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    i got a phone line chat story too DSD funny you bring that up my dude, well lets get into it. One night im just chillin, watching some old school dragonball Z smoking a bowl of some chronic just chillin, well i get super bored, its about 1 am, and i have nothing to do, tons of chronic, a flask full of that kickin chicken, nobody to kick it with nothing, everybody was either sleep, at work, already out doing something, well a commercial for one of those phone chat lines comes on, if im not wrong i remember it being "Live Links" phone chat or something like that, said try it free, so im like word, well lets see what this hype is all about and see if i can find some shortys to fuck with, so they give you like 30 free minutes to hear girls adds send em messages and connect live with bitches that live in the same city you live in, or cities near by, well im skipping through the adds (hella old bitches looking for love, and casual disscussions and whatnot well fuck all that) i come across this add, a bitch wanting a guy or two to come over and get bossed up, sounds like shes in her thirties, but sounds sexy though, and even better the bitch said she was residing in Westwood. hell yeah, same hood as me, well she says serious replies only, so i send her a message and say "hey serious reply here, bored horny as hell looking to get sucked up, heres my number 513 bla bla bla hit me up, well like 2 minutes go by and i get a phone call, and its that bitch. So i answer we start talking and stuff, i ask were she stays and she tells me such and such street, so im like cool, only like two blocks from me, bitch tells me shes slim, 31, long brown hair, pretty smile, c cup titties, and i describe myself and whatnot and shes like cool, (im only 19 at the time just thought id toss that in) well i ask her if she smokes weed she says hell yeah, so i start picking a few lil nice size nugs out my stash, and i tell her ill head over shortly give her a ring when im on her street. now Cincinnati is fucked up, not like Detroit but we have a fare shares of robberies, murders and whatnot, so im no dumb nigga, i never get caught slippin so im starting to think..hmmm like what if this bitch is setting me up, what if i get there walk in, and boom theres to masked men beating me down till i give up the goods, so i start thinking to myself, should i bring my burner? then again its late out, and in westwood, cops creep the streets like no other at this time, then i think well fuck it i pack it alot why not now when your meeting up with some chick you never met up with, and then im thinking, well what if you go to smash ol girl, and you have to take the burner off your waist and lay it on the night stand, whats old lady gonna think? gonna scare the bitch, so im having this war with my self on what choice ima make, finally im like fuck it man just leave it here, this bitch sounds legit. since its like two blocks away, i just walk, it feels good out. i get on her street give her a ring, she comes out on the porch, turns out her bitch lives directly across the street from one of my crew mates, im like hmmm..this is ironic. well bitch was 31, and looked 21! omg, fine broad, top notch milf, im thinking to myself, damn gotta fuck with these chat line numbers more often. well we go inside, and right away i notice family photos hanging up, bitch has 2 young kids, and a husband, looked like a pretty swolle dude not the guy you wanted to fuck with or get on his bad size, and i ask her bout the pictures, said her kids are at the grandmas for the night, hubby is at work, so im like ehh cool, but at the same time having images of this big ass nigga coming in the door and beating me down, but i just say fuck it, we sit down on the couch and i ask if she wants to smoke, so i roll up a nice little stoagie, me and her sit there watching tv for a sec puffing this L just talking bout random shit, well i throw the roach in a ash tray, and no lie this chick looks at me and flat out says "well you want your cock sucked or what hun" just hearing a sexy lady tell me straight forward like that gave me a hard on in like 3.5 seconds, so i say hell yeah, i stand up unbuckle the belt slide down the levis and she starts bossin me up. Yo you ever stand there getting head while a girl is toppin you off and your getting tired of holding your shirt up so you just take it off? well thats what i did, i took off the polo and threw it on the floor, (yes another night wearing polo, im a lo fanatic) im just standing there getting bossed up, and i hear the keys hit the door, im like fuck, instantly im thinking oh shit, macho man randy savage is here to beat my ass fuck!, i go to pull up my pants the door opens up and he sees me, i look at him, No lie, homeboy has the Sheriff uniform on, (dude is a C.O downtown at county) i thought dude was gonna pull his strap and tell me to freeze and shit, i run for the kitchen hoping theres a back door, there isnt, i go to climb through this window, this fucking window is tiny as fuck, and as im trying to squeeze through, frank the deputy is grabbing onto my leg, i start kicking as wild as i can i break loose and fall to the ground outside, i jump up, i only have one of my shoes, im shirtless, belt is still unbuckled i grab ahold of my pants and run like the wind, i cut through this back yard, and i come out on a main street were this school is, i run into the playground of this school and duck down by this bush to catch my breath, smoking heavy amounts of weed and ciggs is not a good thing when it comes to having to run for your life, im weezing, feels like my chest is tight, got that lump in my throat no homo, just sitting there like fuck, i see a pick up truck pull of her street im like fuck thats him, i crawl under the bush, and lay there, shirtless, bush is all prickling me and shit, im pissed, breathing hard, my fucking polo is in ol girls crib, and one of my sneakers, im just over all pissed about the whole thing, i lay there for about an hour, dude is circling the blocks looking for me, finally i get up and creep back to the crib. a few days later im over my homies crib, sitting on his porch drinking a couple 40s and theres a uhaul truck out in front of this bitches crib, hubby was packing shit, and i was just cracking up, i told my homie the story, and we just sat there getting weak at the whole thing, to this day i pray if i go to county again, the guy booking me in is not this dude, that would really suck.
