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sorry for the third post about this

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by theFUME, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. theFUME

    theFUME Senior Member

    Joined: Mar 6, 2001 Messages: 2,489 Likes Received: 1
    but fukin girls man!

    my ex wants me back!

    PLaYMaTe0215: i do like u
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: but i have a feelin that u like christina
    BALLAonAbudget56: well obviusly i do
    PLaYMaTe0215: and i dont want to look dumb wen u want her and not me
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: and i still like u... ya kno?
    BALLAonAbudget56: well i said that before but u said u could handleit
    PLaYMaTe0215: i just want u to b happy so u decide wut 2 do
    PLaYMaTe0215: yea that was b4
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok no im very cofused
    PLaYMaTe0215: im so sorry 4 any shit i put u thro
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: w.e
    PLaYMaTe0215: i really am
    PLaYMaTe0215: seriously
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: i am but u dont have to believe me if u dont wanna im just tellin u shit
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: u know like i neva did be4
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: whats changed
    PLaYMaTe0215: ok??
    BALLAonAbudget56: whats the diffrence between now and then
    PLaYMaTe0215: wut do u mean im tellin u shit u alwayz say i neva tell u anything and know i am
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah why?
    PLaYMaTe0215: it so hard 4 me to explain this
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: forget it then
    PLaYMaTe0215: forget wut??
    PLaYMaTe0215: us??
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dunno anymore amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: its just to much
    PLaYMaTe0215: it will take mw soooo long ill write u an eamial tommrow its that aight??
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e
    PLaYMaTe0215: and explain it ok>>
    BALLAonAbudget56: right
    PLaYMaTe0215: its gonna be long
    BALLAonAbudget56: uh huh
    PLaYMaTe0215: wait ill make it short...
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e amy i dont no what u want me to do
    BALLAonAbudget56: i am so confused
    PLaYMaTe0215: .. ok i was goin out w/ billy and i trusted him and shit(dont kno how i did. but i did) i told him everythin and then he told me that he wood tell ME evertthin.. but he didnt b/c he cheated on me
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: so ten it took me awhile to trust any1 bcuz i loved him
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah im billy too right
    PLaYMaTe0215: and i figured that wen i trusted sum1 enuff that they wood turn around and lie to me... SOoo i didnt kno wut i wanted to tell u.. bcuz i waz scared that i wood lose u..like how i lost billy boy
    PLaYMaTe0215: i didnt say u were billy.. did i?
    PLaYMaTe0215: u dont relate in neway
    BALLAonAbudget56: no but you were implyin that i would do the same thing he did
    PLaYMaTe0215: no but i DIDNT WANT that 2 happen
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: b/c i liked u alot
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    PLaYMaTe0215: yup..
    BALLAonAbudget56: well thats stoped twoo weeks into the relationship didnt it amy?
    PLaYMaTe0215: um no
    PLaYMaTe0215: were did u get that?
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah aparently it did
    PLaYMaTe0215: u are actin really different
    BALLAonAbudget56: ahh you said that
    PLaYMaTe0215: and NO it didnt
    PLaYMaTe0215: umm i neva sed 2 weeks
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy we only went out fopr a month
    BALLAonAbudget56: and at the end u said
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya i kno..
    BALLAonAbudget56: about two weeks ago i stoped likin u
    PLaYMaTe0215: that waz a fun motn
    PLaYMaTe0215: -month
    BALLAonAbudget56: right
    PLaYMaTe0215: no i startin thinkin if i liked u as much as i did 2 weekz b4 that i still liked u
