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    Figured I'd tell you people, I'm gonna be in SF at the end of the summer for a week or so if anyone wants to get wasted. Holler at meh
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    Saw these guys in a little club when they first came out They were pretty good then
  3. 2 points
    id be pissed if that was my house,covered in blood,and smelling like fart
  4. 2 points
    Damn. I know there's beef with our crews but I exchanged faded ramblings with this dude since the 90's. Probly the only one out of my crew he wouldnt shoot at hahaha. And same with me. Last shit he said to me chillin we were sayin how we are gettin to old for all the paintin bullshit drama but we can't stop for some reason. Gotta respect how much work he's put in over the years, not many las Vegas writers keep paintin till they die. All beef aside rip.
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    Hah that is laughable, Pesk. Years is on a level you can't fathom, merely for the fact your mentally stuck in 80s where, yes, your sketches would burn. But us, we're in 2011 THE FUTUREEEE :D , so why don't you join us? Either attempt to evolve your style to some extent or shut the fuck up already. Years burns through pure letter structure, not like some child hiding behind he's big set of crayola crayons, and regurgitated styles from the 80s, that bitches and moans when he doesn't get his way. Humility is key to succeeding in an art involving your ego, if you cant grasp that, than you will not evolve and progress. It's sad because I honestly believe you have alot of potential.....on a side note your starting to sound like gucci mane with down syndrome....you should ease of the slang on the inter-web it comes off a bit retarded. I'm very sorry for my intrusion. But I can't stand when some clown knocks a real writer.
  7. 1 point
    http://www.lipstickalley.com/f50/man-kills-friends-partygoers-because-he-farted-they-laughed-278076/ A PARTYGOER has been charged with knifing his friend to death and stabbing two others after being teased about his FARTS. Marc Higgins told cops he was furious about being mocked and wanted to teach his friends a lesson, according to court documents. The 21-year-old is said to have rowed with reveller Stacy Buccheri during the party, who then ribbed him about his flatulence. Buccheri slapped Higgins who then smashed a beer bottle and stormed out of the apartment in Bristol, Connecticut, US, witnesses claimed. He allegedly returned 45 minutes later armed with three knives and began stabbing people indiscriminately on a porch. Higgins was said to have been "very drunk" as he reportedly stabbed 21-year-old Matthew Walton to death. He is also accused of knifing Sandra Ranger, 18, David Klett, 19, and Tyler Basso, 18. Higgins told investigators he didn't target his victims — 'they just happened to be the first people he came across'. He has been remanded in custody on $2million bail.
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    I bet! I saw Floyd in 1987 and someone had made a huge banner they hung from the stadium balcony that said "Roger - Wish you were here."
  9. 1 point
    Uhhh... it's still interesting to talk about.
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  11. 1 point
    Give me a break how about instead of posting facts about his income you look at the arguments he makes. Did Karl Marx collectivize all of his personal income? No. Does that mean he isn't a Marxist? Michael Moore's arguments are underpinned by core Marxist political ideas. Class struggle is an underlying theme in ALL of Moore's books and movies that I have seen, he views capitalism as the elite few exploiting the masses for financial gain. He argues that the international system consists of rich core countries exploiting poor peripheral countries (Marxist IR theory). And Qawee you really think Marxists wouldn't prefer Obama to McCain and actively support one candidate over the other? a commitment to Marxist principles does not preclude one from also being pragmatic.
  12. 1 point
    seen this dude in the town today... real quiet dude, came correct though. wouldn't let me have a can to throw up next to him, even though he had like 30 with him....
  13. 1 point
    neg'd^^ this may be the wrong thread for you bud, thats one of the lamest things i have ever heard.
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    its funny how i posted my comment before u even posted the flick of that seb article...but u still went on yer rant and rave of how i desrespected a fallen writer...but u yer right thou....ireally could care less about a writer fallen through a roof to his death in the 90s...shit happens...
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  19. 1 point
    Elton John Devin The Dude Spazz Shout Out Louds. everything else is just a blur
  20. 1 point
    WOW somethin decent came out of detroit??
  21. 1 point
    I forgot to post this.
  22. 1 point
    The Beautiful Truth http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Beautiful_Truth/70108390?trkid=2361637#height1743 pretty interesting documentary.
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  24. 1 point
    Smxxl is indeed a woman, probably the nicest/humble one I've met. And yeah watch out for the death ray from city center, I guess it's at a certain time of day if the sun hits it right, there is a huge beam of light that can burn the shit outta people. That's a drastic thumb nail too btw.
  25. 1 point
    Wait, you're female? Or are you a Vietnamese dude name Tron Li? I think I have you confused again with another member. I'm not sure giving me a manicure is a good idea. I've got fucking Frankenstein thumb(s). The left one is ten times worse than the right, which is just slightly purple and still fully operational. The "purple" covered almost my whole nail, but we drained it by sticking a molten hot paper clip through my nail. That's the little hole in the middle. It worked and squirted blood on my friend's fridge and kitchen floor.
