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Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by DETO, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. DETO

    DETO Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 11,350 Likes Received: 154
    WWE Unforgiven: 09-22-02
    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Match #1 8-Man Tag Team Match
    The Un-Americans vs. Booker T, Goldust, Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Kane
    Goldust and Christian started out the match. Christian whipped Goldust off the ropes and got the upperhand and then tagged in Lance Storm. Buh Buh got the tag from Goldust and they took out both men and then Buh Buh went to work on Storm. Buh Buh put Storm on the turnbuckle and got him in the tree of loath. He nailed him with a knife-edge slap and then nailed him with a Flap Jack and went for the pin.

    Goldust was tagged in and he was tossed out of the ring for Christian to decimate. Test got the tag and then took over on Goldust in the ring. He whipped Goldust off the ropes and he ducked and then nailed Test with a clothesline. Booker and Regal then were the legal men and Buh Buh came in and slammed Regal. Booker then nailed him from the top rope with a flying headbutt.

    Booker and Buh Buh got the table from under the ring and the Un-Americans came and stopped them. Test then got Booker T in the corner and worked him over. Regal then got the tag and worked over Booker for a bit and then brought in Christian to take over. Christian got Booker in a reverse chinlock on the mat. Booker got up and rolled up Christian and almost got a 3.

    Kane was tagged in and he took out all the members of the Un-Americans and then all hell broke loose in the ring. Finally Test hit the pump handle slam in the middle of the ring on Kane. Kane then went for Storm and Christian hit him with the low blow and Storm went for the pin, but Kane kicked out.

    Buh Buh came in and hit the Buh Buh Bomb on Christian and then Goldust set him up, spread legged in the corner and hit the low blow. Kane then hit the chokeslam on Storm in the middle of the ring and won the match for the Americans.
    Winner: Booker T, Goldust, Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Kane

    Stephanie was telling Billy and Chuck in the backstage area that they need to win their match and teach everyone a lesson for what happened on Smackdown, so that Bischoff would have to kiss her ass in front of the world.

    Match #2 Intercontinental Championship Match
    Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair
    Jericho started the match and got Flair in a side headlock, but Flair lit up Y2J with a whip and clothesline. Flair went for the early Figure 4 but Jericho kicked him out of the ring. Jericho got Flair in the ring and hit the Missile Dropkick from the top rope. Jericho then backed Flair into the corner and stomped away at him and then got him in the abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring.

    They battled to the outside and Flair slammed Jericho into the barrier and then got him back in the ring and dropped the knee right on his head. Flair then went to the middle rope and hit the knee on the back of his head again. He whipped him into the corner and hit a low blow and then Atomic Dropped Jericho’s knee. Flair then got rolled up with the inside cradle and nearly lost the match.

    Jericho was down near the ropes and was crying out that he was hurt and could not go on. The ref made Flair back off and called for officials to come from the back. Flair was pissed and turned his back to Jericho, who was just fine. Jericho got Flair locked in the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring and The Nature Boy tapped out.
    Winner: Chris Jericho

    Eric Bischoff was talking to blank in the Rosey and Jamal and telling them that they were representing not only the Raw brand, but him as well. He then brought in Rico and said they would have him in their corner, because he knows Billy and Chuck inside and out, so to speak. He said they would win the match so they could see Stephanie in some hot lesbian action.

    Match #3 Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge
    Edge got the advantage in the opening moments of the match. He slammed Eddie and then whipped him off the ropes and hit a powerslam and then a vertical suplex. Guerrero then got up and hit the suplex on Edge and then got him in a submission hold in the middle of the ring.

    Both Edge and Eddie collided on moves in the ring and were nearly both counted out by the referee. Eddie got up and went. He powerslammed Edge and then smashed his head into the mat with leverage from the ropes. Eddie then went for the pin in the middle of the ring and Edge kicked out.

    Eddie went up top and tried to hit a hurricanrana on Edge, but he caught him in the air and powerbombed him hard on the mat. Eddie then jumped up and landed on the shoulders of Edge and he slammed him into the corner. Edge then went for the spear and Eddie moved. Edge then hit the Edgecution and pinned Eddie to only get a 2-count.

    Edge went up top and missed a missile dropkick. Edge slammed Eddie into the turnbuckle and the pad fell off of the top turnbuckle. Edge then speared him into the corner and then took Eddie up top. Eddie slammed Edge’s head into the turnbuckle and he hit the Sunset flip from the top and pulled Edge’s tights on the pin and won the match.
    Winner: Eddie Guerrero

    Triple H was walking through the backstage area and walked into the Raw dressing room. He came in and approached Rob Van Dam. He told RVD that since he was calm, cool and collected before a World Title Match that means he had no desire and he could not win the title. He then pointed to Flair and said he once had this title and the desire and now he has nothing. He said it was fitting for him to prepare for his match, sitting next to a loser like Flair. Flair was pissed and started to get in Triple H’s face. RVD stopped him and said he would rather be seen with a so-called “loser” than a supposed winner and pointed to the title.

