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    me and my fiancee had a housewarming party yesterday. we made a ton of food. here are some pictures to make you hungry. dessert table blueberry basil cupcakes chocolate banana cookies chocolate orange balls lamb meatballs polenta and balsamic sauteed portabella bites meats and cheeses mini caprese salad bites obligatory chips and dip
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    thepiratebay.com Learn to torrent <3
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    Over the summer I did a lil series called "Sweet Treats" because my son and I ate ice cream for breakfast for a week straight... it was so fucking hot in vegas. ------- I haven't painted in acrylics in a while (I've been busy) but this was from a show I had earlier this year:
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    forsit youre wrong, but who cares its better to keep these information-free anyway one of my all time fav. oye's kill
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    she turned 21 today. GET MAD ETHUG FAGGOTS. SHE'S MY GIRL.
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    I'd suck dick for money. A surprisingly low amount of money... BSM
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    Should have been a clear sign some shit was about to go down.
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    Word? You can ask her to buy Dutches for you now
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    [ATTACH]150151[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]150152[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]150153[/ATTACH]
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    my dad was very poor and had to eat beans and crackers alot for dinner. he hates crackers now.and so do i. fuck triscuits.the only good cracker is a graham cracker.oh and this cracker... she kinda looks like the chic from medium or maybe it was the closer...idk but one of those blonde bitches you see on the tvbox.
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    I fucking love how faggots sit around and argue about whats REALLY going on with the government mannnnn when they don't know fucking dick. You will never know the truth, you will never know what really happens. Start your sentence with "I think..." or "IMO..." because you know nothing, you're just another civilian in this country blabbing your fat mouth like every other moron killing the vibe at a party. Take a fucking seat Julian Assange
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    yessssss now i can legally buy her drinks to sneak roofies into... dont worry injury.i like her tooo.;)
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    oye goes hard, some dope spots and hella tags burnin in the south end hood rich...
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    VIC 20 in the mid west? nice!
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    Dear Symbols, That movie is fucking tragic. -Realism
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    i love acid, snow and bombing. either 15mins or 2 more hours, then off for 7 days while the trick comes into town to give me xmas presents allll weeek and by xmas presents i mean sex.
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    all yall sound like women
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    fucking wizards run milwaukee... sidenote swordfish doesnt go anywhere without his Madison Mallards hat & teach me how to bucky shirt..
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    id like to see that iornlak wall a month from now! the graff is dope, but im sure it will be light shades of pink and grey after that paint is in the sun
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    You got off lucky... they gave me crabs.
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    old flick but its all good critz?
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    dont blame me, blame queenz
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    Complex, I think it's a cool start, but I have to agree with everyone else that it does look unfinished. Like Grin said, it could serve as a really cool background for something on top..... or maybe building more colors on it.. or even different values of red (red to dark red?) might bring out the overall piece more. I think what it's lacking is some contrast on the top... you have a focal point on the bottom which is cool, but my eye wants to see something else going on on top of the solid area on top. If that makes sense? Also, thinking of displaying.. it would look interesting if it was sideways... a gradient from the reds to the drips..then the white part of the canvas? We are so used to seeing a drip coming from top to bottom.. the direction you hang this piece could change the overall look and feel of it. :) My two cents. I teach first and second year art/design students and I see a lot of experimental pieces like this.. and I think it's a good starting point.. with the whole mixed media/techniques and all.. and I'm always pushing them to take it to that next level! wonk saggin
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    It's because you're not old enough to view that content. Have your parents remove the parental lock off your internet.
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    with much wisdom comes much sorrow.its true too...thats why retarded kids always have a huge grin on their face.they are content with life becuase they dont or cant comprehend how fucked up the world is. how i wish that any bad day im having could easily be quelled by popping in the movie happy feet.the simple minded among us really are gods chosen few. heavens probably fool of downs kids. im going off into a tangent again but haeeeey.
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    Where's the color at? Streets looking kinda blank.
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    The bike shop girl Dottie in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, real name Elizabeth Daily, was also a recording artist in the early 80s and did two of the songs in the club scene in Scarface.
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