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the 'Prince of Darkness'

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by BROWNer, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. BROWNer

    BROWNer Guest


    Richard N. Perle
    From Disinfopedia, the encyclopedia of propaganda.

    Long-time Washington cold warrior Richard N. Perle is a man of many hats: Pentagon policy adviser, former Likud policy adviser, media manager, international investor, op-ed writer, talk show guest, think tank expert and, most of all, a man who ardently wants Saddam Hussein toppled. Known in Washington circles as "The Prince of Darkness", Perle is associated with the American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American Century, both of which have been prominent behind-the-scenes architects of the Bush administration's foreign policy, in particular its push for war with Iraq. He is closely allied with Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, another Iraq hawk. Perle is also a vocal supporter of Israel and a critic of Saudi Arabia. Perle is on the Advisory Board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), and is chairman of the Defense Policy Board, a Defense Department advisory group composed primarily of former government officials, retired military officers, and academics.

    Born in New York City, Perle graduated from the University of Southern California in 1964 and worked in a variety of Senate staff jobs, including the office of late Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson from 1969 to 1980, when he went to work for a private military-consulting firm. The following year he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense in the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan. During the presidential campaign of George W. Bush, Perle served as a foreign policy advisor.

    A veteran Washington insider, Perle has on occasion been accused of being an Israeli agent of influence. It has been reported that, while he was working for Jackson, an "FBI summary of a 1970 wiretap recorded Perle discussing classified information with someone in the Israeli embassy." In 1983, after stepping into a Pentagon job in the Reagan administration, Perle came under fire for accepting a $50,000 payment from an Israeli arms manufacturer. He explained that the payment was for work done as a Washington lobbyist before entering government. According to a Dec. 24, 1985, Associated Press report, Perle, still a Reagan Defense Department official, was challenged by Jeremiah Denton, then a Republican senator from Alabama, on Perle's choice of Stephen D. Bryen as a Pentagon aide. In the email copy of Lee Byrd's report provided by John Sugg ([email protected]), Denton charged that Bryen, moving from a job with the powerful American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, had been forced to resign his Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff job after being investigated for trying to gain information for the Israeli government. Federal prosecutors dropped the case, with Perle defending Bryen's integrity, the AP report says.

    In February 2002, the dispute spilled over into theWashington Post's editorial pages, with one writer blasting the 'toxic' charge that Israel is unduly influencing President Bush's Iraq policy. A Post editorial responded by pointing out that Perle, who is chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, and two other Bush policy men, Douglas Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy, and David Wurmser, a State Department special assistant, had in 1996 participated in Likud policy deliberations. Under the auspices of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, a Likud-leaning Israeli think tank, the three helped come up with a paper, 'A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,' which declared that 'removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq' was an 'important Israeli strategic objective in its own right as a means of foiling Syria's regional ambitions."

    The paper also recommended that Israel drop the Labor Party's 'comprehensive peace' slogan and aim for 'balance of power,' launch 'hot pursuit' strikes into Palestinian territory - now a staple of the Sharon government - and work to loosen Yasir Arafat's grip on the Palestinian Authority, a policy reflected in the recent pressure to compel Arafat to accept a prime minister.[1]

    Perle, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, led the discussion. Wurmser was listed as a member of the Israeli Institute. Before taking up his Pentagon post, Wurmser was a Middle East studies expert at the American Enterprise Institute. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld felt it necessary to distance himself from Perle last year when the press learned that a former aide of Lyndon LaRouche had addressed the Defense Policy Board on reputed Saudi machinations, a theme also favored by Perle and Wurmser. Rumsfeld said the 'talented' Perle, whose Pentagon post is unpaid, did not speak for Rumsfeld or for President Bush.

    Perle has close business ties with Conrad Black, chairman of Hollinger International Inc., which owns more than 400 daily and weekly newspapers in Canada, the United States, Britain, Israel and Australia. Hollinger papers include London's Daily Telegraph, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Jerusalem Post. Perle uses these papers and others to trumpet his anti-Saddam sentiments and to tangle with political figures, such as British Minister Clare Short, who opposes the Perle line on Iraq. Black, a Canadian, recently joined fellow media kingpin Rupert Murdoch in defending British Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision to stick with Bush's war aims, despite overwhelming domestic opposition.

    Perle is a top executive of Hollinger Digital Inc., which is the media management and investment arm of Hollinger [2][3]. Perle is listed on various corporate boards through his association with Hollinger. Whether or not Perle speaks for Bush, the president's recent reasoning on Iraq follows a pattern found in Perle's writings, particularly in a lengthy piece for Israel Insider, which uses numerous non-sequiters in its emotionally-charged connection of Saddam to terrorist activity.[4]