    Match #4 Billy & Chuck vs. Rosey & Jamal w/ Rico
    Rosey and Chuck started the match and Rosey powered Chuck into the corner and choked him until he tagged in his partner Jamal. He kicked Chuck right in the face and then tagged Rosey back in. He picked up Chuck and slammed him on the mat and then went for the pin. Rosey tagged Jamal back in and they double-headbutted Chuck and then Jamal went to work on the Chuck and then he went over and knocked Billy off the ring apron.

    Chuck was down and inched over to tag in Billy. He came in and leveled both competitors and then knocked Rico off of the ring apron. Billy slammed their heads together, but they then hit a double-team move on Billy. Jamal then went to the top rope and Chuck grabbed him and tossed him across the ring.

    Billy hit the Fame-asser on Jamal and then Rico came in and tried to hit Billy. He stopped him and took him out, but then Jamal grabbed Billy and hit ahis huge finishing move and pinned him to win the match. This means that Stephanie will have to participate in Hot Lesbian Action in front of everyone tonight!
    Winner(s): Rosey and Jamal

    Backstage, Eric Bischoff was celebrating the fact that Stephanie would have to do HLA tonight. He then looked to his group of lesbians and was trying to figure out who he would choose for Stephanie. All three girls wanted to go and started chanting H-L-A!

    Match #5 World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam
    The two locked up and Van Dam hit the side headlock takeover and then swept a kick by Triple H’s face while he was down. Triple H backed RVD into the ropes and then they squared up face-to-face again. RVD hit another side headlock takeover and got The Champion down on the mat in a headlock. He released the Champ and he walked out of the ring to regroup.

    Triple H got up on the ring apron and RVD got a bottle of water and imitated Triple H by spitting the water up in the air. Triple H got back in the ring and Van Dam got him in a headlock, but then the Champ got free and got RVD in the corner and then drove the knee into the gut of him. He then whipped him into the turnbuckle, but RVD leaped up and rolled Triple H up and nearly got the 3-count.

    Triple H went to the outside and RVD went off the ropes and flipped over the top rope and Triple H moved out of the way and RVD nailed the floor outside. Triple H got back in the ring and stomped away at RVD and then took him back outside and slammed him into the ring steps.

    Triple H had RVD down in the middle of the ring. He picked him up by the hair and again tossed him through the ropes. RVD got back up and got in the ring. He tried to build some momentum, but Triple H lifted a knee and took RVD down fast. RVD then got up and went for some offense, but Triple locked him in the Sleeper Hold.

    Triple H and Van Dam were both down and once they got to their feet, RVD hit a spinning heel kick on Triple H and then hit a standing moonsault in the middle of the ring. He pinned Triple H and he kicked out at 2. RVD then leaped off the middle rope and kicked Triple H and then hit the Rolling Thunder and went for the pin, but the Champ kicked out.

    RVD tossed Triple H out of the ring and hit the suicide dive through the ropes. RVD then got up top as Triple H got back in the ring and connected with a martial arts sidekick. He went for the cover and Triple H kicked out and managed to knock the referee out. He hit the spinning heel kick again in the middle of the ring, but the referee was down and out still on the outside.

    Triple H went for the Pedigree and Van Dam countered and took out his legs. He hit the 5 Star Frog Splash from the top and still there was no referee. Triple H hit a low blow on Van Dam and then went to the outside and got a sledgehammer. Van Dam got up and hit another spinning heel kick and knocked the Champ down.

    Ric Flair ran down in the ring and got the sledgehammer and looked at Triple H and then turned and slammed Rob Van Dam in the gut. Triple H looked shocked and he then hit the Pedigree on RVD and Flair brought the referee back in to make the 3-count. Flair then grabbed the World Heavyweight Title and brought it in to Triple H and handed it to him and lifted his arm up.
    Winner: Triple H

    D-Lo Brown and Billy Kidman were talking about the match and the guy Vic Newman from Young and the restless walked up. D-Lo said that his character was a dirty player and he wanted to ask him if he got himself some in the off time. He said he could not answer that question. They asked what he was doing and Dawn Marie walked up and said she was with him and they walked off together.

    Match #6 Women’s Championship Match
    Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus
    The two ladies locked up in the middle of the ring and Molly almost got the early pin, but Trish countered and rolled her up. She kicked out and they both got up to a vertical base. Trish whipped Molly over and went for the pin again, but she kicked out. Molly whipped Trish into the turnbuckle and then slammed her to the mat and started stomping at her.

