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skated with kerry getz, jessie paez, and jeremy homes

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by mcpeepants, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. mcpeepants

    mcpeepants Guest

    i got to skate with these guys last night at my shops private warehouse. its really small and gets fucking hot but it was cool. kerry getz, jeremy holmes and jessie paez aredown here for some demos so they came by to have a chill session or whatever. anyways im there skating too having a grand old time and im just getting over my knee injury that i made a thread about before. and after i landedd a bunch of what i was trying and its been like a few hours then i try a kickflip frontside board across the bank to flat bar then it locks up and i jump off only to have my knee pop out again. it fucking hurt and everyone was there all watching, which irratates me for some reason. so im out for another month at least and maybe ill have to go to the doctors this time, and i stil dont have medical.
  2. --zeSto--

    --zeSto-- Guest

    namedroppin people I've never heard of. wow! :rolleyes:
  3. im not witty

    im not witty Guest

    hockey temper is a maniac skater.

    so tell me something i care about, like how well those guys skated, not how your knee hurts.
  4. Dr. Dazzle

    Dr. Dazzle Veteran Member

    Joined: Nov 19, 2001 Messages: 8,147 Likes Received: 3
    Did Kerry Getz throw one of his temper tantrums??
  5. mcpeepants

    mcpeepants Guest

    hahah, you guys are bitches. they skated good alright. jessie was doing big shit and feebling he flat bar and then doing a bs noseblunt revert on tthe quarter. jeremy holmes did soem rail tricks on the down like 180 nose grind, bs lip, and kickflip nose manual on the grind box. getz was just like chilling around nollie fipping, kickfliping, switch flipping the dvs bench thingy. there is that good? ill take pics next time at the demo for your pleasure, hows that?
  6. mcpeepants

    mcpeepants Guest

    kerry did look prety mad a few ties cuz the ware house is kinda hard to get used to and it was their first time there, but he knew people were watching and it wouldnt be cool to start throwing his board around all of us. hahahaha i was looking for that too!
  7. mental invalid

    mental invalid Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 11, 2001 Messages: 13,050 Likes Received: 8
    skateboarding lingo always cracks me up...its like talking to a techie...i just kinda nod while the monkeys play in my head......
  8. mcpeepants

    mcpeepants Guest

    yeh i know im a nerd, but ive been skating or 8 years now.
  9. shameless self promotion

    shameless self promotion 12oz Legend

    Joined: Mar 7, 2001 Messages: 16,307 Likes Received: 114
    last demo i went to, gershon mosley ran over a 14 year old kid, and he went to the hospital with a broken collar bone or something...it was funny.

    then i 360 flipped to tail slide on the flat bar over the fly box...

    and smoked a blunt and went home.

    that was 1999.or was it 98?
  10. beardo

    beardo Guest

    jesse paez is cool, him and the think team were randomly skating around my hometown one night and i showed them around. poncho molar (sp?) was there too, that dude is so funny to watch.

    oh come on, how could i not name drop a midget?
  11. mcpeepants

    mcpeepants Guest

    yeh poncho might be down here now he has family on kauai, hey beardo did you meet a tall ass white guy named sean thats my dawg from over here he's with them now.
  12. DETO

    DETO Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 11,348 Likes Received: 154
    i skated with tony hawk on my XBOX. ;)
  13. DETO

    DETO Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 11,348 Likes Received: 154
    werd, we id all sorts of dope shit together too, we allied all night long then we went to these chicks house and had mad sex cuz tony hawk was with me and i said i new tease :lol:
  14. Kr430n5_666

    Kr430n5_666 Banned

    Joined: Oct 6, 2004 Messages: 19,229 Likes Received: 30


    people are people. they do things. you might like the things they do. thats cool, but they are still just people and no one is an exception. so calm one down and say, "yeah that was nice", and smile.
  15. space

    space Member

    Joined: May 17, 2002 Messages: 320 Likes Received: 0
    i'm with the DJ.