    PLaYMaTe0215: i still do like u
    PLaYMaTe0215: but we alwayz agrued and it was mah fault i already kno.. u made that clear already
    PLaYMaTe0215: but it wasnt fun 4 me.. and i doubt it was 4 u..
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e then
    PLaYMaTe0215: and i hate wen i have to fight w/ sum1 ova tha fone.
    PLaYMaTe0215: w/e then?
    PLaYMaTe0215: w/e then what?
    BALLAonAbudget56: then i guess well stay how we r
    PLaYMaTe0215: is that wut u REALLY want? :-(
    BALLAonAbudget56: no
    PLaYMaTe0215: yd u say that then?
    BALLAonAbudget56: but aperantly thats all its gunna be
    PLaYMaTe0215: well u neva no
    BALLAonAbudget56: no i do no
    BALLAonAbudget56: i jus dont think its gunna hapen amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: im sorry
    PLaYMaTe0215: that was brit that sed that
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: sed what
    PLaYMaTe0215: sry
    PLaYMaTe0215: wong im
    BALLAonAbudget56: right
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e
    BALLAonAbudget56: im tyred
    PLaYMaTe0215: i was talkin to nicci
    BALLAonAbudget56: i need sleep
    PLaYMaTe0215: nicci sed *hey hun* and britt sed who tha fuk is this*
    PLaYMaTe0215: bcuz britt didnt no who it waz
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: justiin do u really think well neva hook up agian ???
    PLaYMaTe0215: like ever agian
    BALLAonAbudget56: well yes
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy seriusly
    PLaYMaTe0215: y?
    BALLAonAbudget56: if i move on
    BALLAonAbudget56: and u do too
    BALLAonAbudget56: well never hook up again
    PLaYMaTe0215: w. who??
    BALLAonAbudget56: when im single u wont be and visa-virsa
    PLaYMaTe0215: umm i dont think i am eva gonna have a b/f agian
    PLaYMaTe0215: they sux
    PLaYMaTe0215: lol
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: yaz
    BALLAonAbudget56: ye
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah*
    PLaYMaTe0215: yupz
    BALLAonAbudget56: well i dont o what u want
    BALLAonAbudget56: no*
    PLaYMaTe0215: well i didnt think that we we NEVA hook up agian.. but id thatz wut u want then thatz wut happenz
    PLaYMaTe0215: i cant change ur mind
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats what i want
    PLaYMaTe0215: and we cant b friends
    BALLAonAbudget56: aahh no
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: look what happends when i try to be freinds
    BALLAonAbudget56: why the fuck cant u understand me?
    PLaYMaTe0215: bcuz ya no
    PLaYMaTe0215: bad things happen
    PLaYMaTe0215: i didnt say i wanted to b ur friend
    PLaYMaTe0215: all i sed waz
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: i no what u said
    PLaYMaTe0215: we cant b friends
    PLaYMaTe0215: there waz no ?? mark there
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: so it wasnt a ?
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite
    PLaYMaTe0215: i kno we cant b friend and i cant b friend eita bcuz i will start to like u if i see u if i dont have b/f and u dont have g.f
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont no
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont no why u stoped likin me before
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont no what i did
    BALLAonAbudget56: i realy did love u at one point
    BALLAonAbudget56: and i dont wanna jus leave that
    BALLAonAbudget56: but it looks like a hafto
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya
    PLaYMaTe0215: itz alrite...are u sure it HAS to b that way?
    BALLAonAbudget56: no
    PLaYMaTe0215: ok then
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont even no what u want
    BALLAonAbudget56: u dont tell me anything
    PLaYMaTe0215: u want to kno wut i want,,
    BALLAonAbudget56: aahhh yes!
    BALLAonAbudget56: what u want if u could have it
    BALLAonAbudget56: i want to no
    BALLAonAbudget56: fuck all the bullshit
    PLaYMaTe0215: i want a b/f that wont arguee w/ me all tha time and we will b HAPPY,, and he will b nice, so technically
    PLaYMaTe0215: UMM YOU!

