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  1. 1. Don't go up to people and ask "Dooood....don't you write (insert name here)?" I fucking hate that. 2. Don't bomb railroad property (signal switches, signs, utility boxes, signal towers) or shit near railyards for that matter. It just let's authorities know "Oh, graffiti writers come here." You do the math. 3. Be like Clark Kent and keep it low pro with a secret identity. To look at some heads you would never think they got up with paint. 4. Do not brag on the internet about all the spots you crushed with accompanying flicks. Like it or not, cops come here and they WILL track you. KUK.....need I say more? 5. When you go out on a mission, dress inconspicuously. Your trucker hat with the KAWS throwie, baggie pants, ECHO shirt and camoflage DALEK jacket not only makes you look like a fucking herb, it makes you stick out. Plain dark clothing does it all. Reflective shit is a big no no too. 6. Always, always have a getaway route planned. 7. Keep your eyes and ears open.
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