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  27. 1 point
    Cosign on Hash House a GoGo. I had the most brolic chicken and waffles ever. There were strips of bacon in the waffles!
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  29. 1 point
    damnit i was hoping it would bite ralph...
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    Dear Sir, Confidential Business Proposal Having consulted with my colleagues and based on the information gathered from the Nigerian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry, I have the privilege to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $47,500,000.00 (forty seven million, five hundred thousand United States dollars) into your accounts. The above sum resulted from an over-invoiced contract, executed, commissioned and paid for about five years (5) ago by a foreign contractor. This action was however intentional and since then the fund has been in a suspense account at The Central Bank Of Nigeria Apex Bank. We are now ready to transfer the fund overseas and that is where you come in. It is important to inform you that as civil servants, we are forbidden to operate a foreign account; that is why we require your assistance. The total sum will be shared as follows: 70% for us, 25% for you and 5% for local and international expenses incidental to the transfer. The transfer is risk free on both sides. I am an accountant with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). If you find this proposal acceptable, we shall require the following documents: (a) your banker's name, telephone, account and fax numbers. (b) your private telephone and fax numbers —for confidentiality and easy communication. © your letter-headed paper stamped and signed. Alternatively we will furnish you with the text of what to type into your letter-headed paper, along with a breakdown explaining, comprehensively what we require of you. The business will take us thirty (30) working days to accomplish. Please reply urgently. Best regards Howgul Abul Arhu
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    Red Rock is also a pretty cool spot. There is also like a Mobsters wax museum thing that our mayor put up or something, I don't know if you'd dig that, like into history and shit like that. For shopping you can also go to Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. But yeah First Friday is always cool, or you can check out Vegas StrEATS, the second weekend of every month right COSMOGRAMMA? We have been gettin shit crackin there lately. For a bomb breakfast check out Hash House A-Go-Go. Congrats on the marriage, and you should post up pics after your visit.
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  33. 1 point
    More of a rhetorical question
  34. 1 point
    i'm gonna go ahead and deny this one.
  35. 1 point
    best background award would have to go to fel with that dude blowin his head off in the bathroom stall, with the pest and all the old southwest kids tags all over the stall..not peice wise but background wise..thats just my opinion, i think the sweat shop prodo would have had way better feed back had it not been so hyped prior to us seeing flicks
  36. 1 point
    Congratulations. as far as shows..check out Zoomanity. and be careful not to get arrested for indecent exposure and sexual activity in the parking lot as you leave. haha (not that ive encountered such things..lets say, i um, know a friend).haha The Artisan has some nice rooms to stay in as well..and I hear the lounge is worth it,too. Shopping, Definitely TownSquare like Fish said. shopping, eats, drinks, movies. Its got everything. Im down to throw in mani/pedi as a wedding gift..and you dont even have to say we know eachother..just say you're treatin her..haha /serious.
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  38. 1 point
    woah.. you're getting married? fuckin congratulations you crazy kids! awesome! .. earl i really enjoy nyc but i would never live there. enjoy your break and um, go somewhere nice for your honeymoon ;) nicer than vegas hahahaha that's great mang.
  39. 1 point
    I've wanted to stab myself cause my farts smelt so bad. Protein shakes can catch up to you.
  40. 1 point
    ex isnt at ajars he is at his mommys hiding like a good lil bitch..
  41. 1 point
    a few years ago I got some nigerian scam some shit, but it was a check. some shit I replied to with a my names eat farts fuck mothers, but gave my homies address where I was crashing. the check arrived, and it had the name I had gave, and looked legit. so I emailed the dude back and told him the spelling of the name was wrong, and gave homeboy my name. few days later, same legit looking check for a 1000 I think. so I took it to the bank, where some manager bitch told me I was a fucking idiot and I am trying to cash a scammed check. I fucking win, I fell for some nigerian nurga internet scam. I dont remember what the shit was for, but I dont do banks or use real names ever cause I am a piece of shit and I try to live tax free as much as possible. cool story nigeria. fuck you ch0.
  42. 1 point
    almighty, i love highlighter man and drunk, hoping to get there someday bored doodles
  43. 1 point
  44. 1 point
    same reason why i don't get on my bike without my gun on me. people around here are nuts
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
    your roommate is a bitch and the fact you had to ask for advice about how to handle this suggests it's highly likely you're at least partial bitch furthermore, is that a stripper with a tattoo of a stripper on her leg? stay trashy
  47. 1 point
    Help out a noob: How do I make a pic from flickr appear within my post? So many things I'd like to do differently: adjust the 3D so the top arm gets some action thinner black key line have wings that don't look like a two year old drew them. My camera sucks too, the colours are so much brighter in real and is the thing that works the best on this letter. Might punch out anothery if I get the time.
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    A common side effect of gas can be stabbing pains
  49. 1 point
    i guess he conneti-CUT THE CHEESE! HAR-HAR!
  50. 1 point
    geto cheeseburger These are baked sweet potato and yams then tossed in garlic, bacon, parsley, salt and pepper. inspired from those awesome looking fries a few pages back by RUSO?the dipping sauce was awesome ill post about it later
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