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Reporting marks..

Discussion in 'Metal Heads' started by Skull&Bones, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. Skull&Bones

    Skull&Bones Guest

    AA Ann Arbor Railroad
    AALX Advanced Aromatics LP
    AAMX ACFA Arrendadora de Carros de Ferrocarril S.A.
    AAR Association of American Railroads
    AATX Ampacet Corporation
    AB Akron and Barberton Cluster Railway Company
    ABB Akron and Barberton Belt Railroad Company
    ABBX Abbott Labs
    ABIX Anheuser-Busch Incorporated
    ABL Alameda Belt Line
    ABOX TTX Company
    ABRX AB Rail Investments Incorporated
    ABWX Asea Brown Boveri Incorporated
    AC Canadian National (Algoma Central Railway)
    ACAX Honeywell International Incorporated
    ACBL American Commercial Barge Lines
    ACCX Consolidation Coal Company
    ACDX Honeywell International Incorporated
    ACEX Ace Cogeneration Company (Calif.)
    ACFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation (ACF industries)
    ACGX Suburban Propane LP
    ACHX American Cyanamid Company
    ACIS Algoma Central Railway Incorporated
    ACIX Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
    ACJR Ashtabula Carson Jefferson Railroad Company
    ACJU American Coastal Lines Joint Venture Incorporated
    ACL CSX Transportation Incorporated (Atlantic Coast Line)
    ACLU Atlantic Container Line Limited
    ACLX American Car Line Company
    ACMX Voith Hydro Incorporated
    ACNU AKZO Chemie B V
    ACOU Associated Octel Company Limited
    ACPX Amoco Oil Company
    ACPZ American Concrete Products Company
    ACRX American Chrome and Chemicals Incorporated
    ACSU Atlantic Cargo Services AB
    ACSX Honeywell International Incorporated
    ACSZ American Carrier Equipment
    ACTU Associated Container Transport (Australia) Limited
    ACTX Honeywell International Incorporated
    ACUU Acugreen Limited
    ACWR Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railway
    ACWZ Union Pacific Railroad Company
    ACXU Atlantic Cargo Services AB
    ACXX Anderson Columbia Company Incorporated
    ACY Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Akron, Canton & Youngstown)
    ACZX Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    ADBF Adrian and Blissfield Rail Road Company
    ADCU Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
    ADMX ADM Transportation Company
    ADN Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
    ADRX Addeleston Recycling Corporation
    ADSX Andrew Merrilees Limited
    AEC Atlantic and East Carolina Railway Company
    AECX Associated Electric Cooperative Incorporated (Mo.)
    AEFR Aurora Elgin and Fox River Electric
    AEIX Alan Eslisk
    AEIZ Farrell Lines Incorporated
    AEPU American Lines Incorporated
    AEPX American Electric Power Service (Ind., Mich., Ohio)
    AERC Albany and Eastern Railroad Company
    AESX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    AEVX AKZO Coatings Incorporated
    AEX Andersons
    AF Alabama and Florida Railway Company
    AFCU Afram Lines Incorporated
    AFCX Atel Leasing Corporation
    AFCZ Afram Lines Limited
    AFIU ABS Industrial Verification Incorporated
    AFIX FIXCOR Industries Incorporated
    AFIZ Agmark Foods
    AFLR Alabama and Florida Railroad Incorporated
    AFPX Honeywell International Incorporated
    AFRX AF Railway Industries Incorporated
    AFSX Astoria LLC
    AG Galveston Railroad L.P.