    Despite his familiarity with the media, Perle found a piece by veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh a little hard to take. Hersh's New Yorker report, "A Hawk's Business," targets Perle's hush-hush meeting with Saudi industrialist Saleh al-Zuhair, a meeting arranged with the help of Iran/contra figure Adnan Khashoggi. Hersh explored the possibility of a conflict of interest for Perle, one of whose businesses is Trireme Partners LP, a venture capital firm that invests in technology, goods, and services related to homeland security and defense. Trireme also created International Advisors Inc., a lobbying firm whose main client is Turkey. Henry Kissinger is a Trireme adviser, and Perle is a managing partner.[5] Kissinger, who was forced to resign as head of the independent commission to investigate the 9/11 attacks, has been using his influence to try to keep the Saudis calm during the buildup to war. The subject of the al-Zuhair meeting is in dispute, but Perle is fighting off the impression that he was trying to use his Pentagon influence to profit from a war that he is doing all he can to implement. Hersh criticized Perle's relationship with Trireme as an ethical conflict of interest, to which Perle responded by calling Hersh "the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist."[6]

    Bush has recently taken to accepting Perle's view that the UN is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to Iraq.[7]

    Perle is also associated with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, which backs Bush's Iraq war push. Others with the foundation are columnist Charles Krauthammer, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, and Georgia senator Zell Miller. Perle, who produced the 1992 PBS documentary, "The Gulf Crisis, the Road to War,' has long experience in the ways of Washington.

    The wide-ranging Perle even finds himself involved in Total Information Awareness technology. He was listed as a speaker at a March 13 Washington press briefing on 'data mining,' the use of computer technology to sift out patterns from electronic communications. A fellow Pentagon official, Admiral John M. Poindexter of Iran/contra notoriety, spurred a political firestorm with his TIA plans. Congress forbade such technology to be used against Americans. The briefing, which also billed Sen. Ron Wyden, was promoted as informational only. However, concerned scientists have charged that data mining pays off in miniscule results in contrast to widespread privacy violation.[8]

    Mr. Perle is receiving some heat due to a possible conflict of interest with serving on the Defense Policy Board and being hired as an advisor for Global Crossing, "Even as he advises the Pentagon on war matters, Richard N. Perle, chairman of the influential Defense Policy Board, has been retained by the telecommunications company Global Crossing to help overcome Defense Department resistance to its proposed sale to a foreign firm, Mr. Perle and lawyers involved in the case said today." Mr. Perle's fee is $750,000, but he will receive an additional $600,000 if the sale is approved. [9] Concerned over conflict of interest, senior Democrats are seeking an inquiry into the matter by the Pentagon inspector general. [10]

    Perle maintains that he has not violated any ethics rules, but decided to resign his position as chairman of the Defense Policy Board on March 26, 2003 [11], but remains on the board. In an effort to save face, he writes in his resignation letter that he will refuse any compensation with his deal with Global Crossing and "any fee for past service would be donated to the families of American forces killed or injured in Iraq." There is also a report that "The communications company, Global Crossing, also announced that Mr. Perle had decided to sever his ties with it."[12] [13]

    The Global Crossing affair has started a more critical look into Perle's business affairs. On March 29, 2003, The New York Times reports that Perle was involved with Loral Space and Communications in 2001 as an advisor while it faced accusations that it transfered rocket technology to China [14]. It is worth noting that Global Crossing affair was also due to Global Crossing trying to overcome Defense Department opposition to be sold to a venture with ties to China.

    go here for the original(with links galore): [url=http://www.disinfopedia.org/wiki.phtml?title=Richard_N._Perle]http://www.disinfopedia.org/wiki.phtml?tit...ichard_N._Perle[/url]
  2. Smart

    Smart Dirty Dozen Crew

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    oh... I thought this was gonna be about me...:eek:
  3. currption

    currption New Jack

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    to many hard words to read.. srry
  4. hulk hogan

    hulk hogan Member

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    i thought ozzy was the fuckin' prince of darkness?
  5. Intangible

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    :lol: you wish fish boy!
  6. Smart

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  9. dojafx

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    fuck that guy, fuck the likud party, and fuck the new american century
    they're all a bunch of fucking nazis
    but the wierd american kind of nazis:hatred: :hatred: :mad2: :evil: :tongue:
  10. sneak

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  11. Weapon X

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    oh yeah, I've been trying to remember what they're called. It's been bothering me for a couple of weeks now.

    Good read, mr. Brown.
  12. I've seen a bunch of documentaries on Perle and all the 'new right wing christian fascist sorrority' it doesnt get more cynical and evil.

    Just imagine that in a circle of skumbags you're called 'Prince of Darkness'....where's yoda?
  13. Dick Quickwood

    Dick Quickwood 12oz Loyalist

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    image search for prince of darkness

    http://users.tellurian.com/chris/PrinceODarkness.GIF'> Prince O Darkness

    What can be said about "Mr. O' D" that hasn't been set to iambic pentameter during the last few thousand years of recorded human history?

    Older than Mamhoud the Mummy, a better bowler than Jimmy, a smoother dancer than Tu Tone, a tireless champion of the mean-spirited, gossip-tongued, petty-minded and jealous of heart, our infamous friend works his negativity wherever and whenever he can (some claim he is a major anonymous donor to "The Yellow Peril Museum of Gags & Rubber Novelties").

    While an amusing raconteur and dinner guest, most who are initially seduced by his charm soon wish they'd never given him their home phone numbers!

    It goes without saying that our Prince and "The Rev" are rarely seen at the same social gatherings.

  14. Kr430n5_666

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