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    Half of my city has been underwater and its been a state of emergency for 2 days now. I think the death count is now 8 in the city and 21 in the region. Either way the story got overshadowed by the gulf disaster and the fireworks bomb in times square. Ill let the pics speak for themselves
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    broken board not so frozen going up inside outside messy house ... bloody streets i think he put that sticker up himself walk bbq fire sauce good eat good smoke good dog
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    http://teamassignment.com/images/ http://teamassignment.com/television/ there is 24 PAGES of images on here
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    Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... I hate that bitches annoying songs and voice, "sigle ladies single ladies" FUCK YOU, and on another tip one my ex's use to try and pull off that beanie thing with some glasses, bitch you don look cool you look like a childlike grannie.
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    all this shit is right around the corner from my house. If you saw that crazy pontoon boat video in front of the "save a lot" thats right here. I use to work in that shopping center like a month ago and I walked to work. My place was fine because im on the start of a hill, but i was pretty much surrounded on 3 sides by water and could only get off my street by the interstate exit at the end of it.
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    haha we were talking about getting a canoe and getting the money out of all these flooded joints! literally hundreds of dollars in them Still tippin these guys were posted up in the stairwell with a 150 yr old bottle of cognac getting drunk holding the fort down how new cameros are born
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    your boy on the mechanical bull paisa butt for the fellas he thought he was on a real bull, got his shoes knocked off my boy did a lil burnin rubber bbq back in the town playing with fire hopefully will post more in here.
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    Haha i stayed crossing crime scene tape and cops were giving us shit left and right When we went up to the riverfront to get those pics we snuck around the side, but coming straight back the state trooper was like "hey didnt you see that tape?" "yeah I saw the tape. The citys flooded theres tape all over the place" "well, it says 'do not cross'" "oh my bad, I didnt read it. We were just leaving anyways" I had to walk down a side alley and cut over, could only get one shot. cops were all over me like "HEY didnt you see that tape" "oh yeah. I mean, I thought I was on the wrong side of it" "YOURE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF IT NOW!" "Oh. My bad. Can we go over there then?" "NO GET BEHIND THE TAPE!" fucking with these cops... they still came up to us becuause my boy was skating and told him to stop because it was against the law! Even in a state of emergncy cops will fuck with you for skating...
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    reality cheque i can imagine you picking fuzz out of the carpet and smoking that shit hoping for it to get you high. i mean that in a good way.
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    id imagine it makes you very knowledgable and phiosophical.. that or you start seeing dragons and have dreams of comunism..
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    [/img] [/img] [/img] shitty attempt and spelled it rong.haha.i wont smoke b4 doing your proper one,dont worry.
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    this thread reminds me of one of the most horrible things ive ever involved myself in... many moons ago, some friends and i had a site called pranknet.net. as you guessed, we pranked people and uploaded the .wav online for people to enjoy. one night, during one of my broadcasts, i called a local woman that i found in the phonebook. i dont recall her lastname, but it was goofy as fuck and i wanted to call and interview her about her redic last name. ***ring*** her: Hello? me: Hi, Ms [fucked up last name] her: Marty? ****GOLDEN!!!!!**** me: yeah its me, marty, how are you? h: good my son, where have you been, i havnt heard from you in forever!! m: not good, mom. i cant talk for long, but ive been kidnapped. long story, but i was able to sneak a phonecall. h: oh my god, does this have to do with the white drugs again?? long story short, for weeks i called this woman and had her convinced that i was being beaten and raped due to a drug debt. she would cry and cry and cry. sometimes we would do a conference call, so one of my prank partners could pretend like he caught me on the phone and would proceed to torture me while she listened. this was over 10 years ago, i was a shithead 17yo kid. i feel bad about it now, but the calls were so fucking epic in a horrible sense.
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    Monster Breakfast Watched the first period of the game. Dipped out to finish the game at the crib We won time to celebrate.. Went to an Iranian spot to get a sandwich..You mad?? Meh, not really Finish the day with some basket ball. End of pies
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    i wanna push that bitch thru those plastic cups and pilage her vaj hole while im lunatic laughing
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    I was gonna say thats what Bill Crosby would look like with two X chromosomes, but its just cuz they all look the same.
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    The messicans be running this thread. And a special fuck you to the last four contributors for making me hungry so late at night.
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    Fuck tws! it's all about Bills Wheels madafuka
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    Re: NHL 09-10 Season (aka pens repeat, kris draper loves anal sex) HEY GUYS. LETS TALK MORE ABOUT HOW CHICAGO IS SO GOOD AND SCARY!!!! DO YOU FORGET... THEY ARE LOOSING KANE, AND TOEWS AND I FORGET WHO ELSE. ONCE THIS SEASON ENDS, YOU WONT SEE THIS CHICAGO TEAM EVER AGAIN. oh and the nucks will come back firing wednesday.
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