    BALLAonAbudget56: amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: u want to go back oout with me?
    PLaYMaTe0215: i want to, but do u?
    BALLAonAbudget56: ahh
    BALLAonAbudget56: not right now
    PLaYMaTe0215: ...
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont think your ready
    PLaYMaTe0215: umm but i am
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy i dont think so
    PLaYMaTe0215: justin, i do..
    PLaYMaTe0215: well i need sum1 that i can honestly bee with
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy u havent changed
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats what i want u to do
    BALLAonAbudget56: but if u cant do it then jus say so
    PLaYMaTe0215: how do u want me to change?
    BALLAonAbudget56: dont say your gunna do it and not do it
    PLaYMaTe0215: i can change
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy ove told u what i want all along
    BALLAonAbudget56: and if u dont no then forget it
    PLaYMaTe0215: u wnt me to tell u things
    PLaYMaTe0215: well i didnt kno if there waz more
    PLaYMaTe0215: u wanted me to change bout
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: how u act in public
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya
    BALLAonAbudget56: how u ignore me the first ten minutes where together
    PLaYMaTe0215: sry bout that.. i get a lil rowdy
    BALLAonAbudget56: how u "jus dont wanna kiss"
    PLaYMaTe0215: and u igonre me 2
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah there is a list
    PLaYMaTe0215: it goes both wayz
    BALLAonAbudget56: u want more?
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya
    BALLAonAbudget56: but amy u dont say anything
    BALLAonAbudget56: if u dont tell me how can i change?
    PLaYMaTe0215: like talk to u?
    BALLAonAbudget56: no about what makes u madd at me
    PLaYMaTe0215: u should....
    PLaYMaTe0215: not get soo mad
    BALLAonAbudget56: i should what
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy i told u i have a porblem
    BALLAonAbudget56: i have gotten so much better with my anger
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite. well i have problemz 2...
    BALLAonAbudget56: but i guess u didnt notice
    BALLAonAbudget56: all that shit i didnt with my anger i didnt that for u
    PLaYMaTe0215: well i havent really talked to u in person
    BALLAonAbudget56: but i dont even care
    BALLAonAbudget56: u*
    PLaYMaTe0215: how can u say that ?
    BALLAonAbudget56: i jus did
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite
    PLaYMaTe0215: i noticed
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: ...
    PLaYMaTe0215: do u not want me to like u?
    BALLAonAbudget56: no
    BALLAonAbudget56: well i dunno
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont no anything
    BALLAonAbudget56: im sorry
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e do what u want
    PLaYMaTe0215: well yes or no
    BALLAonAbudget56: uim sorry for wastein your tyme
    PLaYMaTe0215: ur not wastin mah time
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: i have all tha time in tha world 4u
    PLaYMaTe0215: !
    BALLAonAbudget56: why would u say that
    PLaYMaTe0215: i jus did
    BALLAonAbudget56: u dont mean that
    PLaYMaTe0215: justin, yes i do
    BALLAonAbudget56: no
    PLaYMaTe0215: and ahh how would u kno?
    BALLAonAbudget56: then why cant u show how u feel?
    BALLAonAbudget56: i guess i wouldnt no
    PLaYMaTe0215: im tryin..
    BALLAonAbudget56: ryte
    PLaYMaTe0215: but...
    PLaYMaTe0215: i dont think that u want to hear it b/c wen i say sumthin ur like no that wont work and stuff
    PLaYMaTe0215: sooo it doesnt seem like u wanna hear it (im not tryin to b a bitch)
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy no matter what i want u to act how u feel
    PLaYMaTe0215: well I am
    BALLAonAbudget56: well u nevuh do
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah and i can really tell over this shit'
    BALLAonAbudget56: (the internet)
    PLaYMaTe0215: well thiz iz like tha 1st tyme i told u
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: well i new all along
    BALLAonAbudget56: brit told me
    BALLAonAbudget56: but u nevuh once acted like it
    PLaYMaTe0215: she told u wut?
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats u liked me
    BALLAonAbudget56: h/o
    PLaYMaTe0215: brit told u i liked u?
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite
    PLaYMaTe0215: brittany waz tha only person that i told that i liked u.. and u must of kne that i liked u bcuz memba b4 we went out like WAY b4 i told YOU i liked u and u sed NO DONT LIKE ME??

