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    This was my favorite. Guy painted "mountain" obsessing over god. Paint donations come daily. & that's it.
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    If you havin credit problems I feel bad for you son / I got 99 problems but managing debt responsibly ain't one
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    So, 1st semester ended... I got in jail for... well, not normal cops jail, the thing that is next to it, Federal Police, drugs and guns stuff, 2 days, the guy doesn't want to give me my car because I didn't want to pay him 200dlls. Like 10 days without car so not much going on, just food. I had a great day yesterday but I forgot my cell. Girl and... my mother in law I think (Her mom) (Hot) (May be hotter) (But no) Reminds me of a pokemon but I don't remember the name. Mexico I prepared shrimp, clams and octopus cocktail, no picture because it looked gross. Nurse. Beef head. I did the shroom from an avocado bone (It's not called bone, right)? To Purplegrape- Was that green lava thing actually "spitting" green stuff? I may be seeing wrong. To El Vergudo- That salchicha dish, will try it later. Afraid of breaking the spaguetti. Later.
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    That's what i'm saying i just got a new camera wanted to suprise everyone with a couple flicks but i guess telling is just as good.. Come on flicks.!!
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    The other day my husband and I went exploring to find a ditch that is visible from the freeway. It's covered in graff, which you can't see in this shot because the graff all faces the freeway, and I was on the opposite side. My husband brought his skateboard and skated it. We had to climb through this horrible stuff I call attack grass. It's always growing near freeways and just about alel the abandoned/graff covered places I go to are covered in it. It goes right through your shoes and clothes and gets everywhere and it's actually painful. But when I'm shooting I don't really notice discomfort. Not till I'm done anyway. I still haven't cleaned out my shoes, I might just toss them at this point. That's what I do. Hunt graff. I love dead ends. This is an abandoned gas station. There were some homeless camps across the street, and some RVs parked on the other side of the gas station. They must've been dumping their waste tanks behind it because I encountered one of the worst smells of my life back there. There's an old pioneer cemetery up on a hillside that is a total trip. Most of the graves are above ground like this--or maybe they're actually underground and these concrete caskets are fake. Someone must've gone around with a sledgehammer, because most of them had big holes like this in them. Super creepy to peer into--didn't see anything but dirt in any of them, though. A bizarro-shaped church in downtown Rialto: The IE is bordered on the north by the San Bernardino Mountains, which is where Lake Arrowhead is located. Also Big Bear. We live real close to the mountains, I think Lake Arrowhead is about a 30 minute drive for us. We went up there for a weekend last year. There's a road called the Rim of the World that gives you a spectacular view of the Inland Empire. Here's a few shots I took from up there:
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    New project i've been working on with a bunch of my NY based homies. www.liveatsheloftshow.com i (Rick Flair) did all of the set designs, my boy Tone (editing and directing) as well as, Joe Marconi, Vinnie, and Brian O'tool (producer of MTV's teen mom) on video, my home girl Texas took the photos, Pan Baret as the interviewer, johnny on the rocks on sound and a few other people who help along the way. check it out and tell me what you think! www.liveatsheloftshow.com
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    The second of two parts for Washington state. Enjoy.
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    Bump Psylo...Didnt know he was back in town, HIT ME UP DUUUUDE!
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    Well, I only have some matches left. to light this h4sh spliff br0 here's to you ch.0
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    yea this is my gun, its a real gun... nah im just playin, its a potato gun. last week: Theres only one RULE in my bedroom, FUCK ALL RULES! its like IRAQ up in there, motherfuckin afghanistan, its lord of the rings up in there! shit is funny, i dont care if its overrated or underrated or not rated. That show is HILARIOUS to me.
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    id hang with the people i have from here on facebook. the australians and people who make me laugh consistently; Realism, Cool_hand, Croc tears, probably a few others i know a girl who looks just like this and i always send her pictures of this chick saying "when did you do this shoot" etc. one day ill smash. one day.....
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    Yeah I'd like to see LeBron get his ring... for one, to spite the Cavs owner who wrote that asinine letter dissing LeBron like he was a runaway slave. Owners move players around like pawns all the time, with disregard of them and their families - the minute they're a free agent, it's their right to choose what's best for them and their families.
