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    Ima bring this thread back later on. I put up a klue some bobs and a slowpoke!
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    :::Welcome to the 12oz Ulcer Club::: (All I eat is spicy foods and all I drink is soda... oddly enough, I shit a lot, too.)
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    mmmm vietnamese pho hot sauce. we have a bottle at home and he puts it on EVERYTHING! i love that sauce. mmmm pho sounds sooooo good right about now. :yum:
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    http://www.franksredhot.com/images/products/original_bottle.jpg'> My mum raised me on this stuff. Makes so many foods taste magically better.
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    my boy has a collection over over 200 bottles of the sauce. Some of them are covered in skulls and scarry shit. He had like 30 opened bottles in the fridge at one point and said he could tell them all appart. This thread is dedicated to him. http://www.unf.edu/~ddreibel/sauce/hotsauce1.jpg'> His collection was probably twice as big as this one. http://www.firehallfoods.com/productgif/hs02202.gif'>
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