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    graff writers must see some of the wierdest shit when theyre bombing... everyones got stories of gnarly shit theyve seen while creepin late night. as andre nickatina put it : "when youre up all night, you see things you shouldnt have saw... beacause the night gets raw." lets hear some grimey shit or some stories... one of the scariest things thats happened to me was getting chased at 3am by a car full of nortenos.
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    me and my boy rolling down the street in a shopping cart stolen from albertsons but it had the little toy car for kids to sit in on the frontand me sitting on the front and not seeing a cop car coming the other way till we get like 10 feet from it cuz of the damn fog and jus jumping off and seeing that shit SLAM right into the cop car and me and my boy running from the law for the next 20 minutes me carrying a backpack with 3 cans and a bong and a fifth in it and spraining my ankle 2 minutes into the chase from jumping from the roof of a house down to street level.....adrenaline kept me running and trying to fnid the sides of houses to run thru but every oone we ran to had automatic lights that were bright as hella that turned on wen we ran near them so i juss jumped in a trash can till it was cool ....oh yeah i had took an eighth of shrooms to the face at noon that day and bucked a few shots and took a couple bong rips...also.....opium dens with old ass chinese men smoking opium and playing dominos at 2am in chinatown....a bum walking in front of me at like 11 at night who saw a porsche parked and he just jumped on the trunk and stomped on the wail tail till it broke and then got off and kept walking casually....a chinese man wearing bigass snorkel goggles running in a circle around this basketball hoop while me and 10 people sit and smoke blunt after blunt and him never looking at us .......at 2am 15 or so black dudes from the fillmoe were down on 4th and mission in front of jack in the box one of them came up to my boy who is latino and asked him when he had got out of jail and then all his boys running and juss stomped the shit out of this one mexican guy at the 14 stop then three other mexican dudes came out of nowhere and started fighting all the black dudes and the whole time the one guy is talking to my boy and then the fight moves into the street and the 3 mexican dudes are holding their own then the guy who was talking to my boy goes into the store grabs a glass bottle and juss throws it across the street at mels shattering on the window and scaring even more the people in there then these 2 dudes said 5-0 5-0 and everybody scatted and 5-0 came and asked people questions and then i heard one gunshot and my boy said lets bounce i aint tryna get wrapped up so we walked to some donut shop and sat there for like 2 hours and then juss went home
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    I had just finished bombing the back of a warehouse at this party and these two asian girls making out with one another (they were on E) asked me for a light. Two girls making out? Not weird at all (unless you're some naive dumbass from the suburbs) but if you consider the fact that I found out they were sisters....... .......that's weird. But i watched for a while anywayz
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    ive seen a guy making love to a sheep in an alley once...
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    i haven't seen much shit, but just the regular bums digging through garbage. i've been chased by dogs, crackheads, owners of the stores, among other people. last night i did see somethnig wierd though. and unsettling... some trucker fucking the shit out of some ho in his truck. i had no idea you could shake a diesel that much.
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