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Genernal discussion for all things bicycle.
  1. What's new in this group
  2. @SukiSukiNownew ride is still on stand by. Life has hit me hard since I posted that lol. Got side tracked. Thanks for the reminder tho. Need a winter project.
  3. What did you end up getting? I just got my road bike all fixed and ready to ride again (my heart will always belong to fixed tho).
  4. So who's been riding??? I had to take a long break due to my fucked up back
  5. Who’s been riding through the quarantine? Solo rides? Group rides? I have been doing solo rides but then I always usually ride solo. However, I miss some of the shenanigans riding with others. Also, hiiiiii IMG_5208.MOV
  6. So I’m unsure on how to start a new thread in here, but over this winter I am planning to build a track bike and start racing at my local velodrome. Problem is my indecisiveness on the frame I should go with. Was wondering if anyone here has any track racing experience/guidance to pass along so I can equip myself properly and also not waste money on a poor quality frame. There’s so many options now it’s hard to weed out the trash from the quality.
  7. When are we getting our 12oz cycling caps so we can the oontz cycling squad???
  8. Hell yes @DETOLOVE it!!! He needs to learn tricks now.
  9. Those colors tho @Jokersoooooo pretty and vibrant!
  10. Not the best photos, but this is the road racing machine. Custom paint by Poseur Sport (no longer exist, but you can see some of their work here), wheels from HiFi, limited edition tape by Manual for Speed. I've updated the saddle to one of those Specialized Power saddles, and I've cut down the fork steerer tube so it's not sticking out above the stem... which bugged the crap out of me. I've also got a SAGE titanium PDX for cyclocross racing, and a Giant Anthem 27.5 for MTB riding and racing. I kinda want a hard tail MTB but I think if I bring home another bike my wife might freak out.
  11. For the last few years I've been designing custom paint options for customers of SAGE Titanium Bicycles. Unfortunately I haven't received images of all the bikes I've done designs for but I thought I would share a few... The first is the SAGE Flow Motion hard tail MTB. The design was mostly focused on the top tube and head tube, but we carried on to the ENVE wheel logos as well. This bike was the show bike for a recent Chris King show here in Portland where Chris King invited smaller bike brands to showcase the new CK colors by building custom bikes around the hubs, BB, and headset. The second is the SAGE Belgian Beast. There's a bike race in southern California called the Belgian Waffle Ride and SAGE sends a small team every year, so we decided to do something special for the bikes that were going. This bike was also on display at Sea Otter Classic weekend. I've done a handful of others that were for customers who bought a SAGE and wanted something special, and I'm currently working on a few F1 inspired designs for next years Sea Otter Classic weekend.
  13. @SukiSukiNowHooliGal Squad sounds awesome! Nicely done. Seems every year more and more women are getting into racing (at least here in Portland), and just general riding. It's nice to see in a sport that is mostly male. Personally, I think it helps keep the guys a little more reserved on bike rides. Some guys don't know how to ride a bike unless they're throwing hammers the whole time. @metronomeyeah, I did a kit with ManualforSpeed a little while back. It was a fun project. Every year they dod a short-run of kits that are designed by artists, and that year I got a random email to design one. Obviously, I jumped at the chance. Even designing some water bottles and a few other things for them. @misteravencycling kits are an easy design but there's definitely things to consider. Most custom fabricators have minimums that need to be met, but there are a few that do one-offs, too. Quality on those aren't that great, though... and I know how you are ? If you get to thinking it might be cool to do a small run let me know and I'll walk you through some of the fabricators I've worked with, and explain their templates and details.
  14. Vassago Ti frame. Rides like a dream, still need to get a new fork to run the boosted front wheel, Also a new seat. About to take her out for a ride to albany park
  15. 1) My hard tail Giant Talon, alloy. This one gets very neglected. I should get it out to the trails a bit more but its so much easier to just ride my roadie. 2) Cannondale Synapse alloy w/ 105 groupo. Bought this bike used as I was getting into cycling. It's now relegated to my basement where it sits on an indoor trainer and I use it to Zwift because where I live we have snow for 5-6 months of the year. 3) My BMC RoadMachine 02. Full carbon frame with 3T Discus pro alloy wheels and ultegra di2 group. My wife has no idea how much I spent on this bike and I'd like to keep it that way. 4) Just for fun I'll include my work whip.
  16. You can attach directly with this system. Helps the page load faster since it’s cached differently and will insure no broken images in the future. Fresh setup man!
  17. First time posting pics on the new format, don't think we're supposed to use imgur and whatnot now so sorry if I screw it up. Pic# 1 is the workshop, Pic #2 is the workhorse, a 2013 Trek Remedy 9. A really great bike but it's in the shit at the moment as I ripped a hole in the rear tyre, a $60 Ardent that still had 75% tread on it, as I was hitting some trails on the way to work and the hole was too big for the silicon to plug. As I was trying to fix that I also noticed that a pedal that had developed play was stripping the spindle - NFI how or why but I'm now up for some new pedals as well. That's about a $200 day right there. Pic #3 is a Cannondale 1FG. You may have seen me post this under another username around 07-08. I took that bike to China with me when I lived there for a while and did more laps around Tiananmen square than I can remember on that thing. Was single speed for 8 years but at 45 my knees are getting more and more delicate by the year so it has gears now and is relegated to bike path commuting duties when I get up late and don't have time to take a detour on the trails. Pic #4 is my sentimental fav, a Cannondale Chase. Rode it as a trail bike, commuter, street bike, dirt jumping, downhill, you name it. This thing is fucking bombproof. I'm about to bring it out of retirement for pump track duties soon. Pic #5 is a DH bike I bought, rebuilt and sold without ever riding it. It was a bargain but in all reality too small for me. Didn't lose any money so easy come easy go.
  18. Cycling caps don't look cool on anybody
  19. Would love to see what everyone’s riding. I love all bikes so post a flick of all your bicicletas.

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