    Molly stomped on the back of Trish and then tossed her out of the ring. Molly went outside and slammed Trish’s head into the steel steps. In the ring, Molly got Trish in a straightjacket hold and then flipped her over on her stomach to increase the leverage on the hold. Trish got up and hit the inside cradle and almost got the 3-count on Molly.

    Trish nailed Molly in the head, but she fired back and slammed Trish into the corner. Molly then went up top for a high-risk move and Trish knocked her down. Molly managed to grab her and get her in the tree of loath. She got down and then Molly whipped her off the ropes. Molly went for a move, but Trish countered and Bulldogged Molly and pinned her to win the match.
    Winner: Trish Stratus

    Rosie, Jamal and Rico were with the lesbians and Eric Bischoff in the backstage area. The ladies were all over the team and Bischoff thanked Rico and said they could not have gotten the victory without him. He then said they could take the ladies and go out on the town and use his name if they needed anything. Bischoff then made two of the ladies stay with him for Stephanie’s HLA!

    Match #7 Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
    Angle and Benoit started off the match with many technical moves and grappled for quite some time. Angle started off and hit the back breaker on Benoit. He was down on the mat and he got him in a reverse bear hug in the middle of the ring. They got up and Angle hit a backdrop on him and then backed him into the corner and went to work on him.

    Angle picked Benoit out of the corner, but Benoit countered him and slammed his shoulder into the opposing ringpost. Benoit then had advantage in the match. He took Angle down in the middle of the ring and then kicked him in the gut and then went for the Belly-to-Belly, but Angle kicked him and hit the move on him. Both men were down after the suplex.

    Benoit got up and went for the German suplex, but Angle countered again and hit 2 on him. Benoit then countered him and hit the German suplex on him. Angle hit another German suplex on Benoit and then waited for him to get to his feet. He went for the Angle slam and Benoit countered and hit the biggest German suplex of all time and Angle landed on his front side.

    Benoit went for a high-risk move, but Angle caught him and arm-dragged him off the top. Benoit grabbed Angle and flipped over him and rolled him up for the pin. Benoit got him in the Crippler Crossface and Angle broke free, but then Benoit got him in the hold again. Angle reversed and got Benoit in the Ankle lock. Benoit inched toward the ropes and finally made it to break the hold. Angle let him free and then synched the hold even tighter. Angle dropped the hold and Benoit scrambled and pinned Angle, getting his feet on the ropes for leverage and won the match.
    Winner: Chris Benoit

    Brock Lesnar was interviewed in the backstage area. Paul Heyman said everything had gotten very personal, because someone trying to take his title is something he takes personally. Brock then said he was not sorry for what he did to Taker’s wife and he said when you have no remorse, you have no problem being Unforgiven.

    Hot Lesbian Action
    Eric Bischoff came down to the ring with two lesbians. He said that LA has always stood for Los Angeles, but not tonight. It would stand got Lesbian Action… Hot Lesbian Action! The crowd erupted and then he introduced the two ladies. Bischoff asked the ladies to provide a sneak preview to what they were going to see. The girls started to go at it and Eric stopped them before they kissed and said he changed his mind and only Stephanie would be taking part in the HLA.

    Stephanie came down to the ring and Eric told her he had two lesbians tonight so they could have a little three-way. He said they were going to start by removing some of their clothing. The lesbians got their shirts off and then helped Stephanie take off her jacket. He asked the ladies to give her a back rub to loosen some of the tension. He then said he wanted them to give her a full body massage. After that, he decided the foreplay was over and he wanted to see the action. They leaned in to kiss Stephanie and Eric stopped the action again and mad the lesbians leave and made Stephanie stay in the ring with him.

    Bischoff then said he wanted this to be humiliating for Stephanie and so he got the fattest, ugliest lesbian for her to get it on with. The music hit and a large woman came down to the ring. He said the woman, Hildagar was not only a lesbian, but had served prison time, so she was used to this. They started going at it and Stephanie was slapping the big ‘woman’s’ ass. Hildagar sidekicked Bischoff in the face and then took off the make-up to reveal that it was none other than Rikishi. He slammed his huge ass into Bischoff’s face and then his music hit and him and Stephanie started dancing in the ring.

    Match #8 WWE Undisputed Championship Match
    Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Undertaker
    Lesnar came down to the ring and paced around the Undertaker. He then got in the face of Taker. Undertaker shoved the Champion back and then they circled eachother in the ring. They locked up and Taker threw Brock completely out of the ring. Brock was pissed and ran back in the ring and got him in the side headlock. Brock hit the ropes and hit the shoulder block on Taker and then Taker got up and clotheslined Brock out of the ring.

    Heyman consulted Brock on the outside and he paced the ring a bit before he got back in to face Undertaker. Brock got Taker in a reverse hammerlock, but Taker countered and rammed the shoulder into Brock. Brock then countered and got Taker back in the corner and drove his shoulder into Taker’s mid-section. Taker then bounced back and powerslammed Brock and went for the pin in the middle of the ring, but he kicked out.