    Auto response from BALLAonAbudget56: yeah rite now im pissing so fuck off mofuckaz

    BALLAonAbudget56: what
    BALLAonAbudget56: ?
    PLaYMaTe0215: ok u no how a long time ago b4 wen we only talked online and i was like o i like sum1 w/ a J
    PLaYMaTe0215: and then i sed it was YOU
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    PLaYMaTe0215: and u sed NO NO ODNT LIKE ME
    BALLAonAbudget56: yes
    BALLAonAbudget56: whats the point
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya
    PLaYMaTe0215: there is no po
    PLaYMaTe0215: ny
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: so yd u even say that
    PLaYMaTe0215: i du nno
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: j/w if u memna?
    PLaYMaTe0215: *membad
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: yupz
    PLaYMaTe0215: i waz scared to tell ya that i liked u afta we broke up~wen i relized i started to LiKe yoizzzzz
    BALLAonAbudget56: : brit told me
    BALLAonAbudget56: but u nevuh once acted like it
    PLaYMaTe0215: she told u wut?
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats u liked me
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: she told i liked u?
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy whats liking me and not sayin anything gunna do?
    BALLAonAbudget56: yes
    BALLAonAbudget56: i ne the whole tyme
    PLaYMaTe0215: umm
    BALLAonAbudget56: i wnted to see if u would act like it
    BALLAonAbudget56: but u didnt
    PLaYMaTe0215: y wood i tell u wen i kno i cant have u?
    BALLAonAbudget56: well theres more of a chance if i now that u like me
    PLaYMaTe0215: b/c i thought u didnt like me
    PLaYMaTe0215: and i didnt want to acct like it and look gay
    BALLAonAbudget56: where the fuck do u get all this shit?
    PLaYMaTe0215: well i didnt think that
    PLaYMaTe0215: i dont no.. i assumed it i guess
    BALLAonAbudget56: i care about christina more then u and all this shit
    PLaYMaTe0215: Oh well...
    PLaYMaTe0215: kewl
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: its realy not kool
    BALLAonAbudget56: i hate that
    BALLAonAbudget56: u think u no whats goin on
    PLaYMaTe0215: i kno.. not kool
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah its realy anoying
    PLaYMaTe0215: i didnt say that?
    BALLAonAbudget56: say what
    PLaYMaTe0215: wut ru talkin about?
    PLaYMaTe0215: im confused
    BALLAonAbudget56: nuthin forget it
    PLaYMaTe0215: SOo u have alot of feelingz for christina? and none for me?
    PLaYMaTe0215: well since she makes u happy.. be with her
    BALLAonAbudget56: omg
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e
    BALLAonAbudget56: i cant do this
    BALLAonAbudget56: i am realy madd right now
    PLaYMaTe0215: umm u just sed that hun
    PLaYMaTe0215: so dont get all bend out of shape
    BALLAonAbudget56: i cant talk to u i will say shit i dont mean
    BALLAonAbudget56: i realy am very madd
    BALLAonAbudget56: ill be back in a few
    PLaYMaTe0215: y r u mad
    PLaYMaTe0215: ?
    BALLAonAbudget56: i hafte calm down
    PLaYMaTe0215: *so
    PLaYMaTe0215: by doin wut?
    PLaYMaTe0215: dont get off. u will do sumthin dumb
    PLaYMaTe0215: i kno u!~

    Auto response from BALLAonAbudget56: fuck the bullshit

    imma kill my cumputer

    PLaYMaTe0215: lol
    BALLAonAbudget56: look
    PLaYMaTe0215: lookin

    Auto response from BALLAonAbudget56: ok listen this is how it goes: u and britnay think that i have all these feelings for christina when i only saw her like 4-5 tymes and i care about her more then i care about u, that shit is all wrong and if u ever say somethin to me about christina and how a feel about her please make sure U NO WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT oh my god that gets me so madd . wtf ill be back in a few

