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    spitfire is like that little terdlet that doesnt get flushed down with the other terds and just stays floating around so everyone can laugh at him
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    Today was dope, It started rough though. Got up and had a Mctwoforthree bacon egg and cheese biscuits and large McCoffee. Things got better quick, I wished Mom a happy mothers day over the phone. Went out with the camera: A little Queens tree action to start out with. This is my friends wife, and it's her first mothers day today. My first actual portrait shot, done with a tilt shift, hahaha. I have no idea how to do portraits, had to trash half the tilt shift shots. Their legs and arms got all gimped out and distorted, so funny. The proud couple, they've worked toward this for years relentlessly. Got it right, bought a nice house in a dope neighborhood in BK. When I heard the news I was so stoked for him, really good dude. Love Resposibility The future Poor little guy just got circumsised yesterday. He's sleeping it off. You know how hard it is to get a shot of a newborn smiling? Adults are easy. Dude took me out to a cool kosher restauruant for taking pics for him and hooked up a blunt for my troubles. I enjoyed it though but the blunt and dope free meal made it even better. Hopped the F to Roosevelt Island afterwards. Took shots with my boy, he brought 4 Japanese girls with him. One was his wifey, 2 were models, the other one was the hottest one. They all love Mercer's swag as any Japanese girl with good taste should. Plus I'm single again sort of. I did'n't shoot anyone though, the scenery was too dope. I've had enough of shooting people for one day (with a camera) Suns going down, watch out, y'all niggas ain't ready for the next post. Moar...........
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    Pictures from my day off, nothing exciting. Wake up and check 12oz. Down time in the office Breaaad maaan Serious beaness Oontz Oontz Yes Thats a duck up there Not a bad day Wait for the bus Remember how much I hate public transportation and jump in a black cab Arrive at the homies. I've never been a fan of being tattooed in a house, but we're both busy as fuck with work and today seemed right After jamming for abit, head home on the bus Stop off at the stoner video game homies and watch him be high and play video games Got pizza but I ate it before flicking. Im so fucking high man He wasnt friendly at all today, he bit through my dudes xbox controller last week, I said I was gonna shave the rabbit and cook it and have it for my dinner. Go home and watch The Simpsons Thats all.
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    im goin to panama and snatching me a bitch like that.. fuck these myspace hos...
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    ................damn mock.......nice bombs..... ......millions props.....champ.
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    damn, pussy niggas afraid to leave there names. bump jader and red. shits bangin
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    family guy is funny. there, i said it but, you can take every single joke and switch it with another joke it does the, "hey this was like that time (insert joke)"/cut to clip some times it isn't funny though, it's just a random stupid line of shit to me, futurama is top dog
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    It's called photoshop heaven.
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    YO THAT SHIT HAPPENS TO ME TOO I'm glad I'm not alone haha. Same shit I get like a split second of panic and fix it.
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    Jeff Beck- Come Dancing Ronnie Laws- Tidal Wave
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    Re: HAHHA Hell Yeah! Saudi judge: It's OK to slap spendthrift wives (USA Needs to adopt th That video is ridiculous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJLTi0L3mPM
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