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    http://www.tv.krtong.com/ Thought this might be fun. I saw how all the "cool kids" on 12oz have their own blogs on the front page and thought Channel Zero needed one of their own. Go nuts.
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    cant a lot of phones "sync" or some shit? i know someone whose phone did that with some random person walking down the street and funny enough all the flicks that got sent to his phone were of naked girls.. but he was still weirded out. but this is another reason why you dont need a iphone or any of that shit. my phone is the most basic, free upgrade piece i could get, it makes calls, receives texts and thats it.. the shit you can do with apps is fucking absurd, and makes me want to become a mountain man.
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    iv got homies with straight gruesom pig dog uglies. its one thing to use an animal to sniff out a scent weather it be a route or a key but fuck using a beast to attack human flesh on some dungeouns and dragons type savagry shig. cops n robbers always has, and always will be a game. and if you can outrun a donut eater you win the game. nowhere in the playfield should they be able to sick wolves on you cause they got out athletisized, outsmarted or out lucked. fuck those things, shit aint right.
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    Okay you fuckers, do not jump my case for not being thorough enough or hip enough. I thought I would share a errand in pics. Went Here: To set up this shit: to sell on the internet. The Boots: I have attempted to put together a day in pics a couple times this week but either I get lazy or something else.
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    ready crepes hot taddi fiat comercial ... ... waiting for it on it a fan groceries served
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    short slide show of malls of america in the 80s "In 1989, following in the footsteps of Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, and William Eggleston, I drove across the country and documented malls across America. I had a cheap Nikon FG-20 and an even cheaper lens - but I had a lot of passion. I shot about 30 rolls of slide film in malls from Long Island to North Dakota to Seattle. It was hard to tell from the images where they were taken, and that was kind of the point. I was interested in the creeping loss of regional differences. I thought a lot about Frank's "The Americans" as we drove from place to place without any sense of place. ..." .. in addition to the 'lack of place' that the guy mentions, which after touring the states last fall i can totally attest to.. the homogenization of the US is almost complete, i noticed some other things: payphones. a lack of morbidly obese people (there are only a few in the entire slide show) how huge all the hair is
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    hello I'm new here so I'll post some of my latest stuff: And a sketch from last summer
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    Long Jeanne Silver 1 NSFW NSFW
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    my band, we're playing summer of hate shits gonna be wild
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    Jesus? Jesus Martinez? That Jesus? He owes me money, mang.
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    big business is always good. they are playing my neighboring city in a couple months with torche, can't wait. i saw floor over the weekend which was the best thing i have seen and will see for a long time. can't believe how many people miss out on that band.
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    Two tornadoes - Two complete different reactions .....
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    Urban exploring the UK Mail Rail http://www.silentuk.com/?p=2792
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    SAN PEDRO,CA by JOE MACK'$ PAINT HXA, on Flickr port of la:eek:
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    A few pictures from a quick trip to SF & Palm Springs Click for big.
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    Great, now three people that were in that crowd are gonna be so traumatized THEYRE gonna go do the same thing. then three people at each of THOSE shows will get all emo sad and do the same thing... what the fuck has this kid started??????
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    i would have kept piping til i was done... regardless of epilepsy. once i start i cant stop. anal opportunity. her fault.
