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  1. http://www.cascobayweekly.com/cbw/current_image/09.19.02/pics/cal-carter09.19.02.jpg'> FUCK AARON CARTER http://photo.towerrecords.com/pulse/graceland/2002/05/hype/b2k.jpg'> FUCK b2k http://www.usofficepristina.usia.co.at/images6/adm4a.jpg'> FUCK JOHN ASHCROFT http://images.ea.com/sports/events/easportsjam/pics/quddus.jpg'> FUCK QUDDUS http://www.eurweb.com/images/08082003/chingy.jpg'> FUCK CHINGY IM GONNA GET BACK TO THIS THREAD.....THERES SO MANY FAGGOTS THAT NEED TO GET THEIR DOME BUSTED
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  2. http://www.sitcomsonline.com/rosie2.jpg'> I'd punch her in the nose, and laugh as she cried in pain.
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  3. dint no the guy personally but liked the stuff man, its a shame, he had some talent, r.i.p..........
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