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worst injury survived?

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by graffsurgeon, Jan 18, 2002.

  1. graffsurgeon

    graffsurgeon Banned

    Joined: Dec 20, 2001 Messages: 1,500 Likes Received: 0
    whats the worst shit you have done to yourself or other cats and they have lived through it..or died..
    a kid was angry with my boy about 3 years ago and he shot him in the head with a .22 and the bullet went through his eye and into his spine. he lived through it and the lead is still in his spine. if he ever plays football or brawls again shit could shift and he would be paralyzed..the shooter hasnt been seen by anyone for a good while.
  2. beardo

    beardo Guest

    sprained ankle. couldnt skate for 3 months. never did better in school.
  3. j3di

    j3di Member

    Joined: May 3, 2001 Messages: 540 Likes Received: 0
  4. Dr. Dazzle

    Dr. Dazzle Veteran Member

    Joined: Nov 19, 2001 Messages: 8,147 Likes Received: 3
    My knee hyperextended the wrong way. Completely tore all my ligaments and muscles in my knee. Couldn't walk, skate, or play sports for about 6 months. Complete inactivity has left me a fat slob. I gotta get back into shape...

    I also got dragged by a truck...that sucked too
  5. j3di

    j3di Member

    Joined: May 3, 2001 Messages: 540 Likes Received: 0
    as mentioned in an earlier post (toughest thing youve ever seen) ive been beat within an inch my life...good thing i dont rmemeber a thing about it.
  6. iCEBERG

    iCEBERG Senior Member

    Joined: Oct 22, 2001 Messages: 2,039 Likes Received: 0
    i know some dude who tried to blow his brains out through his mouth and shot out his eye. now he looks like a white slick rick, i dont know how you fuck something like that up
  7. graffsurgeon

    graffsurgeon Banned

    Joined: Dec 20, 2001 Messages: 1,500 Likes Received: 0
    you must really feel bad about yourself after you fail to kill yourself.
  8. 23578

    23578 Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 2, 2000 Messages: 2,521 Likes Received: 0
    got nailed by a delivery truck when i was crossing the street on my bike, hit me square on, i went under it, and it ran over my leg, or so they told me, i woke up and all i saw was blue sky, and some dudes face. my friend saw the whole thing, he came out to see if i was still alive and i was looking up at him, i knew that i knew him somehow, but i thought he was an old roomate, and i started babbling some shit, then i had a moment of lucidity, and i told him about that dream i just had before i got up that morning of how i got hit by a big white delivery van. he was thouroughly confused. broken femur, concussion, a bunch of bruises and shit, but i thankfully i survived it. someone else said that the person ran right through me without slowing down whatsoever until afterwards. fucked up shit, and i got nothing from it but a bunch of shitty bills. fuck the west man, too many fucking speed freaks and fuckups.
  9. avils

    avils Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 26, 2001 Messages: 1,574 Likes Received: 0
    A punctured lung with several broken ribs.. couldnt move without feeling like a knife was stuck in my side and for a full week my breathing was reduced to shallow breathes like after you've just been doing sprints.. my lung wouldn't reinflate until they stuck a huge fucken needle in and pumped it up.. oww.
  10. CarltonBanks

    CarltonBanks Banned

    Joined: Jan 20, 2002 Messages: 42 Likes Received: 0
    one of my nuts and my head got in the zipper, i almost died. There was a cut on the head and the sack, now thats fucking PAIN!
  11. ASER1NE

    ASER1NE Veteran Member

    Joined: Oct 15, 2001 Messages: 7,578 Likes Received: 3
    i died once , it wasnt so bad........but what was all that fire and brimstone?
  12. Abracadabra

    Abracadabra Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Dec 28, 2001 Messages: 22,906 Likes Received: 113
    are you ready for another of mr abc's long-winded adventures? if ya are, read on, mcduff.......

    well, i was working for this drug dealer in my neighborhood at the time. it was the summer after i graduated high school. me and my friend gino were pulling apart stolen cars for free dope (we're talking kilo's my friends) and money.

    so it was the last day, and we'd finished pulling apart the cars (there were 5 of them). we were in his house enjoying the fruits of his crop of hawaiian shit we harvested a week earlier. we were pretty stoned and brad (the dealer's name) sent me to the shop around the block to get a bottle of coke. so i grabbed my skateboard and headed out the front door. brad lived on a steep hill, and it was downhill all the way to the shop.

    i put my board down and start rolling down the hill. i take a right, then a left onto the main road heading for the shop. by this time i'm going at least 40kmph (i'm not sure what it is in miles, but i was belting along, let's put it that way).

    i turn the corner to the sight of an oncoming car. i was more of a tech skater, so i was on a skinny board with small wheels. not exactly the best setup for bombing hills. so as i round the corner the speed wobbles set in. the woman driving the car was shitting herself, and i was having trouble controlling my board. all of a sudden i get a badas speed wobble that puts my board on a right-angle. i go flying forward, travelling about 5 metres in the air, and hit the ground sliding. by this time the woman in the car had hit the brakes and was skidding. i was about to slide under her wheels, but the only thing keeping me fron rolling under them is my elbow dragging on the road. the wheels go straight past my head missing it by millimetres and i go skidding off behind the car. i finally come to a stop and wearily get up. the women jumps out of her car, white with fright, asking if i'm ok. i was in shock and was blabbing out "i'm ok, don't worry". unbeknowns to me, i'm bleeding from several places and looked haggard as fuck. she looks at me like i'm crazy, then turns around and gets back in her car.

    i walk back up to where my board is, and take a look at the 5 dollars that was still in my hand. it had a big hole burned through the middle of it from the slide. i thought nothing of it and went in to get the coke. people are looking at me all wierd, but my head was so fuzzy i didn't know why, and didn't really care. i got back to brad's house and then the pain started to kick in. i looked down at my forearm and noticed the blood running down it. i looked at my elbow and saw the bone sticking out. i also notice the side of my t-shirt is covered in blood. i pull it up only to find my hip poking out of the skin. brad also told me the back of my t-shirt is covered in blood. i take a look in the mirror and the back of my shoulder was nearly all scraped off. my knee was also almost poking out of the skin. and above all, my body had gone stiff and i was in immense pain. i smoked a few more bongs (sounded like the right thing to do), then headed for the doc's. the holes on my body were so big that i couldn't be stitched up, so he put gauze and shit all over me.

    it took ages for the wounds to heal (about 2-3 months) and i was sore as fuck for a couple weeks afterwards. later that day i went to the skateshop to buy new shoes. the fellas at the shop were stoked with the wounds and took photos to put on the photo board in the shop for other customers to gawk at the horror of my accident.
  13. ~KRYLON2~

    ~KRYLON2~ 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Oct 13, 2001 Messages: 10,473 Likes Received: 200
    when i used to skateboard i 360fliped a 7 stair, landed on the trucks and broke both ankles, lateral miniscal tear and then i had to walk two blocks to get on the bus
  14. backcountrywriter

    backcountrywriter Member

    Joined: Jul 21, 2001 Messages: 317 Likes Received: 2
    I fell 22 feet throught the floor of an abandoned building (i think still can't rember it to this day) all i got is a concusion. INVINCIBLE
  15. sectorTVA

    sectorTVA Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 8, 2000 Messages: 1,272 Likes Received: 1
    cracked my head open when i was younger, running on wet marble tiles i slipped and hit my head on the corner of a wall...