    AGCR Alamo Gulf Coast Railroad Company
    AGCX Procor Limited
    AGEX NOVA Chemicals Limited
    AGHX Agrium U.S. Incorporated
    AGIX AGRI Industries
    AGLF Knoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated
    AGLX Andrews Petroleum Incorporated
    AGMX Terra Nitrogen Limited Partnership
    AGPX Ag Processing Incorporated
    AGR Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway LLC
    AGRD A and G Railroad LLC
    AGRX Agrifos LLC
    AGS Alabama Great Southern Railroad Company
    AGYX Centrex Construction Products Inc (American Gypsum Company)
    AHCX Arcadian Corporation
    AHMX Altos Homos de Mexico SA de CV
    AHW Fox Valley and Western Limited
    AHWZ Fox Valley and Western Limited
    AIDU Albermarle Corporation
    AIEU Aviation Import Export Incorporated
    AIIZ III Transportation
    AINX TTX Company - Acorn Division
    AIPX Atlas Iron Processors Incorporated
    AIRX American International Rail Services LLC
    AITU Western Intermodal
    AJCU Australia Japan Container Line
    AJPX North American Chemical
    AKDN Acadiana Railway Company
    AKFX AKF Corporation
    AKLU K Line
    AKMD Arkansas Midland Railroad Company
    AKMX HELM Financial Corporation
    AKZX AKZO Nobel Chemicals Incorporated
    AL Almanor Railroad Company
    ALAB Alabama Railroad Company
    ALAX Equistar Chemicals LP
    ALCX Alcan Smelters and Chemicals Limited
    ALEX AGRI Industries
    ALLX Alliance Machine Company
    ALLZ Alliance Shippers Incorporated
    ALM Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
    ALMX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
    ALNX Alberta Government
    ALPX Alberta Government
    ALQS Aliquippa and Southern Railroad Company
    ALRX A and R Leasing Limited Liability Corporation
    ALS Alton and Southern Railway Company
    ALSX Albis Canada Incorporated
    ALTU VTG Vereinigte Tanklage U Transportmittel GMBH
    ALTX Southern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
    ALUX Alumax of South Carolina Incorporated
    ALY Allegheny and Eastern Railroad Incorporated
    AM Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Company
    AMAX AMAX Coal Company
    AMBU Amber Line Incorporated
    AMBX American Boiler Works Incorporated
    AMC Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
    AMCX BP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division
    AMCZ Interbulk Incorporated
    AMFU Amphibious Container Leasing Limited
    AMGX AMG Resources Corporation
    AMHR Landisville Railroad Incorporated
    AMIU American Marine Industry
    AMIX Railcar Leasing Specialists Incorporated
    AMIZ American Marine Industries
    AMLX American Railcar Company
    AMMU Hyundai
    AMMX Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company
    AMNX American Railcar Leasing Partners
    AMOX Amoco Oil Company
    AMOZ American Oil Company
    AMPX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    AMRX Consolidated Oil and Transportation Company Incorporated
    AMRZ American Chassis Leasing Incorporated
    AMSX AllTrans Management Services Corp
    AMTK National Railroad Passenger Corporation
    AMTZ Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
    AMXU Americas Marine Express Incorporated
    AN Apalachicola Northern Railroad
    ANAU Alliance Navigation Line Incorporated
    ANAX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    ANCX Norit Americas Incorporated
    ANDX Andesite Rock Company
    ANKX A and K Railroad Materials Incorporated
    ANR Angelina and Neches River Railroad
    ANSX Ansco Investment Company
    AOCU Associated Octel
    AOCX Aluminum Company of America
    AOIX Marathon Ashland Petroleum Company
    AOK Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad Incorporated
    AOUX Alberta and Orient Glycol Company Limited
    APA Apache Railway Company
    APAX Cimentos Apasco S.A. De C.V.
    APCU American President Lines Limited
    APCX Allied Lime Company
    APD Albany Port District
    APEX Apex Tank Car Line
    APHX Air Products Polymers LP
    APIX Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
    APLU American President Lines Limited
    APLX APL Land Transport Services Incorporated
    APLZ American President Lines Limited
    APMU Maersk Lines
    APMX Air Products Manufacturing Company
    APNC Appanoose County Community Railroad
    APOX Albama Power Company
    APRX Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated
    APSX Arizona Public Service Company
    APTX Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated
    APWX Appalachian Power Company
    APXX Alberta Prairie Rail Excursions
    AQCX Aqua-Chem Incorporated Cleaver Brooks Division
    AR Aberdeen and Rockfish Railroad Company
    ARA Arcade and Attica Railroad Corporation
    ARC Alexander Railroad Company
    ARCX Arizona Rail Car Incorporated
    ARDP Union Pacific Railroad Company
    ARDU CATU Containers S.A.
    ARE A. and R. Line Incorporated
    AREX Aeropres Corporation
    ARGX Associated Railcar Incorporated
    ARHU CATU Containers S.A.
    ARHX Arch Mineral Corporation
    ARIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    ARMH Union Pacific Railroad Company
    ARMN Union Pacific Railroad Company
    ARMX American Rail and Marine Corporation
    ARMZ Armasal Line
    ARN Alberta RailNet Incorporated
    AROX General American Transportation Corporation
    ARPX Amoco Oil Company
    ARR Alaska Railroad Corporation
    ARRX Anthracite Railroads Historical Society Incorporated
    ARSX Aristech Chemical Corporation
    ART American Refrigerator Transit Company
    ARTU CATU Containers S.A.
    ARW Arkansas Western Railway Company
    ARWX Alabama River Woodlands Incorporated
    ARZC Arizona and California Railroad Company
    ASAB Bay Line Railroad LLC
    ASCX Armco Steel Company L.P.
