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    31 Horror Movies in 31 Days: THE OFFICIAL LIST Friday, October 1st Puppet Master @2:00am on AMC Link 1: Youtube / Link 2: Stagevu / Link 3: Google Video Saturday, October 2nd The Omen Trailer Link 1: Stagevu / Link 2: TV Shack Sunday, October 3rd From Beyond Trailer Monday, October 4th Shivers Tuesday, October 5th Rec Wednesday, October 6th Videodrome Thursday, October 7th The People Under the Stairs Friday, October 8th Alien @ 1:30am on AMC Trailer Saturday, October 9th The Thing Trailer Sunday, October 10th Jacob's Ladder Monday, October 11th Rosemary's Baby Trailer Tuesday, October 12th Let the Right one In Wednesday, October 13th Cube Trailer Thursday, October 14th The Haunting Trailer Friday, October 15th Street Trash Saturday, October 16th Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sunday, October 17th The Burbs Trailer Monday, October 18th Friday the 13th @8:00pm on AMC Trailer Tuesday, October 19th The Innocents Trailer Wednesday, October 20th Chud Thursday, October 21st The Shining @4:30pm on AMC Trailer Friday, October 22nd Dawn of the Dead Trailer Saturday, October 23rd Suspiria Trailer Sunday, October 24th Session 9 Monday, October 25th Audition Tuesday, October 26th Psycho Trailer Wednesday, October 27th Nightmare on Elm Street Thursday, October 28th The Exorcist Friday, October 29th The Re-Animator Trailer Saturday, October 30th Evil Dead/Evil Dead II @10:15pm on AMC Sunday, October 31st Halloween III: Season of the Witch Alright, so here they all are. I tried to keep it a varied and random as possible. With some biases towards days of the week. Also tried to place some on dates they were playing on television. I think the list covers just about everything, Carpenter, Craven, Lovecraft, Cronenberg, King, Zombies, Slashers, Ghosts, Possessions, Comedy, Sci-Fi, New, Old etc. etc. The last one is a JOKE - watch whatever you want on Halloween, or just go get fucked up. Your Choice Also, all these are subject to change. If there is an abundance of requests to change nights/films, it will be done.
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    These threads are annoying but can someone get at Classified for me, dudes inbox is full /nh Get at him on facebook or something tell that guy to delete some shit Pictures of tits here.
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    chicken, if that is in africa.. then congrats, cause you got the A, I, D, S.
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    Perhaps interpretive dance on his facial structure?
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    Yeah, but like, why don't you just beat his ass?
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    the proof is in the pudding....show rather than tell.....
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    Just heard about the whole cars... Nice work.
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    I'm pretty good at conjuring up bonerz. And making sandwiches.
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    ^^^ i too, just received that email from the hofbraus house.
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    Re: Stop Internet Censorship: COICA bill under consideration Aren't you usually the 12oz Tipper Gore who bans people for posting tits anyways? I mean good looks for seeing the light and all, but just saying though. And signed.
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    The Touche "Deep Purple" was a much darker shade. We used to use the shit out of their Spearmint color and their Burgundy had purple in it, it was dope too!!! That paint was nice and thick and sprayed like butter!!! The Epoxy Wild Violet is real close to Icy Grape as well... Yeah Growco was a cheap flea market paint and I heard rumors it was made by Krylon but I have never confirmed that. It was thicker then Krylon so I'm not sure it was made by them...
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    or, for maximum passive aggressiveness you could just start a blog about it. Go from there.
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    TCL GANG HOE! didnt know cali was in modesto and didnt tell me. lol
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    You should get to know him, take some time to understand what makes him tick. I recommend taking him on a series of dates, each time to a different location. Date 1 - Start with a lite dinner and a movie, nothing too scary, but scary enough that he wants to sit closer to you. Date 2 - A picnic by the lake, pack some sandwiches and some french champagne and hold hands until the sun sets Date 3 - Dinner at your place. Invite him around for a candlelight dinner. Cook your famous spaghetti bolognese. When dinner is over suggest that you take the party to your bedroom, where you can pretend things are moving too fast and ask him to slow down. Then once you've ruined any chance he has of "getting lucky", kick him out and never call him again.
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    i cant get enough bathroom stall remarks in my life.. i dont know what it is but i love it.. my favorite ever was in a port-a-potty... "you are in a Mexican spaceship" :lol: :lol: :lol:
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