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    props to mts cs esd lcm anm rnb and sdk for doin it right n not worrying about 12oz drama ya heard and merkin da city the way it should go puro desmadre in dis bitch! n props to motion n cero the only 2 tngs that do work instead of actin hard on da net i think they should drop the crew n just do there own thang just my 2 cents
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    looks like you follow the same blog/tumblr I do.. http://drawingarchitecture.tumblr.com/ thing is so dope.
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    they were clearly obstructing the road in future please sitck to the bike path cyclists
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    ole white girl was all right phew! 30 hit combo i heard...
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    Here some sketches by CARE UK LONDON Beauty Never Fades cru.... UK europe To see all our work go to our flickr... http://www.flickr.com/photos/45627980@N03/ :D
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    these last few are stolen
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    Dudes already do ads! Hes blowing up big! YEAH SON! Fuckin Sambo looking chimpanzee.
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    Remember like 4 months back. I made one of my lackluster boring waste of a thread threads? Well... i'm still at it dealing with dementia. Today i feel like im going to lose my damn mind. Dude is sitting in a pair of dirty Depends and smelling foul. What can I do? Well... 2 and a half hours ago i gently suggested he change and i think i have him convinced. I go in his room, get out a fresh pair and a pair of pants and 15 minutes later he comes out the same as before. He had put everything away and forgot. So i send him back in there telling him "look man. You should change your pants daily. I do but every 3rd is fine too i guess BUT those undershorts need to go now." 20 minutes later no progress and hes out trying to talk to me about it instead. "How often do i change my pants? how about the undershorts?" Smelling like feces trying to stand next to me and discuss this. So i explain it again, patiently and clearly and send him back in to change again. 20 minutes later hes back out asking me the same shit as before. Not listening not paying attention and seemingly incapable of processing any of it and all the while sitting in shit. I write it out on a piece of paper and explain it again. Clear as day big legible letters. He goes back in the bedroom and comes out 10 minutes later to argue the every 3rd day part. He just came back out a minute ago. Still no action. I finally tell him do whatever you want. I don't care, i don't want to talk about it, leave me alone and we aren't eating together. Yesterday i found a fucking turd on the counter in the bathroom.
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    found here pretty weird/wradd flickr
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    Dart is a "fixed gear bike club" if you're into that kind of thing
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    your pretty sure? i hear doubt and possibly a hint of fear in your voice harvey... now quickly do me a favor and photoshop a babies head onto this man and send it to me via pm so i can then attach it to this post and get mad internet props with little to no effort
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    I'm pretty sure that Mishka hats are new era.
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    strikeforce is only good if youre not watching it live. that way you can fast forward through the dogshit commentating. Shamrock, mauro and gus johnson are fucking unlistenable. Militich is the only one i can stand. they drag out their events so much. when you only watch the fights and skip everything else, like 2/3 of the event gets cut out.
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    portlandia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XM3vWJmpfo&feature=related
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    my shirt game is through th roof but these are some of my favourites
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    here's one from a few months back.
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    i hope u including ya self in dis statement u young toy puttin up pix of shit u dont even kno about
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    i had a dream i was riding my bike today... an jue was still up from the night before painting day spots in his dress..
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    glad you enjoyed them. check these out too,
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    Another good one but on the decline. See the Med Star though. *Where are you finding these?
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    Higher power of your own understanding is what is said in AA/NA, not God or Jesus, it never was, read about it. Hating on someone or some group trying to better themselves is lame.
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    If you ride a BMX bike new or old , hell yeah . :cool:
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    i would rather watch the video she gets boinked by a nig then listen to that song... which i will proceed to do.
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    2 new ones in the last few days. Not sure why but i enjoy doing birds....
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    that crack me up^i dont know why but it does
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    http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Monsters/70135635?trkid=2361637#height1716 real fuckin good
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    that was towards the kade sketch. mark - use bars, even out your letters and shit go simple
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