    Undertaker went up top and hit the old school walk the ropes and nailed Brock. Heyman got on the ropes to distract the ref and Undertaker hit him with the big boot and then Brock grabbed Taker and hit a vertical suplex on him in the middle of the ring. They fought to the outside and Brock slammed Taker into the ringpost and then got him back in the ring and went for the victory, but Taker kicked out.

    Taker began to battle back and he whipped Brock off the ropes, but he countered and hit the scoop powerslam on him and then went to work on the ribs of Taker. He punched away at Taker’s ribs and then got him in another bear hug from behind.

    Brock hit a German suplex on Taker and then went back to the bear hug and hit another one. Taker finally shook Brock off and knocked him to the outside. Taker then went to work on Brock’s mid-section. Taker then nailed Brock with a right hand that sent him out of the ring.

    On the outside, Taker slammed Brock into the timekeeper’s table and then rammed him into the steps. They got back in the ring and Brock backed Taker into the ropes and worked him over. Taker then got up and fought back. He landed punches and backed him into the corner and then nailed him with a clothesline in the corner.

    Brock hit the ropes and Taker hit the big boot to the face and then went for the cover, but Brock kicked out. He went for the Tombstone and then went for the pin, but Heyman pulled on the foot of The Undertaker and the match went on. Taker then got Brock into the corner and then pulled him out and tried to whip him back in, but the ref was knocked out. Taker hit the choke slam, but there was no ref to make the count.

    Matt Hardy then ran down and tried to take out Undertaker, but he got the Last Ride aka Tombstone. Brock then leveled Taker with a spinebuster and somehow the challenger kicked out. Brock threw blows at Taker and then he fired back and hit a DDT on the Champion. He kicked out of the pin attempt by Undertaker.

    The referee was knocked out again and both men went down on a move. Heyman brought a chair into the ring for Brock, but Taker blocked the chair shot with a big boot. Taker grabbed the chair and leveled Brock with the chair to the head. He nailed him again and took him out of the ring.

    Taker went to the outside and took Paul Heyman out by tossing him into the crowd. He then grabbed Brock and got him back in the ring. Brock was bleeding and Taker whipped him off the ropes and hit the big boot again and then the leg drop. Brock again kicked out at 2.

    Taker went for the Last Ride again, but Brock countered and went for the F5. Brock rammed Taker into the corner and the two were exchanging blows and the ref broke them up. Brock attacked the ref and then tackled Taker and was pummeling him in the corner. The bell sounded and the match was over and officials came out to break the two up. Taker ran in and hit the choke slam on Brock. The Champ left the ring with Paul Heyman and Taker ran after him in the aisle and they battled to the entrance area and Taker slammed Brock through the huge Unforgiven sign as the PPV went off the air.
    Winner: Brock Lesnar
  2. Dirty_habiT

    Dirty_habiT Administrator

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    anti way too long for me to read and then post first.
  3. juggernaut

    juggernaut Member

    Joined: Nov 12, 2001 Messages: 414 Likes Received: 0
    dude, you know that "wrestling" shit?

    it's fake.
  4. krie

    krie Guest

    wrestling can suck my ass.
  5. Dirty_habiT

    Dirty_habiT Administrator

    Joined: Mar 8, 2001 Messages: 18,136 Likes Received: 82
    and juggle testicles.
  6. DETO

    DETO Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 11,350 Likes Received: 154
    No shit, your kidding right!? it is a TV show, its not ment to be "real" it ment for Entertainment. Get it? WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment.
    oh yeah, HLA HLA HLA HLA HLA!!
  7. juggernaut

    juggernaut Member

    Joined: Nov 12, 2001 Messages: 414 Likes Received: 0
    of course i'm kidding.
  8. DETO

    DETO Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 11,350 Likes Received: 154
  9. the shitz

    the shitz New Jack

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    hey me and my cousin went to unforgiven yeah skybox seats it was cool but i dont think lesner won i thoguht undertanker won cuz lesner attacked the ref and was disqualified yo that shit was mad

    that shiz was dopei liked it when ray did his sig move and totally kneed the guy in the face
  10. KaBar

    KaBar Senior Member

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    I was going to post "I liked that movie too. Clint Eastwood rocks!" Boy, that would have sounded clueless.


    I don`t know why you would read the description of a Wresteling match.....SERIOUSLY that makes me think you never get out of your room DETO.....
  12. When

    When 12oz Loyalist

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    who has that fucking shithole job of typing out wrestling matches
  13. DETO

    DETO Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 11,350 Likes Received: 154
    i cut and pasted that shit! Any one see RAW tonight? The Hurricane is the shit! Whassupwitdat!