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the devil's right hand.............

Discussion in 'Metal Heads' started by otto dix, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. otto dix

    otto dix Veteran Member

    Joined: Feb 22, 2001 Messages: 5,321 Likes Received: 4
    just a few photographs i took during this past winter.

    eddie munster csx box.
    a railbox in new jersey.
    this one could bring a tear to my eye.

    one of my favorite photos.

    many french candians pretend not to speak a word of english...they also make products like this. montreal storefront.


    richmond trip...the phone was tapped. we were sure of it.

    waterbed lou RIP cn box.

    caught a few of these.

    brooklyn. photo by javier yardbirds

    southern discomfort.

    if anyone wants to contribute to this, be my guest. enjoy
  2. Ski Mask

    Ski Mask 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Apr 11, 2000 Messages: 11,114 Likes Received: 209
    props for the conspicuously placed beer on top of the bible...
  3. Merdle

    Merdle Guest

    Next to which he is rolling a joint!!!
  4. HELEX

    HELEX Guest

    Yeah thats a great flick!The joint, the paps blue ribbion,And of course the good ol bible!It has a whole ora of mischevious work involved!
  5. evilistic

    evilistic Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 22, 2001 Messages: 3,554 Likes Received: 0
    cool flicks
    eddie munster like woahh
  6. oldfaithful

    oldfaithful Guest

    nice to see sumpin different--
  7. Cracked Ass

    Cracked Ass Veteran Member

    Joined: Oct 24, 2001 Messages: 7,898 Likes Received: 47
    I caught an '80 Herby yesterday, on a car I never heard of before. Hope the flick comes out.
  8. rollinaround

    rollinaround Member

    Joined: Aug 14, 2002 Messages: 501 Likes Received: 0
  9. DankLordz

    DankLordz Senior Member

    Joined: Nov 13, 2000 Messages: 1,983 Likes Received: 0
    bump for all dope flicks!
  10. angry xbox

    angry xbox Guest

    oh like whoa im back in full effect but will the mods detect?
  11. fr8oholic

    fr8oholic Veteran Member

    Joined: Apr 23, 2000 Messages: 9,256 Likes Received: 2
    you're keepin it real sweetheart. we gotta get up and get fucking blasted one of these nights.
  12. Hotpocket

    Hotpocket Guest

    when were you in richmond? love that place..
  13. otto dix

    otto dix Veteran Member

    Joined: Feb 22, 2001 Messages: 5,321 Likes Received: 4
    i was down there for the last tattoo convention.
  14. el nervo

    el nervo Senior Member

    Joined: Jun 6, 2002 Messages: 1,173 Likes Received: 0
  15. d-town_bomber

    d-town_bomber Veteran Member

    Joined: May 20, 2001 Messages: 7,032 Likes Received: 2