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    today was a pretty wild day. went to that bay to brakers run in san francisco for the first time.fun was had. we went dressed as messicans walked a little no homo if applicable butts went to the store, STAY AWAY FROM THESE. i had to this guy would run to chicks, say "waht you think about this?" and splash water on his dick. HAHA for the bacon lovers decided to wrassle an agallator agallator friend decide to wrassle your boy haha inspecting the tittays but deep down im an ass man
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    Part II. the jump off. we basically persuaded these two chicks to send our homie celly nudes and things got out of hand in a really awesome way... at first i was totally perversnapping from the stairway. but then...my cover got blown and i just joined in photo fun... they was scurred... the end.........mayyybe.
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    woke up with another hangover... and rushed into the toon centre to see this... didn't get a good view but it was the team with the cup comin' oot onto the balcony. it doesn't happen often to us. last time this happened i was 7 went back to help with the mess, and booted the bairns ball in the trees must've been in luck this weekend... drank these used these more tea time these wheels are beginning to piss me right off went inside to watch stan on tv end
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    Yeah, it goes the same for some of our media outlets. Gotta sift through the crap to get to the gems.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYNOhqvNoS8 :lol:
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    doing constant simples is boring, but i have to say i can draw proportionate bars much faster than even a month ago.
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    Re: Great Pictures~ http://urbantitan.com/behind-the-closed-doors-of-mental-asylums
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    here's some thursday to sunday i think... wake up take the bins oot walk to the doctors... no more running for 4 weeks. cartlidge and ligament damage fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu got these to stay healthy helped my mate strip his wheels reppin' that hardcore shit retired to the cameltow for a bit watched their new telly hame time! next day. went for a drive to find these nike and adidas ootlet shops, had to wait on the lass at some meeting that took way longer than it was ment to... bottle o' caffine was much needed for hangover. aboot 3 oors later managed to find it deep in the bonny glens, got these sexual beasts. £130 reduced to £40. so it was worth the petrol money... the wallace monument. i wanted to go up but my knees weren't workin' moar...
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    I'm bored so just signed the personal email address up for tonnes of shite
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    i dont discriminate or hate on nobody without a person by person judgement but honestly, and this is no diss to any of the ausies on here at all, every one iv met was a complete pompus drunkin fool. literally, all loud. wasted and obnoxious. couple that with an annoying accent and its just to much.
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    Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear chops, i wonder about the luster above. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to chopsticks again.
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    Rest In Peace to my dog Blue... 13 years hes been in my family and all this week hes been in and outta the hospital due to multiple seizers :( Like a little fuckin brother he was to me... He passed away today :( That was my day :/
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    going to bed. another motherfucking Monday tomorrow, gawwwwwd. i wonder what life would be with no Monday's..
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    thought this thread was about DIO420
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    My pops knew Edward Bunker. Let's say they went to the same school. Education of a Felon.
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    This nigga manggggggg, I didn't know you were on the oontz. BOOM, just gave you 3 tic tacs
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    My results beg - 80% int - 90% adv - 90% muh
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    I hate that moon-faced skylar bitch sooo much! tyrannisuarus rex-jawbone-having skallywag! All I can picture when she's on screen is this nigga:
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    enjoy fuckers. DONE.
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    10 6-inch corn tortillas 1 can of black beans or pinto beans rinsed and drained or go fresh 2 10oz cans enchilada sauce or make it yourself 8oz shredded cheese.. Mixed 1 Tbls chopped canned chipotle chile pepper with some of the sauce Green onions for garnish Preheat over to 350.. Grease a baking dish. Mix up a 1/2 cup of the sauce, 1 cup of the cheese and the chile peppers. After you warm/heat up the tortillas(til pliable/soft) spoon in the mixture into the tortillas and roll up. Place seam side down in the baking dish. After that pour the remaining sauce over everything, plus whatever mixture is left over. Baked covered for about 25 minutes.. Uncover put the rest of the cheese on and bake five more minutes uncovered.. Throw some green onions on it and then maybe some sour cream if that's your thing. Hope that helps. Pretty damn simple.
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    feelin that tyd hollow
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    Re: Great Pictures~ The sign reads: WE LOVE HUMUS
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    bay to breakers? no thanks, weed, pain killers, and my couch=better sunday afternoon.
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    fount a sword and had to whoride the chicks have hella more pics but you guys get the point.
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    just came in to post this, so good
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    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    i knew you weren't from here when I met you. maybe you should stay in the midwest. I'm really puzzled as to why you think people are douche bags or ignorant. You were the dumbest person I've met out of all the dumbass graffiti kids I've met, and your graffiti sucks... I'm a toy and I just said that. Then again I have a superiority complex and think most people are dumber than me. Either way, glad you decided to cupcake it out in Texas for awhile, I'm guessing your no-name kill-me-please midwest fuckhole hooverville is calling you back. Don't come back and say it was just for the Tex Mex food. Punkass.
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    Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD http://tube.4gifs.com/2010/tawnee-stone-white-skirt/
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    i hate my homies brain cancer ridden fiance and am considering disreguarding there wedding in a few weeks just because she said my dog was ugly as i got out the shower. that and the fact i dropped 400 bones onna "i feel sorry for you" dinner taking her and my buddy to a pimpin restaraunt that i go to sometimes on some "well ill take her here cause she may not ever get another chance" on some she gonna die shit and all she talked about the whole entire night was facebook. also shes just finished her kemo or whatever and she, i guess as some statement, doesnt wear a wig anywhere and shes an internet retard who posts 8 million pics and status updates etc a day so i gotta see her alien assed looking head pop up on my screen constantly. she was a witch nose to. ok now im ranting, also. her friends have thrown her at least two bowling fundraisers where they all give her money, now. that may sound normal/acceptable. and i suppose it is, but this is not the united states she does not have to pay a red cent for any of her medical bills this is strictly for her pocket, albeit because she cant work. but it be a cold day in fucking hell i put my hand out and beg for money. everything else, fair game. though robbery aint me and never will be. deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths
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    I figure the world is a ghetto to be honest. Here are some moar pies from my favella(I kid): Five dollar BM's that you make yourself. Should have been having these. The Patio is hipster central and inside is Mexican central. World's collide, but it works. Afternoon nap. So glad we put so many unstable people on the streets. I swear it looks like someone stuffed that bird in there.
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