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The site that kicked my ass, mamerros ass, beardo's ass and whoever else's available

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by imported_Tesseract, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. willy.wonka

    willy.wonka Guest

    nothing happened when i went there..whats the deal?

    I'd visited that site a long time ago, and it was nowhere near the level it is now... absolutely fucking NUTS.
  3. DUDE..same happened here...they were good back then..i rechecked cause i wanted to see fonts and....BOOM....i knew it would own you immediatelly


    Joined: Apr 30, 2002 Messages: 711 Likes Received: 0
  5. ^That like, totally didn't, but it was interesting.

    I still can't get over how ill the biosys site looks now... it's actually way more impressive than any of their work (probably not a good thng), but their fonts rock the pants and that robot... drool.
  6. spec

    spec Guest

  7. word..i thought about that my self..i dunno, right now i'm speechless..one thing for sure though...they did a site for nike...impressionism worked:cool:
  8. Poop Man Bob

    Poop Man Bob Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Nov 16, 2000 Messages: 10,259 Likes Received: 18
    Check out some of Biosys's project sites. Holy mother of internet.
  9. yoink

    yoink Elite Member

    Joined: May 27, 2002 Messages: 3,428 Likes Received: 0
    great googly moogly

    thats just sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
    consider my ass kicked and handed back to me.
  10. Time for crit: Flash nerdzsszzstylesz

    ^Yeah. A lot of people get turned off by all-Flash sites, and it's understandable... a lot of people use it to cover up lack of design skill, or blow it out of proportion and animate the crap out of things that don't need to be animated.

    However, you can't really ignore the potential of motion graphics and scripting to make more interesting web experiences, and this site is a case of the technique fitting the concept perfectly. You log into the site as if from a terminal, and are allowed to investigate one of the "robots" that works at the firm. I wish the design/function/parts of the robot were more closely related to the website sections (even though the robot is one of the coolest fucking things I've ever seen), but they kinda copped out on that. As it is, it's like "Hey, I opened its ass, and I found the Fonts!!", which doesn't make much sense. But they still have a nice idea about going beyond "website" and into something way more immersive. You can't do that with HTML. As much as you know how to wield it, HTML is incredibly restrictive, and it's been well pushed to its limits aready.

    As for the design look, it does fall into the trendy tech-look category, with the trademark 45° angles, micro-text, and random flashing/moving iconography. It's a bit overboard, but as I said before, it's justified because of the high-tech concept, which needs a high-tech look. I do wish it tried to be a bit more original.

    Finally, it gets super thumbs up for the fact that Tesseract was able to enjoy it on a 56K. This site looks like it should be huge, with hi-definition raster images and low-compression audio. They must've done a great job of optimizing.

    That other pixelranger.com site, although very good-looking, doesn't really justify the motion graphics all that well except in a few sections of the site (check out the Genesis project section... Tesser and ese would greatly enjoy it). I wasn't all that surprised to find out that the designer worked for 2advanced.com.

    Flash is a good thing. Embrace it. Beer,

    El Mamerro
  11. yoink

    yoink Elite Member

    Joined: May 27, 2002 Messages: 3,428 Likes Received: 0
    good crit /
    i just liked it one cause of the obvious afore mentioned bad assness, but also it was easy to look at and check things out and understand. i find alot of sites that are just plain fucking impossible to explore or know what the hells goin on just for the sake of attempting to be cool looking.
  12. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden Veteran Member

    Joined: Nov 18, 2001 Messages: 5,263 Likes Received: 40
    Re: Time for crit: Flash nerdzsszzstylesz

    so true....im getting a tad tired of the whole micro-text thing and techy-looking stuff, but for that particular site i think it works out pretty well with the whole theme they've got going.....someone definetly put in alot of time on that site and it shows. excellent.
  13. Good words mamerrian... i always felt that flash is like special effects in movies. Special effects can totally kick your ass without seeing a good movie...even if thats not my idea of a great movie, i still pay money to watch that shit..being impressed is a nice fast feeling. I believe that the really talented people can use whatever media they want, blend it all together and still know when enough is enough and what serves what. I like these kids because they're extremely fuckin good in what the choose to do...its the best flash/newtech style i've seen..its fast and tight. Their fonts prove that they put hard work in everything...i wish them the best:dazed:

    On a totally related note, here's the best antiflash site i've ever seen


    oops* wrong site..corrected
  14. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden Veteran Member

    Joined: Nov 18, 2001 Messages: 5,263 Likes Received: 40