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    Well that was the theory of course. But you think Mao and the upper echelons ever went hungry during the hard times? Of course not. Problem with communism is that you will always have decision makers and humans make decisions based on what is best for them/increasing chances of survival (for offspring). . Yeah and if that didn't do the trick the Cultural Revolution sure as fuck did!! Yeah deterrence factor in law is another issue, IMO. For this it's that law is blind and applied to all equally. Of course that doesn't happen anywhere but there are varying degrees. Here, the law is a total ass as it is in places like Africa, Brazil, Russia and so on. Places like Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Germany (see Transparency International) are the most squared away for that sort of thing and China, Brazil, Russia are pretty much bottom of the list when it comes to the value of the judiciary. If you have power, the law doesn't apply to you.
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    Low Threat Profile-7" ep http://www.mediafire.com/?mnjdjrqyezj Andy from No Comment sings, Matt Domino of Infest is on Guitar, and Bob of Lack of Interest plays drums. Don't really need to say more...
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    thank goodness rita is fucking dead ha ha goodbye biatch
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    go to a NFA dealer and they will walk you through the process. i dont hold any NFA weapons, but the process involves FBI/ATF background checks, finger prints, 200$ yearly tax stamp (you can have anything if you pay enough, right) the process usually takes months. you generally pay for the NFA item, they submit the paper work, 8 months later, you take possession. also note that when owning an NFA item, the ATF has the legal right to inspect the item whenever the hell they want. suppressors are ATF form 4. i've heard of guys taking possession of them within a couple months. also note, the best way to hold NFA items is through a 'trust.' you can set one up with quicken willmaker software or have a gun attorney set it up. if the trust (that you control) holds the NFA item you do not have to get finger printed, as a fictitious entity does not have fingerprints. the trust has to hold atleast one other possession. alot of guys form the trust, and transfer a simple #2 pencil to it. then get there NFA items transferred to this entity as well. also note that it can be argued that you do not need to further register new 'owners' (controllers of the trust) with the ATF. if you sell an NFA item you should be able to simply sell the trust that holds it. i dont know legalities on this, but this is how companies, corporations and businesses avoid taxes. for instance, you dont sell the real estate, you sell the business that owns the real estate, to avoid commercial real estate transfer taxes for instance. if a car is owned by an LLC, you dont have to re-register the car if you buy the whole LLC. you just simply take the keys, title, and LLC paper work and put it in the drawer and you are the new owner. its a whole lot of bs to wade through just to be able to spend a bunch of money on ammo to blow on full auto
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    Which is really the best shit ever. And she gave me free Molly before that, so I'm up. Also, I'm watching a VHS tape of MTV I made in like 96 and this came on and bugged me out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ORxrqvwgqU&feature=youtube_gdata But now it's a g thing is playin in VHS high fidelity. I'm just sayin, it's awesome.
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    At that point things get even worse... The turd wouldn't ****ing dissolve... and the damn bish was asking me wtf I'm doing showering in her washroom.... I then answer "yea lol... I'm showering... is that ok?"... she says: what the hell? why?? you don't think we're having sex do you??? At this point I can't even think straight and I jokingly (retardedly) say: yes we are lol she then gets mad and says: wtf? is this some kind of joke... get out of there!! I say: no please don't come in... I'm not done yet... At this point the hot water I was using to try and dissolve my sh!t was releasing sh!t smelling vapours all over the room.. and it was pretty rancid... the girl could smell it and she said: "why the hell does it smell so ****ing bad? What the hell are you doing in there???" I say: please don't come in... trust me.. you'll regret it... she says: **** this... get out now or I'm unlocking the door.. I beg her not too... but she loses her patience and then opens the door. She stops dead in her tracks. There before her was me standing with a pseudo-erect penis, left over fecal residue on my ass,large semi dissolved turds in her bathtub, turds on the floor beside her toilet, and pee all over the floor in front of the can... I was so ****ing embarassed... I started shivering... she looks at me while covering her mouth and nose and whispers... "wtf did you do???"...she was starting to cry... I hesitate for a bit and I try to explain myself "I tried my best ... I... I'm sorry"... She then flips out and tells me to clean up the mess or she's calling the cops. I agree to do it. She leaves, and I grap some toilet paper... pick up the turds from the floor and bathtub, toss them in the can, and then I proceed to clean off the floor and bathtub with soap, water and alot of tissues. I tossed most of the tissues into her toilet bowl (the garbage was full eventually). I then took some perfume from the counter and tossed into the bathtub to get rid of odour. After I was done I cleaned my ass off and flushed the toilet. To my utmost dismay, my massive fecal matter bulk and the large amount of TP unded up clogging the toilet and it overflowed and started spilling crap all over the floor... I'm literally crying at that point... I look for the plunger but I couldn't find it so I put my pants on and rushed out to ask her if she had a plunger so I could fix the toilet...I see her with her roommate and her roommates bf... she's crying... as soon as she sees me she tells me to gtfo right now... I try to explain that the toilet is clogged... but she doesn't let me ... she says she feels threatened and she wants me out now... she graps a knife from the drawer and tells me to leave... I leave. about a minute later I hear this loud scream coming from her dorm room (I assumed she went back to the washroom to see it covered in poo water). At that point I sprinted away as fast as possible, while swearing at myself and crying tears of frustration and embarrasment.
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    I don't know about the rest of you, but I fail to feel any outrage about members of Al Qaeda being tortured
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    That mummy buff with the bandaid had me rolling
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    catholic school..thats where. yeah man....that happend to me too....this chick that was infatuated with me in the 6th grade. she also carved my name in her leg...with a razor. p.s. i have 7 letters in my name. she also would buy mad shit for like christmas and my birthday and shit.....buy mom parents wernt having it...they would always make me give it back to her. she bought me a miami hurricanes hat and another time she give me an oakland A's hat...both times the hats had rinestones. i was hella pissed i had to give them back. now that i think about...this broad was rather official for this thread... ..one time when the teacher had to leave the classroom for some reason....she instantly started making out with me in front of everyone. then paused to asked me..."how come you never feel on my tits? at age 12....i was a bit caught off guard and responded with..."i didnt know i could."(she had been held back once..so she was rockin breast meat way before the other girls.) 2 years later...she mails a letter to my house the summer of 8th grade...and tells me all about her sexual exploits of the summer...how she lost her virginity to a 19 year old dude in a port-a-potty.
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    True but saber rocked a peice with multiple colors.
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    Gary is good if you want to know what a post apocalyptic future (sans whitey) looks like
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    never trust a skinny cook.
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    those of you worried about the legal wall bit probably haven't been to montreal yet. its a little different out there.
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