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    Ever wonder what it would be like if there was Facebook 300 years ago? LOL… now you know (Tried posting a screenshot, but it was too big). http://danieldickesmoker.com/the-history-of-facebook/ I got a good laugh out of that
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    can you guess who i am? hey look at me and my long beard. everytime twist or some one famous is mentioned. i have to stop by and remind everyone i know twist and other famous people that do graffiti. every other sentence i know twist, my opinion on graffiti matters now. hey remember, i know twisit..blah blah blah viva la skinny me and old sf. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    So me and 12oz's own Hydrogen Peroxide were grabbing a burger before we hit the bar, and I feel a piece get lodged in my throat. I drink some beer to try and wash it down but it just sits there in my throat and I realize I can't breath. I start motioning to him that I'm choking and I think he thought I was joking until I kind of threw up a little bit of foamy beer. He asks me if I'm seriously choking and I nod, asks if I need the Heimlich and I nod, so we both stand up and he just cranks on me and I just feel everything just whoosh down my throat. It's a good job he was there and new what he was doing because the twinks working the counter just stood there watching and would clearly have been no help at all. We both remained remarkably calm throughout and the whole thing started and ended within about 30 seconds. Then we got drunk. Just thought I'd share because it's only now just sinking in that I could have very easily died last night. So thanks HP. Remember to chew your food people!
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    We "killed mad musty ass arabs" because we were ordered to do so. 90% of us didnt WANT to be there. It "appears" you know a little bit about a few things, does it really take that much time and money to defeat a third world country? Guess you didn't do enough homework, no hostile force has ever defeated afghanistan, Russia spent much more time, money, lives trying to do so.(10-year Soviet occupation resulted in an estimated 2 million Afghani deaths). Its a natural defensive fortress, and perfect for guerilla tactics. Alexander the Great, even Genghis Khan suffered tremendous casualties in this country. It's true they sell missles and weaponry, but drugs fuel that country, miles and miles of weed fields, opium too, it fuels the warhorse. So yeah, "o well" if you're going to take the time to throw out statistics and point fingers, then take the time to read up on more than just one side of the story. The whole point is people on both sides of the fight are dying for scandles, money, religion and false details. The whole point is it shouldnt be that way at all. some don't have a choice, some do. All I'm trying to say is, people dying isnt a joke, maybe some of you would have a different point of view if you were forced into a similar situation. Watch all your friends die and not have something to say about it when people make light of the situation, watch your best friend burn to death inside his car, trapped by a seatbelt, ammunition cooking off from the flames, and then turn around and explain it to his wife and 6 year old daughter, because the only thing the letter of notice said was "misfortunate accident". It may be a huge scandle, fueled by lies, but its not a joke.
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    RIP more important
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    Going to Agree with 12OZHEYZUES, however, myself, and many other troops were deployed, killed, blown up, mortered, starved, dehydrated in a desert somewhere because of this. I think of 9/11 as another memorial day. Not only the memorial of soldiers, but the memorial of the people who died in that building, being pawns in the scheme, unknowingly. Remember its not a day to remember the fucking retarded shit that happened, the obvious coverup, etc etc, it's a day to remember the first responders that died, the people they were searching for, and the soldiers who served and/or lost there lives as a direct result of the entire situation. also, a very big FUCK YOU to everyone calling this a joke. the 2 dudes in my squad we sent home in body bags would enjoy knowing they died for a joke. fuck you, i dont care who you are.
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    Immortal Technique has entered the building.
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    anybody else got nose interest? just curious. Sometimes i see a girl with a good nose and get really curious about whats good
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    true, probably breaking bad or the wire (rip) tpbm has used WOW gold
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    hydrogen peroxide....not just for cuts anymore.
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    people are still blaming bush for this? hahahaha. wow.
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    saw sleep the other night... great band and show
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    Thats why me and my burger always have a safety word.
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    Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** (tequila) sunrise bug/insect/spider self cereal shoes character railroad crossing fire police activity something that reminds you of another 12oz member eleven time sunset
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    jesus fucking christ you are annoying. you act like if you're 30 you need a fucking walker. believe it or not, there's heads out there out of their 20's doing dirt, with their shit together. log the fuck out already.
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    Rage3 Craze Aoke Reo Eazy - - - - - - - -
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    Says the guy who can't spell, use punctuation, proper grammar and more than likely lives on a futon in his mother's basement. I'm not saying that nothing was shady about that day, but do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you talk like a fucking suburban high school dropout?
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    My tamponabilitiesz are weak since the accident. I tried to drop him to one...
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    bout to cop these bad boys...
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    not sure if this is in here yet. so good.
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    Is this the emt thread now wtf?
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    42 Never go ANYWHERE without your towel.
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    Every morning for the past two weeks my mother calls me at 7am drunk as fuck. Telling me about how it's me/my father/my grandfather/cher/bob ross/america/but mostly my fault that she drinks. Shut the fuck up already!!
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    weve all tried yoga. but i interrupt this flame war with a report from the UNCW invitational, 56 teams, 3.1 miles. fuckin crazy. i started in the back of the pack, didnt get passed a single time. ran with a kid ive known and competed against since i was 6, we stayed together the entire race. he tried to leave me but i stuck by him, we picked off a SHITLOAD of kids, demoralized the fuck out of some kids by making a point to sprint up hills, around corners and break through any little clusters of runners instead of going around. spiked this one kid, kinda felt bad because that shit hurts. there was a 450 meter sprint for the finish (thats a LONG fucking sprint) i pass my friend, pass 4 other team mates that ive never passed before(im fairly confident i started sprinting a little early...) and of course when i cross the finish i see this rubber thing covering some electrical cords and i think its the sensor that picks up the magnetic strip on your number so i let off and get passed by my friend, and realize the strip reader is about 10 yards ahead of me. so i lose to my long time rival by one fucking second. if i hadnt beat my personal record by a minute 28 id be fucking pissed.
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    Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? backrubs oners and got video of her telling us about a custy that liked to fuck her shoes
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    stole from the ny thread
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    Shut-up, stop calling people "toy's" you do aerosol art and post it on the internet. Most people who use this site just complain about people doing graffiti and don't even do it themselves.
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    dont listen to methamphetamine he is an asshole go to http://www.lemonparty.org its a free site for uploading your graffiti pictures. really handy and worth remembering good luck bro
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    ANGELA MERKEL Cynophobia (Fear of dogs) Reason for fear: As a child, Chancellor Merkel was bitten by a dog, instilling her deep fear of canines. Merkel's fear is well known, and perhaps worryingly for Germans has reportedly been used against her by foreign leaders. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a master of psychological diplomacy, has repeatedly attempted to take advantage of Merkel's fear. In 2006, the then-president perplexed German diplomats by presenting the chancellor with a small dog as a gift and made a habit of having his black Labrador, Koni, sit in on their meetings. Putin's successor, Dmitry Medvedev, has put a stop to the practice.
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    young with a heart of gold.
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    actually, no I don't think so
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    Dear Slim, I wrote but you still ain't callin I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em There probably was a problem at the post office or something Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em but anyways; fuck it, what's been up? Man how's your daughter?
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    youre not allowed to have milk in your name, its neutralizes the gangsterness of the grenade.
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