shit we did that year. So I decided to make a new list, and I want your help. I'm too old to do a lot of the dumber shit that was on the original list, but I strongly encourage you younger dudes to make your own list of stupid shit to do, and then do it before you're old enough to know better. So... what should I do this summer?
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    saw this picture in the flickr thread, traced it back to its source and been reading about these for a bit, pretty awesome sea forts built in the 1940's, at one point there were three sets of these, and four more simpler navy forts further out to sea. boat tour of three forts http://subterrain.org.uk/maunsell/ more pictures, etc http://www.bobleroi.co.uk/ScrapBook/CityReunion/FortFanatics.html http://www.undergroundkent.co.uk/maunsell_towers.htm http://www.simplywhitstable.com/mforts/mfortsmen.htm blog by a guy who lived on one of the forts in 2005 http://www.seafort.org/blog/index.html bunch more pictures and stuff out there, google also some pretty cool pirate radio history on some of these things
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    boatttt! take this down!!! its evidence! *burp
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    How about I make a list of all the people I've been nice to, then go around wronging them? Sounds like a much more entertaining show.
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    I want the sashimi version.
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    you could always get a cool creative suntan
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    That photo is by Thomas Hawk.
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    the only stak that exists is STAK TFP if u from some wack ass state that nobody ever heard of and u thinkin bout some stak in ur city....take that thought...and let it go ... the guys been doing this since before ur city even had a graffiti scene... nuff sed
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    1. climb up the cyclone.
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    Drug all your friends and lock them in a old crusty house out in the sticks and give them a list of things they must do to escape the house and win the game. On the list should be 'Get naked and have sex with each other'. Make sure you only lock your female friends in this house or it gets weird.
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    get kicked out of four bars in a night.
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    Mariners beat the Phillies, 4-2 suck it Ralphy. Yeah I know its only one game...
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    Pretty fucked up that they wouldn't let him sell the rights to his story, even if the profits went to repay the "victims." Great. Now some hollywood prick is going to get all the cash from this wonderful story. went to google to get a picture of the scales of justice to augment my post with, almost all of the pictures are of some shitty band called justice. Really?
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