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    holy shit, we have a weiner. meth you posted some good ones but i kinda like the arm around the guy. it's hilarious to me that someone would get a joke permanently emblazoned upon them. and the amputee one is great.
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    aside from the customary brown liquid funk on the tip when you pull out, i dont really have any amazing doodoo accident stories, at least not that i can recall.. except this: last summer, around the pinnacle of a pretty bad dope habit, my current girl moved in with me. everytime we did a bag homegirl would get horny as fuck, even if we were in someone elses house she would whip my dick out of my draws, pull up her skirt and try to get me to lace her pussy right there in her friends living room while her kids are running around the house (yeah i know scummy as fuck but what can you do?). that being said, at my crib, we would always get high and fuck around. i will tell you first hand that while achieving erection high on heroin is often very difficult, it is not impossible. and for a while i had a pretty good handle on this. sex was still very, if not more enjoyable. her position of choice was usually 69 with me on top, which i didnt really have a problem with because it granted me more leverage to drill her mouth. for some reason though when we would get real into it she would be doing things with her finger to my leather cheerio. id usually just tell her to knock it the fuck off and she would. in retrospect i should have expected that since usually i would be knuckle deep in her ass while i dined on her snapper. one very, very hot summer day we each do five dimes in one shot a piece, and commence to our regular fucking around. once again, its the reverse 69, and she asks if she can lube up her finger and try it on me once, making sure to remind me of all the times she had given up the bootyhole in the recent past. im geeked as fuck and nodding out pretty lovely so i think "fuck it go head" (/nh). its this exact way of thinking paired with the needles sex and feces that puts your typical heroin user at a higher risk for contracting diseases, illnesses and unsuccessful existence aka LIFE FAIL. so anyway this girl is probably working my guts or whatever, dont really remember everything crystal clear but long story short, afterward she pulls her finger out of my ass and its covered in liquidy, tanish brown dookie. she says "ewwwwwwwww" and gets up to run to the bathroom. and im thinking to myself "yup thats what this bitch gets for trying to violate my rump while im incompacitated". and to this day, even in soberdom, has this girl ever tried to finger me again. and thats just the way i like it.
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    Don't gain the world and lose your soul, life is worth more than silver and gold - Bob Marley
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    when you came out your mothers womb, the doctor told your mother "congrats its a MAN"
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    stab self in chest sounds painful. Why couldnt this kid just hang himself in private like a normal fuckup. All the rest of them coffee shop poetry broads should probably send their grief counseling bills to his parents
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    Dear edoggg, sorry for your loss. 6 years after my childhood dog passed and we still talk about all the awesome stupid stuff he did. Take comfort in the fact you gave her a great life and she was loved to the end, you know she reciprocated. grd To whom it may concern, I am in a splendid mood, today is awesome. /sillyme
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    I'm a few hours from orlando in ga but I'm thinking about coming down saturday for the event. My homie broke is down there so I will see what's up.
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    okay well heres my doodoo anal shit story....fuck. I use to work with this girl Olivia, real hot white chick, one of those kinds that love rap, talks shit, and likes the fight, but not the wigger type of chick though, just raised in the slums. bad ass body man, i mean ass for days, i can upload a pic on here, and actually you know what, i will after this story, we had just got back in touch, and right away she started sending me pictures, bitch loved the pipe, had her strung, aint talking that crackhead shit either, na meeen. but anyways, here in Cincinnati we got a radio station called WEBN and every year they have this huge firework show down on the river, shoot off big shits off a boat and shit. one night she calls me and says "hey what ya doing for the fireworks" i knew she wanted to chill for em, and i knew she would end up wanting to fuck me. she tells me were going to her aunt and uncles who lives next to the ohio river, we can watch the fire works from there balcony, i got there and instantly im uncomfortable. her aunt is this big fat redneck, bitch has on shorts made from jeans, you know the kinds were you just cut the legs off, a flannel with the sleeves cut off, and a coyboy hat on (she ended up showing me her tattoo later in the night, bitch had "bite me" right above her hairy ass puss i almost threw up) her uncle was a redneck covered in shitty tattoos and had long hair and had a short ass temper. well we start drinking, but she says before we get drunk i need to know if you need a ride home or not cuz ill take you no if so, i wanted to leave cuz her redneck ass family was creepin me out, but at the same time i wanted to smash so i stayed. so i bought a 24 case of bud light thinking this bitch would get drunk with me, but she had already got trashed quick drinking tequila with her aunt, well fast forward, i remember going to the bedroom, i wanted to fuck straight up, was sucking on the tits and trying to get wet, thats when the bitch hits me with that "im on my period shit" fucking bummer, but she must of wanted the dick bad cuz right away she considered anal, so man, drunk as fuck, no lube, no rubber, nothing, i remember hitting her in her ass for like half an hour, man.... i must of have gotten the case of the whisky dick and i went soft after a bit, and i was pissed cuz i didnt even get to nut, but from what i remember i didnt nut, i remember her stopping me and saying "fuck it lets just go to sleep" well i wake up freezing, bitch had the ac on full blast and was hogging all the blanket, so im laying there ass naked cold as fuck, i turn to grab the blanket and i pull a lil on top of me and i feel something cold and mushy, i look down, bitch had shitted all on the blanket, all over the bed and all over me...i wake her up and she looks at me like what, "bitch you fucking shatted all over the place" she gets up and i can see all the butt mud on her booty, she showered downstrairs and i showered upstairs, thank god we was both butt naked, i dont know how id feel if she got shit on om polo shirt and polo boxers, be going home in her uncles redneck gear. we still havnt spoke about that night, we both acted like it has never happened.