    PLaYMaTe0215: ....
    BALLAonAbudget56: omg did u even read that
    PLaYMaTe0215: JUSTIN i was just tryin 2 explain that whole tyme how i liked u and then u answered me w/ i have more feelings for christina then u and i actually kinda hurt ok??? i mean i do care for u and i was just tryin to tell u and im sorry its ova the internet but wut are else can i do this late it all just came to me so......
    PLaYMaTe0215: im sorry if me likn u is an inconvience
    BALLAonAbudget56: omg amy
    PLaYMaTe0215: put sorry ur gonna hafta deal w/ it
    BALLAonAbudget56: i never once sed that i cared for christina at all
    PLaYMaTe0215: cuz i do like u
    BALLAonAbudget56: so where the fuck did u get that?
    PLaYMaTe0215: these feelings for christina when i only saw her like 4-5 tymes and i care about her more then i care about u
    BALLAonAbudget56: im sorry if im a dick but i jus feel like me and christina is none of your buisness and when u talk about us and your wrong i jus get very very pissed
    BALLAonAbudget56: ah amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: did u read that rest
    BALLAonAbudget56: omg
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite w/e
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats what u and britny think
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok fine
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e
    BALLAonAbudget56: i cant do this imma flip out
    BALLAonAbudget56: im goin to bed
    PLaYMaTe0215: well actually u sed tjay u wanted to wait.. and umm i kinda want to kno wut u feel like towards her and me
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok?
    BALLAonAbudget56: what
    BALLAonAbudget56: how many tymes do i hafta to tell u? i dont o
    PLaYMaTe0215: u asked me if i would wait for u too se wut it waz like w/ sum1 elze and i sed ya
    PLaYMaTe0215: thatz y i talk about her to see if u kno yet
    PLaYMaTe0215: jezus
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: w/e im confused
    BALLAonAbudget56: why cant we just all have sex together?
    BALLAonAbudget56: that will solve everything
    PLaYMaTe0215: uhh...
    PLaYMaTe0215: wow,that was random
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats what i want
    BALLAonAbudget56: i cant keep thinkin about it seriusly amy i will get madd
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats why i sed that
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite...so... wut should i do... i dunno thiz sux
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah i no its does
    BALLAonAbudget56: doesnt it suck when u like sum so much and your not goin out?
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah i no how u feel
    BALLAonAbudget56: alot
    PLaYMaTe0215: yup hardcore
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya i guess so
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    PLaYMaTe0215: yupz ~~~~~~~
    PLaYMaTe0215: *~*
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy i hate when u do that
    BALLAonAbudget56: ad a "z" to stuff
    PLaYMaTe0215: do wut?
    PLaYMaTe0215: justi
    BALLAonAbudget56: it really pisses me off
    BALLAonAbudget56: lol
    BALLAonAbudget56: jus thought id tell you that
    PLaYMaTe0215: o alrite
    PLaYMaTe0215: thankZ
    PLaYMaTe0215: haha hehe
    BALLAonAbudget56: sorry
    BALLAonAbudget56: lol
    PLaYMaTe0215: sry..
    BALLAonAbudget56: is brit rite therE?
    PLaYMaTe0215: no
    PLaYMaTe0215: in bed
    BALLAonAbudget56: was she readin this the whole tyme?
    PLaYMaTe0215: were im boutz to go
    BALLAonAbudget56: oh
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: well i dunno
    PLaYMaTe0215: shes been there for like and 1 hour
    PLaYMaTe0215: no
    BALLAonAbudget56: i hate this
    PLaYMaTe0215: me to buddyz
    PLaYMaTe0215: haha
    PLaYMaTe0215: sry..
    PLaYMaTe0215: (agian)
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok so u lied when u sed it was her>?
    PLaYMaTe0215: she was for sum of it
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: and then she left
    BALLAonAbudget56: y
    PLaYMaTe0215: she left afta she expalined her email 2 u
    PLaYMaTe0215: bcuz she waz bored
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: and tired i guezz
    BALLAonAbudget56: well u leavin?
    PLaYMaTe0215: sry itz suck a habit
