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    This show is awesome...
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    4/6/07 - Cops To Subpoena Popular Graffiti-Tagger Site Police have issued a court ordered subpoena against popular online graffiti-tagger site "http://www.stencilrevolution.com" for violation of several federal vandalism laws. Spokesperson Robert Dunvia stated, "This site breeds and supports this graff 'n' dance lifestyle that we work so hard to extinguish." Dunvia further stated that roughly 78% of IP addresses have been successfully traced and are currently being investigated further. For more on this article click here...
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    dude, you didnt hear? cops shut that place down man if any of your work was on there they're prolly gonna trace your IP and raid your shit get rid of all your books and shit at home man, so when they kick your door down youre ready this shit is too serious dog
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    Which place does it say you should electrocute for the best jizz ever?
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