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    thepiratebay.com Learn to torrent <3
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    Over the summer I did a lil series called "Sweet Treats" because my son and I ate ice cream for breakfast for a week straight... it was so fucking hot in vegas. ------- I haven't painted in acrylics in a while (I've been busy) but this was from a show I had earlier this year:
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    she turned 21 today. GET MAD ETHUG FAGGOTS. SHE'S MY GIRL.
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    Re: $%37984gt52973498ty A BRAND NEWWWWW CAR!!!!
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    So did any one actually do a source code audit to make sure LOIC does not open any backdoors on the on the operators machine? It seems a little crazy to me to think this many people would download "hacker" software without the faintest idea of what is going on. Any way Casek, thanks for the article postings earlier.
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    you deserve some props for being so kick ass
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    not much going on around the yard today, here's a few..
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    Word? You can ask her to buy Dutches for you now
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    I've never been able to like triscuits. They've always tasted like mini-wheats dry without any goodness. Well sorry doesn't put the triscuits in my stomach now does it????
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    lol thanks dude. More tours to come!
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    [ATTACH]150151[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]150152[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]150153[/ATTACH]
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    ^^^NFL game rewind. It costs like $20, but you can see all of the seasons games in HD (and no commercials) through the playoffs.
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    I fucking love how faggots sit around and argue about whats REALLY going on with the government mannnnn when they don't know fucking dick. You will never know the truth, you will never know what really happens. Start your sentence with "I think..." or "IMO..." because you know nothing, you're just another civilian in this country blabbing your fat mouth like every other moron killing the vibe at a party. Take a fucking seat Julian Assange
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    yessssss now i can legally buy her drinks to sneak roofies into... dont worry injury.i like her tooo.;)
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    Dear Symbols, That movie is fucking tragic. -Realism
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    STYLEISKING just saw the movie over the weekend.
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    fucking wizards run milwaukee... sidenote swordfish doesnt go anywhere without his Madison Mallards hat & teach me how to bucky shirt..
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    id like to see that iornlak wall a month from now! the graff is dope, but im sure it will be light shades of pink and grey after that paint is in the sun
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    Host18 or 31 Flavors... whatever you call yourself these days, It truly saddens me that in this current age of graffiti, that writers like yourself are even allowed to ride the coat tales of others and participate in this game. You were the one that took it upon your self to post someone's State Issued I.D. on 12oz. It took 6 years for this event to catch up to you, and it still astonishes me that so many people even brushed shoulders with you and gave you a pass for your actions. You can play the situation however you want to those who were not there. I called you a dry snitch to your face and fallowed that up with multiple punches. Your boy jumped in on your behalf and in return multiple people jumped in on my behalf. At no point did I sucker punch you in the back of the head. There were 20+ people (including your girl, your crew mate, locals, and people I don't even get along with) in attendance who know what happened. Your boy got kicked in the face for jumping into a fight that was between me and you. Not once during the fight while waving YOUR white flags and extending YOUR olive branches of peace (handshakes) did you have anything otherwise to say. Afterwords, I posted up for 1 hour by the wall my crew was painting in case you had any changes of thought about how the fight was resolved. Instead, you packed your cans, got in your car and drove off. Only now after the fight do you try to make stories, excuses & denials for your actions; in attempt to change the facts of these events to maintain whatever shitty image you have falsely created over the past 6 years. But the truth remains, that you can only fool so many people for so long... I'll see you around soon enough... -ETHER MADE U LOOK
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    You got off lucky... they gave me crabs.
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    uploading flicks from last night PW autorack + a blizzard + white fills + a hit of acid = a $$$$ night.
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    It's because you're not old enough to view that content. Have your parents remove the parental lock off your internet.
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    Where's the color at? Streets looking kinda blank.
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    The bike shop girl Dottie in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, real name Elizabeth Daily, was also a recording artist in the early 80s and did two of the songs in the club scene in Scarface.
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    Tore-down and cleaned up my 1998 GT Pro Performer this weekend . It's nothing special , but it is the bike I ride at Ray's MTB . It's amazing that aluminum foil & white vinegar can clean up 12 years of rust & neglect . :cool: Put Kenda Black/Tan tires on it , and Red GT Racing Grips , along with a Viscount General Seat , I still need a rear brake so I can set the Gyro up .
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