    BALLAonAbudget56: i cant do this'
    PLaYMaTe0215: omg, i cant help it
    BALLAonAbudget56: imma like flip out
    PLaYMaTe0215: cuz i am usin zs?
    BALLAonAbudget56: im sorry for everything amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: no no no
    BALLAonAbudget56: u should like stopp likin me'
    BALLAonAbudget56: im badd for u
    PLaYMaTe0215: is that wut u want?
    BALLAonAbudget56: no
    BALLAonAbudget56: i think its best for u
    PLaYMaTe0215: Justin, then y u want me 2?
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy
    PLaYMaTe0215: well i dont think so baby
    BALLAonAbudget56: y
    PLaYMaTe0215: lol
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: if we went back out
    BALLAonAbudget56: would u change
    BALLAonAbudget56: like realy do it this tyme
    PLaYMaTe0215: i wood really really try for u!
    BALLAonAbudget56: instead of jus lyin like las tyme
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy looke what i did
    BALLAonAbudget56: i stop bein retarded when i get madd
    BALLAonAbudget56: ive never changed for a girl before
    BALLAonAbudget56: i was like proud of myself
    BALLAonAbudget56: then we broke up
    PLaYMaTe0215: im am very sorry, i am pruond of u too
    BALLAonAbudget56: that was great
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah too bad me hand is still fucked up
    BALLAonAbudget56: i can like crack pink like 5 tymes
    PLaYMaTe0215: i didnt mean to get u mad..
    BALLAonAbudget56: pinky*
    PLaYMaTe0215: ewwwww
    BALLAonAbudget56: lol
    PLaYMaTe0215: thatz icky
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dunno amy
    PLaYMaTe0215: well i no were u can put that craky pinky finger of urz..
    PLaYMaTe0215: haha
    PLaYMaTe0215: lol j/k j/k
    BALLAonAbudget56: if i go back out witchu ppl will think im so stupid
    PLaYMaTe0215: o thanx
    PLaYMaTe0215: i feel wonda ful
    BALLAonAbudget56: they will be madd at me
    PLaYMaTe0215: then we dont go out
    PLaYMaTe0215: obvioulyy
    PLaYMaTe0215: if u dont want them mad at us
    PLaYMaTe0215: *u
    PLaYMaTe0215: z
    BALLAonAbudget56: well i dont no
    BALLAonAbudget56: i jus dont think u will change
    PLaYMaTe0215: well wen ya kno.. holla at mah dag
    PLaYMaTe0215: *dawg
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: dam u, i will try!! for u.. cuz ur awesome
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: be serius
    PLaYMaTe0215: i am
    PLaYMaTe0215: mah neck went down b/c i waz at e/r and they gave me medicine threw and iv
    BALLAonAbudget56: oh
    BALLAonAbudget56: well change the subject sum more
    PLaYMaTe0215: yaz
    BALLAonAbudget56: jeas
    PLaYMaTe0215: sry dude
    BALLAonAbudget56: shjut up!
    BALLAonAbudget56: thats the worst one
    BALLAonAbudget56: "yaz"
    PLaYMaTe0215: i almost died last nite
    BALLAonAbudget56: shut the fuck up
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite
    BALLAonAbudget56: sry
    BALLAonAbudget56: i jus get like this
    BALLAonAbudget56: u no how long i ben holdin that in about the z thing?
    BALLAonAbudget56: like 4 months an shit
    PLaYMaTe0215: its alrite (wood u look at that i didnt use *hat leter*)
    PLaYMaTe0215: u dont like them?
    BALLAonAbudget56: that
    BALLAonAbudget56: like wat
    PLaYMaTe0215: the letter
    BALLAonAbudget56: no
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya but...
    BALLAonAbudget56: not when u use it
    PLaYMaTe0215: um y not wen I use it?
    BALLAonAbudget56: cus i dunno
    PLaYMaTe0215: do otha peeps use it?
    BALLAonAbudget56: it pisses me off
    BALLAonAbudget56: no
    BALLAonAbudget56: not like u do
    BALLAonAbudget56: "yaz"
    PLaYMaTe0215: well im sry
    PLaYMaTe0215: haha
    BALLAonAbudget56: its ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: im a funni gurlie
    BALLAonAbudget56: i feel like such a dik
    BALLAonAbudget56: im sorry
    PLaYMaTe0215: why?
    BALLAonAbudget56: i jus had alot on my mind when i said that
    PLaYMaTe0215: its totally ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    PLaYMaTe0215: i undastand
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: so u want my nuts again ?
    PLaYMaTe0215: yes
    BALLAonAbudget56: well i want your ovaries
    PLaYMaTe0215: haha
    PLaYMaTe0215: ur a funni boy
