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Sao Paulo Brazil - museum and street stuff

Discussion in 'Brick Slayers' started by ASTISM, Oct 10, 2001.


    ASTISM Guest

    Some of the fliks from the museum installation by Os Gemeos and 2 other guys didn't come out that great, but I know I wasn't supposed to be flicking shit and there were mad guards with automatic weapons walking around. That twist/mune post reminded me that I had all this brasil stuff lying around. Anyway enjoy....







    ASTISM Guest


  3. CIPHER_one

    CIPHER_one Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 3, 2000 Messages: 2,300 Likes Received: 0
    jesus. incredible. That last character is insane. As are the rest but, yeah... thanks.

    KING OF HELL Guest

    oh my stars and garters.
  5. beardo

    beardo Guest

    dumb. just dumb. stop.
  6. sTress

    sTress Guest


    Do you think os gemeos live off their art ?
    Are they popular in the international art comunity, outside the graff world ?
  7. Sonik3000

    Sonik3000 Senior Member

    Joined: Apr 10, 2000 Messages: 2,452 Likes Received: 3
    That last character is by Herbert, aka Cobale. Great great kid and painter. Wow.

    That prodo up top is in as central a location in Sao Paulo as you could ask for. That and I was a week late showing up in 98 to be on it. Doh.

    Yeah, the Gemeos are pretty much pro artists now. But their profile is very low in Brasil. They don't talk to media there really.

    AST, two questions, one is the museum stuff from the Biennale?
    Two, a request, we should be in touch to talk about Brasil again.... I think I have your email still but if you think about it, drop me a note.
    [email protected]
  8. BROWNer

    BROWNer Guest

    i look at these guys in brazil and it fills me with a sombre realization that
    i have such a massive journey ahead, they are so tuned into their style, subject
    matter and color....
    i was at lostart last night looking at vitche.....who is fucking well wicked........
    i wanted to post some of his characters....but.................we know
    what happened with the twins thread...so just go here....
    or for the twins and some herbert stuff:
    sonik....please cough up some of your photos man...................
  9. Organ Donor

    Organ Donor Elite Member

    Joined: Apr 4, 2001 Messages: 2,884 Likes Received: 0
    those photos are like teasers. i want to see a good version now. the ones that did come out well are really nice though.

    JOEY KINGS Guest

  11. .,.,.,

    .,.,., Guest

  12. krs702

    krs702 Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 6, 2000 Messages: 1,212 Likes Received: 0
    its great to have the net and ppl like sonik( who knows the twins) to learn about em..

    if 12oz makes another magazine do something with os gemeos again and let sonik interview em again.. :)
  13. sTress

    sTress Guest

    what does "le você toda minha iluçao" means?
  14. ig

    ig New Jack

    Joined: Jul 3, 2001 Messages: 18 Likes Received: 0
    news from SP

    " Toda a minha ilusão" means "all my illusion"
    The twins often intentionally misspell words in portuguese in their work.

    They do avoid the media a bit here, and prefer to let their work
    speak for itself. However, they have just gotten sponsorship to
    help cover the costs of Mural Global SP, and will at least have to
    cope with some media if they are to provide any exposure for
    their sponsor(s).

    Loomit is already in SP. The others arrive on Friday.

    The photo below is of a wall done by Vitche and a local inhabitant, waiting
    until 5pm when the local homeless shelter, called Glicério, opens.

    I photographed the twins+herbert+vitche installation one afternoon in the Bienal and security was really mellow, we used a tripod, photographed all we wanted, and weren't hassled at all. It was a big deal in the media here because the "established" artists felt threatened by their work/presence there. Very funny at the time.

    photo © Ig Aronovich

  15. sTress

    sTress Guest

    o baomp
    :stretch: :stretch: :stretch: :stretch: :stretch: