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watch TOYS make fun of your ICQ buddies! (biting boogies steeze)

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by ToYs, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. ToYs

    ToYs Guest

    haha ok i dont have aim. i have icq. i found it to be really funny to fuck with people so i made a thread devoted to icq fuckers... so lets get this shit started! here is one i just did. no one special just a random:

    160068541 (10:07 PM) :who's this?

    Phukauthority (10:07 PM) :lol guess!

    Phukauthority (10:07 PM) :i changed my screen name
    Phukauthority (10:08 PM) :guess who!
    ®u§§ (10:08 PM) :i know you from old vp or new vp?

    Phukauthority (10:08 PM) :new
    ®u§§ (10:09 PM) :i dunno.. tell me lmfao
    Phukauthority (10:09 PM) :guess!
    ®u§§ (10:09 PM) :sui?
    Phukauthority (10:09 PM) :haha you know me too well
    Phukauthority (10:09 PM) :how have you been?
    ®u§§ (10:09 PM) :lmfaoooooo
    where have you been... ???

    Phukauthority (10:10 PM) :EVERYWHERE!
    ®u§§ (10:10 PM) :OMG u don't wanna know..
    I had to reformat my computer.. my son downloaded a trojan that rewrote my windows files.. i lost everything *cry*
    ®u§§ (10:10 PM) : find any good chats?

    Phukauthority (10:10 PM) :nah...
    Phukauthority (10:10 PM) :was your son looking at porn?
    ®u§§ (10:11 PM) : did you change your screen name in chat too?
    ®u§§ (10:11 PM) : lmfao yes he was as a matter of fact..
    Phukauthority (10:11 PM) :no...
    ®u§§ (10:11 PM) : so school start again?

    Phukauthority (10:12 PM) :no not yet..
    ®u§§ (10:12 PM) : when does that start?

    Phukauthority (10:12 PM) :the 26th
    Phukauthority (10:12 PM) : of 2003
    ®u§§ (10:12 PM) : not too far away then
    Phukauthority (10:12 PM) : a year!
    ®u§§ (10:12 PM) : OMG LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

    u shit!!!!!
    ®u§§ (10:13 PM) :bite me!!!!!!!!!!

    Phukauthority (10:13 PM) :ugh! bitch!
    ®u§§ (10:13 PM) :LMFAO ms. bitch to you!!!

    miss me don't you?
    Phukauthority (10:14 PM) :yes...
    ®u§§ (10:14 PM) : awwwww i miss hanging with you too..

    Phukauthority (10:14 PM) :you happen to have any pics?
    ®u§§ (10:14 PM) : lmfao of what?

    Phukauthority (10:15 PM) : i have to tell you?
    ®u§§ (10:15 PM) : lmfao well yah.. OMG i just realized I lost that story you wrote too
    Phukauthority (10:16 PM) :can ya send me your pic... i lost them
    ®u§§ (10:16 PM) : you did?

    how'd you do that?

    Phukauthority (10:16 PM) : i dont know! they just dissapeared!
    Phukauthority (10:16 PM) :i cant find them on my harddrive!
    ®u§§ (10:17 PM) : thought you bought a killer machine? lmfao

    come into chat..
    Phukauthority (10:17 PM) :eek:k!
    Phukauthority (10:19 PM) : it wont let me in!
    u§§ (10:19 PM) :it won't?

    Phukauthority (10:20 PM) : no!
    ®u§§ (10:20 PM) : thats sucks!

    i was gonna see if you wanted to go to 30ish and hang out with all your friends.

    Phukauthority (10:21 PM) :eh its ok
    ®u§§ (10:22 PM) :how many kids you got again?

    Phukauthority (10:22 PM) :too many to count!
    Phukauthority (10:22 PM) :hehe
    ®u§§ (10:23 PM) : *s*...... you almost had me..

    nice game you have going .. take care..

    Phukauthority (10:23 PM) : hahahahahahahaa
    Phukauthority (10:23 PM) : thanks for playing the game!
    Phukauthority (10:23 PM) : you have won a prize!
  2. ElectricitySucks

    ElectricitySucks Veteran Member

    Joined: Jul 13, 2001 Messages: 6,395 Likes Received: 24
  3. ToYs

    ToYs Guest

    i know i know...
  4. ToYs

    ToYs Guest

    the new hottness

    103394500 (10:08 PM) : Do I know you?
    Phukauthority (10:08 PM) : hehe yeah! i changed my screen name.
    Phukauthority (10:08 PM) : guess who lol
    Seza (10:08 PM) : *raises an eyebrow*
    Seza (10:09 PM) : I have no clue.
    Phukauthority (10:09 PM) : guess!
    Seza (10:09 PM) : uhm
    joe shmoe?
    Phukauthority (10:09 PM) : hehe no no no
    Seza (10:10 PM) : i give up
    Phukauthority (10:10 PM) : NO YOU MUST GUESS!
    Seza (10:10 PM) : i did
    Seza (10:10 PM) : i guessed joe shmoe
    Seza (10:10 PM) : i really don't know
    tell me
    or i'mma go away :p
    Phukauthority (10:11 PM) : your now fun!
    Seza (10:12 PM) : i know!
    Seza (10:12 PM) : tell meee
    Phukauthority (10:12 PM) : man. no creativity!
    Seza (10:13 PM) : yea i know
    but hey
    Phukauthority (10:13 PM) : ok..hint.

    Seza (10:13 PM) : now, who are you?
    Seza (10:17 PM) : some how i thought you were gonna say that...
    wtf are you?
    cuz i'm not really in the mood for games
    Phukauthority (10:18 PM) : im the magical mystery meat man!
    Seza (10:18 PM) : uh
    whatever dude
    tell me who you are, last chance, then i put you on ignore.
    Phukauthority (10:19 PM) : are you sure you dont wanna play a game? I GOT SCRABBLE!!!!!!!!

    Seza (10:19 PM) : d'you wanna meet my ignore list?
    Phukauthority (10:19 PM) : it sounds like a nice place... is it warm there?
    Seza (10:20 PM) : ...
    whatever dude
    see ya
    Phukauthority (10:20 PM) : no dont go!
    Phukauthority (10:20 PM) : ill tell you!
    Seza (10:20 PM) : ...
    Seza (10:20 PM) :You got 30 seconds.
    Phukauthority (10:20 PM) : ok ok i was just kidding before.
    Phukauthority (10:20 PM) : i

    Seza (10:20 PM) : 20 seconds
    Phukauthority (10:20 PM) : am
    Seza (10:21 PM) : 10 seconds
    Phukauthority (10:21 PM) : a giant walking penis... may i stick my body in your vagina!?!?
    Seza (10:21 PM) : see ya
    Phukauthority (10:21 PM) : no dont go!
    you don't tell me, i'm ignoring you...
    you got 30 seconds.
    Seza (10:22 PM) : 20
    Seza (10:22 PM) : 10
    Phukauthority (10:22 PM) : how about a minute? my name is REALLLYYY LONG!!!!

    Seza (10:22 PM) : 5
    Phukauthority (10:22 PM) : kinda like my penis
    Seza (10:23 PM) : see ya
    Phukauthority (10:23 PM) : or your moms penis
    Seza (10:23 PM) : i'm done
    fuck you.
    Phukauthority (10:23 PM) : no need for vulgarity!
  5. jah

    jah Elite Member

    Joined: Dec 30, 2001 Messages: 2,705 Likes Received: 2
    he'll hunt you down for calling him boggie.

    omg lmfao lol btw fyi

    fuckin nerd lingo acronyms......
  6. ToYs

    ToYs Guest

    did i mention that the first person was like 50 years old
  7. jah

    jah Elite Member

    Joined: Dec 30, 2001 Messages: 2,705 Likes Received: 2
    haha. that shits actually kinda funny...
  8. Stapler

    Stapler Guest

    BUMP fuck the PG fags