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    Shit had me rolling, anyway im gonna tell y’all the story of the time I thought I fucked a bitch to death. I was living in the Ventura/Oxnard area at the time, and me and the homies would head up to Santa Barbara on Wednesday nights for collage night on State St, the bars would have drink specials and the rich dumb collage girls from UCSB would be out in droves. This particular Wednesday was dead as fuck. Turns out it was spring break and most of the collage kids had bounced to Cancun or some such rich kid shit. So it’s only us and a few sad old drunks playing video poker ya know, so we decide to make it a hard drinkn night. Well about 2 hours in to it a gaggle of chicks showed up and I remember that, but I started “time traveling” right about then. You know waking up in the future? So everything that happened after that is second hand info… One of the homie starts talking to em and finds out that they are up from Ventura too, didn’t get the spring break memo either, so they come over and start drinking w/ us. Blah, blah, blah, I hit it off with this short little blondie named Kim. She was super shy and me being the drunken outgoing train wreck that I am, she thinks I’m funny. I woke up with her number in my pocket. So I call her and we go on a few dates, the standard coffee-movie- dinner progression. About 4 dates in I’m starting to get the hold out vibe, well I start hinting around and 5th date she invites me in and it’s on, we start getting down and she is the stiffest, deadest fuck I have ever had. Well I’m not gonna stand for that, and I pull out all the tricks. She starts getting to it, well, I’m thinking she is really in to it. I back off and tell her to roll over so I can hit it from the back, well she is still grunting and twitching. I’m starting to get weirded out, I try calling her name, shaking her, no response. So I flip the light on, and this bitch is foaming at the mouth and her eyes are rolled back in her head. I freeze up, the only time I had ever seen shit like that before was some junkie OD’ing. So I’m fucking freaking out, trying to get the fuck out of there. I’m going all CSI trying to wipe up DNA and shit, all that is going through my head is this bitch is OD’ing and the cops are gonna pin this shit on me and I didn’t even give anything to her. So I flee in to the night, and head to the crib to wait it out. Well her roommate shows up at like 5:30 the next morning on my porch pounding on my door and screaming at the top of her lungs. “You piece of shit she could have died, you coward, you just left her there!” and of course the standard mother fuckers and fuck yous for good measure. Well turns out Kim was epileptic, and the sex had brought on the seizure. She had to go to the hospital, almost bit her tongue off and shit. Needless to say, I never talked to her again. TLDNR? Cliff notes: Met a bitch at a bar while black out drunk, go on a few dates, end up smashing, she starts having a seizure, I don’t know she is epileptic or whats happening so I panic and bounce. Bitch almost bites her tongue off, and somehow I get the blame for it all
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    what are u guys doing? do want him to go back to his old throw up? pleases anything but that!!!!!!!..... and norteno let me get this straight your not calling anyone a biter your just yeah... posting two throwies with A's that look exactly the same... hmm. hahahahah good shit. biting or not its still and upgrade for ajar, but like dk said "he got heart put in the streets
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    For any fans of Frank Black, his website http://blackfrancis.net/ has all his music for free, just click on "listen now" on the homepage. I recommend these 2 albums
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