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    setup: k so i lived with my girl (goin back about 7 yrs)but we shared a bedroom with her sister. i kno shit was awkward all the time...always smashin when we "thought" she was sleeping. constantly gettting "shushed" while boning stealth mode. little sis was fine though and stacked which always had me on some perv shit to start soo anyways... story: so lil sis (16yrs old) would get up first and take a shower, when she was done my girl, (18yrs old) would take the next shower, while i stayed sleeping. one day i hear some noise and wake up a lil early to see lil sis bare ass right in front of me putting on lotion. im talking 5 ft. way, so im a lil stealthy about it even though now im at full salute and really wanted to just pop out of bed and get it crackin. we both know we have a good 20 mins until my girl is back...btw parents already at work. being the gentlemen that i am, i leave it alone and store the image up in the spank bank. a few days go by and i happen to wake up early again ( a little less of an accident this time) only to see lil sis bent over right in front of me pulling her thong up and then blow dryed her hair topless. now we all know that is not a quiet task. so at this point im thinkin this girl wants me to wake up and do the damn thing. again against better judgement i held off. this happened maybe one or two more times and it was all i could think about now. i kept having this mental battle like "dude she obviosly knows your right there, stop being a pussy" and then id be like "dude your fucked up she has no idea you been watching her"...sidenote: me and big sis already have a child together hence why im living there, i kno i kno we were young. anyways it happens again and finally im like dude dont be a bitch she knows your right there just go for it!!!...so she does her routein, gets in some lil slutty outfit for the day, takes it all off and puts on another one, not satisfied she starts to go back into the first outfit......and finally i man up and poke my head out of the blanket and say "i like the other outfit better" (its all i could muster out at that point)..and she absolutly freakked out on me!!! she was like "why the fuck are you watching me change ect.."....AWKWARD!!!....i acted groggy and was like wtf i just woke up. she didnt believe me but she never told wifey on me and still flirts with me years later......
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    got up at 5:30am to take the folks to the airport i actually had time for breakfast before work ate while reading this lunch after work went to 7th son to check out some artwork george campise is pretty sick lol @ bathroom donkey show flash
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    Walk into the room wearing nothing but a condom and some tennis shoes, and then bust a niggaflip on them.
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    what are these blocks under my name?
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    Give it to your little sister.
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    "Crooked Cops Caught Plotting To Frame Motorist" http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7eb_1248892629 (Smash the reporter) Power tripping cop pulls over an ambulance http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1b4_1248386847 Cop Slams Innocent Man Head First Into A Coma http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=36d_1243274033 One of my favorites, "Soccer fans fighting back against police brutality" http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=22f_1243275971
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    you all sound like a bunch of idiots. eat acid, listen to dubstep, have sex with 14 year-olds, spread aids, sell meth, rape your mother, and whatever you do...,., don't go out painting.
  10. 2 points
    a few pics from my recent vacation. teh greyhounds then to baltimore, what a shithole.. cool churches though then to so.MD yep. it was good.
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  12. 2 points
    john motta always gives me hope for the future. propped.
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    Walk out with a mangina tuck while blasting Goodbye Horses, then turn to the crying friend and moan "I'd fuck me!" wearing a jacket of human flesh is optional but highly reccomended
  15. 2 points
    south park destroys any other cartoon simpsons king of the hill family guy american dad futurama drawn together NOT EVEN CLOSE some adult swim is good, but nothing has changed cartoons as much as south park has
  16. 2 points
    + + + + bring the wagon in front of them and tell em it aint gonna make itself
  17. 2 points
    Cleveland got a show because he's black... and white people like to watch negro sitcoms
  18. 1 point
    Since these stories are always popping up, post 'em here. Mom in minivan tasered twice in Salina traffic stop; camera captures deputy's rough roadside arrest (VIDEO) http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2009/08/mom_in_minivan_tasered_in_traf.html second link in case first doesn't work http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/32414436/ns/today-today_people/
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    I think my tictac machine is broken.... people give me props and it doesn't raise a single point. not that it really matters..
  23. 1 point
    i hate you. your an idiot. no seriously (well wait, this dude is still a muggins)...i cant belive how pissed off i get at these sort of comments. for me, american graff all looks the same and it looks stupid. see what i did there ... i made a blanket generalisation. examples...compare DDS from London with WUFC from Sweden. 2 completely different styles yet both from Europe. shit, if you have one ounce of intelligence - oh wait, your a yank so that rules you out - you would see how stooooooooooopid you sound. this guy brings a bad name to the rest of you americans.
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    Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD tried not to have too many recent repeats
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    my feet itch =/ athlete's foot is a bitchhhhhhhhhhhh
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    got some stuff from the bike shop work moon still out at 12 noon wtf fin.
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    stuff from the past couple days: this kid has kind of become a protege of sorts. whenever he sees me out shooting (which is most days), he'll run home, grab his mom's cell phone camera, and join me as we wander among the narrow streets of my neighborhood. i've become more and more interested in taking pictures in the rain. its pretty unavoidable down here, being the rainy season and all. but people tend to chill in overhangs and various impromptu shelters out of the rain, and alot of cool moments surface. kids getting their swim on in nasty ass water right near the mouth of the canal. this picture woulda been golden if i had one of those big ass oil tankers or battleships or whatever just looming in the background
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    Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 roc raida cuttin sick ....
  37. 1 point
    nevermind.. I guess I'm gonna keep posting. "Smokin' that piff will cause a leak in your lungs/ You ain't got shit to do like Friday when the weekend begun"
  38. 1 point
    Peep the SDM tag here, old mate's still got it goin on:p
  39. 1 point
    i havent posted her in a long time ... milfhunter nice stuff! end of one blackbook: start of a new blackbook: underground map shizzle: cheERiOS ;) : Eros golden virginia inspiration aha comments?
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  41. 1 point
    this. vulcan is a herb. i got my prop count immaculate, post count fantstic. which actually means i have more than people who have been here way longer than me. its sad in a way. 5270 point(s) total over a dozen are for what i posted in that "txt a girl asking if you can tap that" thread
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    Walk out and say "whats on the television tonight?" then wipe your finger on the tv, glance at them dissaprovingly and say, "hmm, it appears to be dust."
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    i wouldn't normally brag about this but it seems appropriate. i'm on a fucking roll ive gone up 4 tictacs in 4 days theo's packed the biggest punch must've been something like 120-140 points
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  45. 1 point
    WOW. I feel like an asshole for not mentioning it. Definitely one of the best shows out.
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    heres a couple beats i first did once i got fruity loops... got a couple im still fuckin around with... what ya think...?
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    You can make any mirror fog free by rubbing a small amount of soap over the mirror. You need to prime your face with hot water to have a proper shave, you do not see them pulling towels out of buckets of ice water for the gangsters at the barber shop in the movies for a reason.
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    calm down there. why are you so offended "mr. i negaprop everybody that disagrees with me?" all i'm saying is it's not that hard to mute the video. it's just a click away..
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  50. 1 point
    A Happy Medium. One of my new favorites. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5214618904815283474
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