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: i realy do
    BALLAonAbudget56: but
    BALLAonAbudget56: i do like christina
    BALLAonAbudget56: a lil
    PLaYMaTe0215: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: i no
    BALLAonAbudget56: its "ot possable to like too ppl at once"
    BALLAonAbudget56: not*
    BALLAonAbudget56: but yeah i totaly do
    PLaYMaTe0215: it is... i think that everyone has b4
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah
    BALLAonAbudget56: we all no amy has
    BALLAonAbudget56: (fukin slut)
    BALLAonAbudget56: lol
    BALLAonAbudget56: j/k
    PLaYMaTe0215: haha
    BALLAonAbudget56: lol
    BALLAonAbudget56: who else r u talkin to
    BALLAonAbudget56: ?
    PLaYMaTe0215: um kith,tom,u, mat
    PLaYMaTe0215: u?
    BALLAonAbudget56: mat who
    BALLAonAbudget56: oh that fagit
    PLaYMaTe0215: fag
    BALLAonAbudget56: y u talk to him
    PLaYMaTe0215: ummm
    PLaYMaTe0215: goo ?
    PLaYMaTe0215: *good
    BALLAonAbudget56: ?
    BALLAonAbudget56: i said y do u talk to him
    PLaYMaTe0215: i meant GOOD QUESTION
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah whats his s/n?
    PLaYMaTe0215: justin, i need to kno.. do u want me to stop likein u?
    PLaYMaTe0215: or not?
    PLaYMaTe0215: dont get mad
    PLaYMaTe0215: please
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy i dont no
    BALLAonAbudget56: do what u want
    PLaYMaTe0215: i only asked bcuz im tyred and i am leavin so i just wanted to kno..
    PLaYMaTe0215: well wut do uwantm e 2 do?
    BALLAonAbudget56: amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: i want u to give me head
    BALLAonAbudget56: then will see whats up
    BALLAonAbudget56: and whats his s/n?
    PLaYMaTe0215: r u fo real?
    BALLAonAbudget56: well
    BALLAonAbudget56: if u want me to be
    PLaYMaTe0215: Boston8772: yea so you even think about talking to him , talking to him online, touching his numbers on the phone i mean i don't care you do anything to contact him and i will kill you
    PLaYMaTe0215: who?
    PLaYMaTe0215: uhh i dont kno wut thatz about
    BALLAonAbudget56: what is his s/n?!?!?!?
    PLaYMaTe0215: look wut tom wrote
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok yes
    BALLAonAbudget56: im past that
    BALLAonAbudget56: what is that kids s/n?
    PLaYMaTe0215: tha kid got off.. but its
    BALLAonAbudget56: omg
    BALLAonAbudget56: wtf
    PLaYMaTe0215: independednt32
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah u didnt do that on purpose
    PLaYMaTe0215: *ndependent32
    PLaYMaTe0215: Independent32**
    PLaYMaTe0215: well accordin 2 tom i cant t talk tou ne more
    PLaYMaTe0215: so ya
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont no
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont think i will change for me
    BALLAonAbudget56: u didnt befor
    BALLAonAbudget56: and yes u can suck my dick if u want
    PLaYMaTe0215: i told u b4.. i wood TRY TRY very HARD HARD for YOU YOU
    BALLAonAbudget56: yeah'
    PLaYMaTe0215: ok ok?
    BALLAonAbudget56: u said that along tyme ago when we were goin out
    PLaYMaTe0215: alrite alrte
    BALLAonAbudget56: and nuthing happend
    PLaYMaTe0215: i waz gay than
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    PLaYMaTe0215: my hed clear now
    BALLAonAbudget56: ok
    BALLAonAbudget56: im confused
    PLaYMaTe0215: well x*cept for tha mono
    BALLAonAbudget56: i dont see any deference
    PLaYMaTe0215: me0 2
    PLaYMaTe0215: *me
    PLaYMaTe0215: well whutcha wanna do buck-o?
    PLaYMaTe0215: i think i am goin to bedd
    BALLAonAbudget56: whats diff. from now and then?
    PLaYMaTe0215: well now im kinda tellin u wut i think and b4 u wood say i wood not tell u soo i think that isa difference .. rite??
    PLaYMaTe0215: there will b more
    BALLAonAbudget56: i guess
    PLaYMaTe0215: i try soooo hard
    PLaYMaTe0215: i promise
    BALLAonAbudget56: really amy?
    PLaYMaTe0215: its not an empty promise either
    BALLAonAbudget56: do u realy want this?
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya
    BALLAonAbudget56: r u sure?
    PLaYMaTe0215: yup....
    BALLAonAbudget56: no realy amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: this is improtant
    PLaYMaTe0215: ya
    BALLAonAbudget56: well amy
    BALLAonAbudget56: i have alot of thinking to do

