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    Just picked this up today, it's so fucking good. Teaser.....
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    I'm on vacations so I don't know the date...
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    i hope this wasn't posted before. if not, enjoy: http://www.sojones.com/news/1636-facebook-revenge-brother-vs-sister/ Revenge, Facebook Style: Brother 1, Sister 0 Article written by: Andre Sanchez Posted on: December 22, 2009 I’ve been laughing for the past 3 minutes about this. SoJones family, if your sibling gets on your very last nerve and you have some juicy blackmail material on them, what do you do? The picture below explains everything, but let me tell you what happened in short: Chris hides beer in his bedroom (we assume he’s underaged). Sister snitches on him. “asian parents are [f*ing] strict” as he explains, and they subsequently ground him for three months. Infuriated and looking to get back at his sister, Chris subsequently discovers her very graphically detailed notes entitled “My hook up list” which describes her goals and aspirations for getting down with 10 different individuals, some of whom are crossed off aka “mission accomplished”. So what does dear brother do with this scandalous material? He of course scans and posts it on his Facebook account. Tags hella people on it, including named “targets” who quickly find and comment on. my personal highlight: what are you going to do? tell mom and dad i uploaded your dick sucking list?
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    thanks man. i got the spot at the rainier club i start on sunday at 8am for a brunch that is serving 800 members of the club. gonna be crazy. it's been awhile since i have been in the professional kitchen and this is a whole new level for me but i have now achieved one of my goals and that was to make it into fine dinning. tonight i'm making roasted pork tenderloin, asparagus, potatoes, stone ground mustard sauce. i'll post flicks later.
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    THE PERSONS OF THE PLAY CHORUS GEOFFREY “THE KNAVE” LEBOWSKI BLANCHE and WOO, two thugs SIR WALTER of Poland SIR DONALD of Greece BRANDT, serving-man of the Big Lebowski SIR GEOFFREY OF LEBOWSKI, the Big Lebowski BONNIE LEBOWSKI, his wife OLIVER, her consort JACK SMOKE, a cavalier MAUDE LEBOWSKI, daughter of the Big Lebowski JOSHUA QUINCE, a pederast LIAM O’BRIEN, his partner Two NIHILISTS PLAYER QUEEN MISTRESS QUICKLY, hostess of a tavern KNOX HARRINGTON, a tapestry artist DOCTOR BUTTS, a physician PLAYERS for a dance LAURENCE SELLERS CLOWN JAQUES TREEHORN BROTHER SEAMUS, an Irish monk A GRAVEDIGGER Prologue [Enter CHORUS] CHORUS In wayfarer’s worlds out west was once a man, A man I come not to bury, but to praise. His name was Geoffrey Lebowski called, yet Not called, excepting by his kin. That which we call a knave by any other name Might bowl just as sweet. Lebowski, then, Did call himself ‘the Knave’, a name that I, Your humble chorus, would not self-apply In homelands mine; but, then, this Knave was one From whom sense was a burden to extract, And of the arid vale in which he dwelt, Also dislike in sensibility; Mayhap the very search for sense reveals The reason that it striketh me as most Int’resting, yea, inspiring me to odes. (In couplets first, and then a sonnet brave As prologue to the tale of this the Knave. Behold him, then, a-tumbling softly down To pledge his love immortal to the ground.) We stray now from fair Albion and from France And see no Queen of bawdy songs and cheers And in an angel's city take our chance For stupefying tales to take our ears. To war on Arab kings acoast we go, Needing a man of times, though hero not; Hear me call him not hero; what’s in a hero? Sometimes there’s a man, your prologue’s thought. The Knave, though scarcely man of honour’d grace, Nor hero Olympian, nor yet employ’d, Was nonetheless for all his time and place, The man befits the circle he’s enjoy’d. A man of lazy ways, of epic sloth; But, losing train of thought, I’ve spake enough! [He exits.]
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    seems like the fruit is the same sketch as all the other fruits on here hmmm cant say id be happy, 6 years latter still rockin wack shit at titirangi car park. =still lame attempt. they were all done the same month so thats not surprising at all ...:) you said it best yourself "6 years later and still painting ", found mad spots,rocked mad solo's, killed shit, painted with some of the worlds dopest writers and did what i needed to keep myself satisfied if you think its wack thats too bad.... cos its whatever floats ya boat sonny:D
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    uhmm......??? i think 2 full pages of people talkin shit about erabik is enough. whats done is done.
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    im bored at work and reading this shit on craigslist I kissed you at midnight and now I have a sore - m4w - 26 (Party) Date: 2010-01-01, 3:58PM PST Reply To This Post Fuck you, my dear. A prescription for Valtrex isn't exactly how I planned to ring in the new year. Oh yeah, that crappy jewelry you were wearing that you claimed to have made yourself is gaudy and awful.
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    Savior Met When Awal Zepher Worm
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    congrats farce. we have faith in you and your skillzzzzzzzz.
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    You guys are such faggots, Cribs is fucking awesome. People with too much money are the most entertaining things in the world. I was watching it the other night and Akon's shit was RIDICULOUS
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    Why? They are all the same: Large house Tacky/gaudy/god awful furniture A couch with 4 unemployed black guys playing video games 24/7
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    ^ I couldnt think of a better person to post right after that.
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    Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear Belmonts, I don't get it. Why should Marco and I be afraid of losing our teeth? Does it have anything to do with the images you posted, that didn't actually post? Confused, Earl
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    I'm getting Modernwarfare2 today Kobes...watch yourself
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    MACTHERIPER, SOUP, TRIPLESUX if i see another post from any of you even addressing the other in a negative manner, im banning you. i dont give a shit who's ignorant or who starts what. ignore eachother or get the fuck out of the thread. no one wants to read that shit.
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    I'm not saying 1mg is leaving you "trashed" but you feel different, you feel better...that's a high, no? anyways blah blah blah, just do you how come being depressed is gay, but anti-depressants are so cool?
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    <----got jays on deck.. Y'all need to step ur paper up.. Don't get mad...just get paid
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    ^^^^^^^THATS FUNNY^^^^^^^ the only thing on this page is LD and a few other freights
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    that took almost 40 mins fuck. and yeah youngbloods robin williams did stand-up and no Gallagher was not a comedian hence he didnt make the list, or make me laugh for that matter.
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    Seriously, welcome to a month ago, what ya'll getting for xmas?
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    grimiest fucking city in america. I've had cats from philadelphia, nyc, chicago, atl, la, and oakland california stay with me here, and they always say the same thing. I thought my city was hood. asbestos capitol!
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    I'm getting paid to view your thread.
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    Before I even opened the link I thought it's gonna be Bear Grylls, because he always does dumb unnecessary shit like eating tarantulas for protein and jumping into frozen lakes. It seems after watching his show countless times the key to survival is to kill anything before it can kill you, then eat it even if your not hungry, and the most dangerous path always leads to civilization.
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    they are working on a new code ( try this direct link) http://www.demonoid.com/files/?s=&v=0&t=0&c=4&page=10
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    While I'll never buy anything from them...it is nice to see them sponsor people like Chet Childress , Matt Beach , Lance Mountain , Omar Salazar & Al Partenan ( yeah a Creature dude on Nike :eek: ) , lol .
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    dude looks like gary coleman... who's going to listen to arnold?
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    wow bump LUST TPA these guys used to have the laurelton expressway beautifide
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    Your screen name always tricks me into thinking it says NAMBLA.
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    Dogfish Head. 90 minute. IPA. Get it.
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    Juse always correct. Bump crow.
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