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  1. i get them sometimes, they suck. especially when u have to whipe your ass after taking a shit. it feels like a warhead (the candy) was placed on ur starfish..... OUUUCHHHHH i think i said too much
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  2. wow. i just read this yesterday after hearing it from deto. RIP KRIE. i didnt know him all too well but i did know he was a nice guy. i've been on 12oz for a while now and even though i didnt know him, how could i not feel this? this is very sad news to me. my prayers are with his family and friends. my sincerest condolences.
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  3. Rest In Peace Krie. Condolences to his family and friends.
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  4. You take bath's? I stopped doing that when I was like 2... I don't understand washing yourself with dirty skin water, that just came off your body....
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