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    a couple pretty average days... built some ikea furniture for my babies room showered and applied my Alzheimers inducer 7eleven is were all the winos kick it in my hood these things are pretty sweet made dinner ate dinner breakfast she was jealous of my grub rolled by her classroom so she could do some prep over the weekend, kindergarten teacher avoided being taken for hella money here, which is next to a strip club this dude is making things difficult already, 2 more months to go more shopping. fml. public toilet ftw wish i could just rock these.. fat ralphy, not really fat did a yelp on some taqueria brought in the garbage cans got gas did some chores, now posting pies and waiting for wife to come home for some grocery shopping. yes, the excitement of married life and sobriety!!
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    [/img] [/img] [/img] few quick sketches, btw im well aware the finger on the character's fucked. it was a very quick biro sketch
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    All Kodak Portra 400VC
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    doing legal pieces in another country doesn't mean you're sick, it means you went on vacation. some people act like graffiti is a self help program geared towards artistic growth and building creative relationships with other people, if that's what it is to you, awesome, your work will reflect that...but that doesn't make your paint any sicker than someone who gets out to fuck with the city and ruin yuppy business owners days. graffiti is just a catch phrase now for anything from art fag murals to vandal gang tags to sticking a stupid fucking sticker. maybe everyone needs to stop forcing other writers into their personal definition of "good" or "graffiti" and just be glad other people are out fucking around with paint and making it a little less (or more) hot for them.
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    I love this thread. Here are some pinhole shots. A cabin at Lake Arrowhead: That was about a 20 minute exposure. Some grass near some train tracks in Ahaheim, CA: Inside a commercial laundry dryer machine: Mariachi Plaza in East LA: The Watts Towers: Underneath my brother's grand piano: The Ferraro Building in downtown LA: Some trees at a cemetery in Sequim, WA:
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    Wow its been 4 years since I painted this When i first came back to Painting regularly and canvas even farther back. This thread has been the basis and constant feedback appreciated. Now to compare what My work looks like now compared almost 4 years ago is crazy for me to even comprehend. This Style was based off an old piecing style I experimented with but never really perfected. See example Now to compare this to what I am working on Now Ive progressed IMO immensely. and canvas Which is symbolic because this paonting was painted directly over the first painting above I quoted.
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    2pac said you were a real G just before he died
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    not really fucking sure bout all that. but i grew up on a jefferson. and thats fucking random. tpbm is also weird-ed out
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    you're good at stating the obvious.
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    its been a year and about a month since i quit
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    true tpbm needs to give me props so i dont get banned because i keep getting negged from my 3 posts in smash or trash thread.
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    one week. this sucks.
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    Injury, Caligula, Chubbs...im sure other fools too
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    sounds like someone is back to being a cheerleader.....
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    Went up to Wisconsin to visit my girl's grandparents, most pictures are from this wildlife center we went to: Then her 4 year old nephew got a hold of the camera... Shitty picture but great beer... New Glarus. My favorite is Fat Squirrel but their most popular is Spotted Cow.
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    Dunkelstrom.com strikes back! Dunkelstrom.com - Rites of Loops - Sunwaker Dunkelstrom strikes back! After the success of "Adam Qadamon - Put it in the box" we are reaching back again to pronounce "Rites of Loops" has a new label: DunkelStrom. In order to celebrate this occasion, we are publishing the first track called "Sunwaker" which is taken from the upcoming album "Rituals" that will be among our releases soon. Experience it at http://www.youtube.com/dunkelstrom or simply find it at Youtube -> Rites of Loops - Sunwaker.. Watch the Video here:
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    but if the majority of people believed they were canadian and wanted their state to be a part of canada would it not be right then? it should be up to the people after all. i was brought up as a unionist and believe that we should be part of the uk but if the majority of the population wanted to be a part of ireland i would have no choice but to accept it. i wouldnt go out and bomb and kill to change it im almost 100% sure the trouble will happen again and as much as i hate to say it, there is no avoiding it. the dissidents are mostly ex provos as far as i know and their not going to just give up on what theyve been fighting for for 30 years. on the other hand, if there is ever a united ireland will the loyalists just lie down and accept it? both sides feel just as strongly about it today as they ever did and one decision isnt going to please everyone. the media are saying that the dissidents are a just small group but i think support for them is growing, probably because there have been very few fatalities so far. most bomb scares turn out to be hoaxes and theyre mainly meant to cause disruption i think unless theyre just really shite at making bombs. the dissidents gain nothing from killing innocent people and what they did to ronan kerr and the two soldiers outside the army barracks in antrim did them no favours
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    long weekend.. first nite in mountain house killed this king of moths woke up went to car show so this "little guy" low "big wheel race" syrup chugging contest i put my bets on this dude but he sucked... coolest shirt i ever saw crusin back home then head up to long island oh really? this was the back entrance of the bar my firends group was playin at and heres the group came home game over....
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    Damn son you had the deluxe... My dukes could only afford that lil sucker homey posted... Water rockets were the jam too...
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    No joke? Those are local porkchops? Bwahahah! I wonder if the conversation went something like "Ya see, Bobby Joe, this here is what they call a tag burner. It's known gang communication." "Really Jim? Theyins' communicate this way?" "A'yup" <spits tobacco juice>
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    nobody has bumped that insane des piece yet? retards.
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    I like you degenerate motherfuckers for exactly what you are. Anonymous screen names that provide insults, varying points of view, unique information and the general lulz. Bringing real life into this equation would take away from the mental escape that the oontz provides during my day job. That being said, I'd let any of the heavy hitters from the Post Your Meals thread cook me some food /nh
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    The land of dumping. Where do people think this will end up eventually? Tires are just going to decompose in the dirt? Someone will haul that mattress away eventually? Somewhere in all that trash ^ was a dead dog. I almost stepped on it. This is right next to a pet store, BTW. Want to get rid of your trash? There's any number of empty fields and little dirt roads to dump stuff on.
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    I sure am, I got ovaries an everything. I'll keep an eye out for the confused guy covered in paint.
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    If any Laker was better than Jordan it was Magic...I'm a Blazers and I hate the Lakers but Magic was the best player I've ever seen play the game.
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    not to sound like a dick. but i think you're wrong. not that i like the retro.
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    I've been lurking this thread at work for a long time now. FInally thought I'd give something back... Woke up and got breakfast.Good. Felt like this guy before hand. Except my mom has not made me breakfast in years :( Went to the grocery and bought some stuff. Mostly drinks. Went and checked out a friend's art show stuff, part of a local car show too. Ate this damn fine Croque Madame hotdog. That's all for Saturday... Sunday coming in a second...
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    THA YARD! by JOE MACK'$ PAINT HXA, on Flickr TILL NEXT TIME... :skull2:
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