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    i can feel this.. i'm a big loner myself these days.. i have an amazing girl who's got her head on straight an works hard.. myself, i'm unemployed and spend most of my time fucking around in my apartment not doing much of anything.. typical day consists of me waking up around noon. drinking a coffee to get the wheels rolling. as soon as the coffee's done, i switch to beer. smoke trees. sketch. take pics of whatevers interesting. paint. whatevers.. if i do go out, it's to some dive ass bar where i'm pretty sure i'm not gonna see anyone i don't wanna see.. all i'm looking for is a seat, and some cheap dranks... got a few friends, hundreds of associates and what seems like an army of haters in this city.. actually looking forward to moving to san fran where i don't know anyone but my uncle.. but fuck it, i'm a happy dude an can be bad all by my damn self....
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    I'd love to have a converstion with one of these dirty faux-nihilist trust-fund "protesters". It would probably go along the lines of "hey man, so what's your platform here? What are you protesting exactly?" "Like, corporations, man! And like, the government!" "And strip clubs?" "And strip clubs man!". I'm all for the right to protest, and violent protests are always pretty gnarly, but these are the same idiots that came to Vancouver during the Olympics and started breaking windows of locally owned business for no reason whatsoever, and then could offer no tangible explanation as to why they're doing it. It's all a bunch of fake ass white kids who take Poli-Sci and listen to too much Anti-Flag, but know nothing about what they're protesting other than offering the same hackneyed quips about government and the police state. Fuck off.
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    i gotcarried away with the pink haha
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    they got a dope product and he cashed a check, im guessing...oh and more fame, that too.
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    Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD So the guy wailed on him because he thought the guy was lieing.. about soulja boys phone number? Niggers ganna nig.
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    this lady was a champ at eating foot long hot dogs idiots brought their pets to this crowded place with super hot asphalt
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    reno blues, bbq, beer fest 2010 with milkgrenades, 1988, menaceIIsobriety, special guest, and me. milky posing with some random party boys
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    I think we all knew what this thread featured as soon as we saw the title. I just can't understand how someone actually missed this: Goodness, I didn't know that, for I have been living on Mars for the past decade. Under a rock in a cave. With my eyes shut and my fingers in my ears.
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    Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD link to that vid for ya
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    DIY Abortion: Firstly, for this to work correctly you will need the following materials: Coat Hanger (essential for the removal of the fetus) Paper Towel (To absorb unwanted moisture and blood) Plastic Bag (To store the fetus once it is rejected) Lubrication (To make the coat hanger slippery) Step 1: Heavily lube the coat hanger Step 2: Place several paper towels around your vaginal entrance Step 3: Insert the coat hanger into the vagina and up through to the uterus. Step 4: This is the tricky part. You must manuever the coat-hanger in such a way to kill the fetus. This may take several attempts and jabs. This is the most frequent area for injury to the uterin wall. Step 5: Wait for your body to reject the fetus, place it into a plastic bag and dump in the nearest biological waste bin (usually located at a hospital or biology research facility). FAQs Q: How will I know if the fetus is dead? A: It will begin to bleed excessively Q: At what stage of pregnancy is this possible? A: The first and second trimesters are prime although you may still be able to execute the fetus during the third. Q: Of which gender do you need to be to have this done? A: Your gender is not a factor. as long as you are able to deliver a child, your gender should make no difference.
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    So I am going to have to hold off on the Gary Fisher for awhile....found out I may be out of a job due to my glorious career as a graffiti vandal. Background check for a full on hire came through and they weren't feeling the multiple charges.... So anyway, I finished my flip/flop build instead. Retail therapy style.
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    My site moved (the old one is still up too) http://gnometoys.site11.com Hopefully these show up properly, if not go to the site, its all there.
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    THAT MOVIE WAS THE FUCKING BOMB If you're interested in illegal immigration, check this book out tho.
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    i'd say if you have to ask 12oz what to do, she should probably get an abortion.
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    Yea forsure, i need to cop a bike so we can roll through the streets 12ozBikerStatus I'll hit you up when im in town next time Uploading 460 pics, post em later..
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    OLD NEWS aint been in the city in months
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    i know a few people that do it around my area. drivers license is mandatory, semi clean criminal history, and smart enough to do minor maintenance on the machines. its pretty much the same as a paper rout or distribution job though. you dont get to pick out what is delivered or stocked . also the market is on lockdown by businesses that have been doing it for ages. unless you decide to open a food truck/pantry hacking isnt really worth it unless you hit a machine in a nice area and they take too long crack from what i hear
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    After viewing some of the video of the criminals destroying business fronts it is clear to me thay they are not protesters of any kind. They are strictly cowards for wearing masks and stright out idiots for ruining storefronts of mostly locally owned businesses that are not large global corporations. In a nutshell, anyone caught destroying private property, public property, police or any other vehicals should be shot on sight! At the very least these cowards should be beaten with their own weapons.
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    I'm so fucking glad I've been lucky enough to have bitches that would never give birth to the anti christ that is my seed. And not to be a dick, but seriously kill this kid or do the adoption thing and get some school in you. Show that first kid what's up by being better than you are now. Peace!
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    I had a pretty good zinger but I'll drop some advice, 12oz cannot help you. Next time pull out and bust on her belly or back like us people with money do.
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    fucking up my weekend son
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    agree with freak^ i wanna see some penalties. fuck extra time.
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    That's kind of the point I was making, I'd like to see the leak stopped as much as anyone else but I'm not stupid enough to think BP isn't doing everything it can to protect it's bottom line by plugging it as fast as possible. I'm just mad because the American public is so dumbed down they think if BP was completely dismantled and shut down things would change, like the other oil companies are any better or wouldn't just take BP's place. Like boycotting a BP franchised locally owned gas station would actually "show them" and there won't be any more spills. Shit's dumb. Also, I'm not being sarcastic, That post was dead serious, this country has a retarded media and the public is even dumber. I'm giving up and just going to go ahead and get an SUV and some ATV's so I can join in and pretend I'm not an asshole, I'll just pretend the gas I'm wasting is magically created by eco friendly unicorns and that there is no other way of living. Fuck, everyone has an excuse why they "need" a car.
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    This video was made right here in jersey by dudes in FH..
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    I feel an addition to the Gingers thread may be appropriate. Ah no seriously though i always like your style, bit wild. And you have one fucking happy head on ya. =Dude who posted this needs his ass handed to him.....little bed wetting prick.
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    saw one of your trucks tonight, nice piece :cool:
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    I don't know if that's how you handle it.. I mean I still see a lil yerbie to the left n an rda tag to the right.. and where the face is I see a rda tag on the ledge on the bottom center of the flick.. Idk but I'm just saying.. but I guess dopehead you know a lot on how to do it right.. cause you know your tight n shit huh?
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