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    False, just the wife TPBM is going for some fine dining food tonight
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    wack, except the mes
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    forgot about albert camus, pizzy, pozzy, and injury. fucking DAO and toiletseat even. all the oontz ladies. especially smdubinsky. *edit (there there croc, there there)
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    Bloodfart cause I want to make sweet love to her.
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    How you gonna come in here- and post some KEEP 6 then get all butthurt because you get called out on it? Dont hide behind your screen name -come on out. Bitch
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    are you sure he's black? i didnt think those people were smart enough to pull off fraud and thats why they steal bikes instead. just sayin yo.
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    Two of four from "Outdoor Posing: Working with the Model" assignment for my Lighting People class. First assignment of the semester, had to use open shade lighting with no strobes.
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    Been busy for a while but I got around to visiting Southern California recently and thought the area was pretty rad. Here's some photos... This is the Salton Sea, I spent a week in this area doing research on the beaches. This place used to be thriving with people and tourists, but because the sea only has evaporation as an outlet for water, it's salty as fuck and every one got the hell out when catastrophic fills kills began. False advertising now. But there was some cool shit. I thought so anyway. Mud volcano - geothermal formation. Never saw this before. More.
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    episode 8 wasnt that funny but overall it's a good show
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    i cant believe some of you chooches actually wanna CHANGE THE GAME/RULEBOOK over one lil girl. LET IT THE FUCK GO! extra innings, your team is in the WS, game 7, u wanna see a play at the plate on both ends right? it's part of the game, we don't need any fuckin california LIBERALS trying to change that either. get well buster, come back and play. but the rest of u all need to fall the fuck back and let men play ball.
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    so................. why do you flick these stickers and tags???? having the adrenaline rush of going out at night to post the stickers isnt enough? or you want to show everyone how good your friends are?? . . . . . . i will never understand :confused:
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    white people painting terrible graffiti on white trains. thats the real issue here.
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    Somebody should post a video of lebron acting like he got fouled..that shit was hilarious..I fuck with the bulls all day no doubt. But my 2 fav players are on the heat...I wanna see lebron get a ring, he deserves one no matter what anybody says. That nigga played for a garbage ass squad for tooo long. Lebron is the best basketball player to ever grace the face of the earth..
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    Get your dad a beating for father's dad. Or aids, but he probably has that already...what do you get for a guy who has everything. in your name.
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    Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks still the best thread on the oonntz.
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    dave by brew your own!, on Flickr kurse by brew your own!, on Flickr nick by jeser by brew your own!, on Flickr metasin by brew your own!, on Flickr scum ceda wolfpack i-95 by brew your own!, on Flickr jerk by shaken by brew your own!, on Flickr
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    KIduLT extinguisher http://vimeo.com/24246227
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    http://www.redtube.com/46936 proof ebys is alive.....he's all over this video with fresh beard locks.
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    Yeah Kid! The Homie Link Always Running Clean! That Raket Is Fucking Fresh Too! Terror Meets Spray!
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    catch 22 was great! one of my faves. ^ was interesting, i respect bill watterson a lot more after reading it. just starting this^
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    crow just absolutely BURNING THE FUCKING LINES!!!! MY EYES HURT THAT SHIT IS FUCKING STRAIGHT FIRE!!!! BACK IT OFF A FEW NOTCHES DOG YOU GOT US JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OLE FUTURISTIC ASS, STYLE FLIP FLOPPIN ASS, TOO SCHOOL FOR COOL ASS PINK ASS WANNABE ASS BURNIN THE FUCK OUTTA EVERYONE ASS NIGGA
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    That's all you can really do haha It'll all be worked out in the end. Plus I got over half of my restitution dropped and a sick ass apartment with 2 hot girl roommates so the whole identity theft thing doesn't bother me that much :D
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    damn dude.. glad you're taking all this bullshit with a smile.. i'd be telling old man "next time you see me will be be right before the next time you're gonna be in the hospital"...... that's some straight up fucked up behavior on his part. how you gonna fuck up your kids future and credit like that an think it's not gonna come back and smack ya in the face? anyway, good luck and congrats n'ats...
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    Escondido to Las Vegas Dekoe Oner AK 1989 till I die.................
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