    if anyone took the tyme to read that thank-you

    advice is greatly apreatiated

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    um i didnt take the time to read the whole fucking novel you put up so. yeah, the only advice i can give you is to not do that again.
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    thats definitly some bitch shit i got about half way through and was like what the fuck when does it end so i scrolled the page and found its much too much
  5. seeking

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    dont sweat it, i talked to your ex, she's feelin a mafucker like seeking now. your in the clear with christina, shes on my dick now... thank me later.
  6. I read about 35% of it (had to read it out loud cause I can't understand your goddamn internet speak, "u no?"), but I did stumble upon the following two quotes:

    PLaYMaTe0215: it will take mw soooo long ill write u an eamial tommrow its that aight??

    PLaYMaTe0215: mah neck went down b/c i waz at e/r and they gave me medicine threw and iv

    That is enough for me to be absolutely convinced the girl is a complete retard with the mental abilities of SPAM. Good call on asking her to just suck your dick. Beer,

    El Mamerro

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    that's funny shit right there.
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    your IM is ballaonabudget!!
    thats the best part of the post.
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    well mine is pimpnonabugit. 2 broke kids trying to do big things.
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    Whats whith all the W/e w.e w/r u 2 but wut yooyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo wut wut internet ebonics bullshit?
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    uh huh

    "now how can i perfect this? livin' recless, die for my neclace"
    - [​IMG]
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    here is what you do .... get a naked picture of both of em....as long as they are 18+ post em here and we will decide for you.
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    yea that internet talk is just messed up stuff. and dont take any of this shit too serious, it sounds like high school stuff... just have fun, u seem to already konw a relationship with this chick is outta the question, so just follow up on the dick sucking thing.