    ASGX Ash Grove Cement Company
    ASHU Maritainer France SA
    ASHX American Soda LLP
    ASR Allegheny Southern Railroad Incorporated
    ASRX Domino Sugar Company
    ASRY Ashland Railway Incorporated
    ASRZ Agri/Share Cooperative
    ASTX Asarco Incorporated
    ATCX Southern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
    ATEX Asplundh Tree Expert Co Railroad Division
    ATGU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    ATGX ATEL Leasing Corporation
    ATIU Societe Auxillaire De Transport Et D'Industries
    ATLT Austin Todd and Ladd Railroad Company
    ATLU American Marine Industries
    ATLX Atlas Machine and Iron Works Incorporated
    ATLZ American Marine Industries
    ATMX U.S. Dept. of Energy Albuquerque Operations Office
    ATOU Atochem
    ATSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe)
    ATTX TTX Company
    ATW Atlantic and Western Railway
    AUG Augusta Railroad Corporation
    AVL Aroostook Valley Railroad Company
    AVLU Allied Van Lines
    AVR Allegheny Valley Railroad Company
    AWCX Airco Welding Products
    AWDX Atlantic of New York Incorporated
    AWIX Albright and Wilson Americas Incorporated
    AWP CSX Transportation Incorporated (Atlanta & West Point)
    AWW Algers Winslow and Western Railway
    AWXX East Carbon development Company
    AWZZ McCloud Railway Company
    AXCU Ace Transportation Company
    AXXZ Agricultural Express of America
    AZCR Arizona Central Railroad Incorporated
    AZCX Azcon Corporation
    AZER Arizona Eastern Railway Company
    AZEX Arizona Electric Power Cooperative Incorporated
    AZMX Arizona Railway Museum

    BADX Baden Investment Company
    BAEX Andersons
    BANU Bank Winter and Co Aktiengesellschaft
    BAPX Bay Area Piggyback Incorporated
    BAR Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company
    BARU Barons Leasing Corporation
    BARZ Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company
    BASX Bay State Milling Company
    BAWX Babcock and Wilcox Company
    BAYL Bay Line Railroad LLC
    BAYU Mobay Chemical Corporation
    BAYX Bayer Corporation
    BB Buckingham Branch Railroad Company
    BBCX ABB Power Generation Incorporated
    BBRX Bombardier Incorporated Transportation Equipment Group
    BBSZ Barbar Steamship Lines Incorporated
    BBTU Bress Bulk International Bulk Transport and Consulting
    BCAX Blue Circle Incorporated
    BCCX Border Chemical Company Limited
    BCDX Borden Chemical Incorporated
    BCGX Bay Cities Gas Corporation
    BCH Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited
    BCIT BC Rail Limited
    BCIU Bay Cities Leasing Company
    BCIX Blue Circle Incorporated
    BCJU Bay Cities Leasing Company
    BCLR Bay Colony Railroad Corporation
    BCLU Bibby Bros Company
    BCMX Bullet Concrete Materials Company
    BCNE Canadian National Railway
    BCOL BC Rail Limited
    BCRX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    BCRY Cando Contracting Limited (Barrie-Collingwood Railway)
    BCTZ Boise Cascade Corporation
    BCVX West Coast Express
    BCWX Union Tank Car Company
    BCYU Bay Cities Leasing Company (Union Pacific)
    BDCX Anchor Glass Container
    BDLX BDL Company
    BDMX Blue Diamond Mining Incorporated
    BDNX Baroid Drilling Fluids Incorporated
    BDRV Belvidere and Delaware River Railway
    BDTL Ballard Terminal Railroad Company
    BDW Bad Water Line
    BECX FMC Corporation
    BEEM Beech Mountain Railroad Corporation
    BELX Belle Haven Foods Incorporated
    BENX Investors Property Service
    BFCX Berwick Freight Car Company
    BFGX Oxy Vinyls LP
    BFHU Bailee Freight Services Limited
    BFIX Bethlehem Steel Corporations
    BFRR Buffalo Ridge Railroad Incorporated
    BFSU Bailee Freight Services Limited
    BGEX GATX Capital Corporation
    BGKU Schering AG
    BGSX Strata Corporation
    BHCU Bridgehead Container Service
    BHP BHP Nevada Railroad Company
    BHTX Bernhart Crane and Rigging Company
    BIAX Ocala Recycling Recycling
    BIDU Universal Bulk-Handling Limited
    BIGX Air Liquide America Corporation
    BIRR Bellingham International Railroad LLC
    BISX Brandenburg Industrial Service Co
    BITY Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
    BJGX B. J. Gas Supply Incorporated
    BJHX BJ Titan Services Company
    BJOX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
    BJRY Burlington Junction Railway
    BKLU Bank Line Limited
    BKRR Batten Kill Railroad Company Incorporated
    BKRU Baker Tanks
    BKTY Union Pacific Railroad Company
    BLCX Commonwealth Plan Incorporated
    BLE Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company
    BLKM Black Mesa and Lake Powell
    BLKU Bulkhaul Company Limited
    BLKZ Mid-American Intermodal Equipment Corporation
    BLMR Blue Mountain Railroad Incorporated
    BLOR Bloomer Line
    BM Guilford Rail system (Boston & Maine)
    BMAZ Transamerica Leasing (Better Asset Management)
    BMCX Bluewater Michigan Chapter Incorporated
    BMDZ Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
    BMH Beaufort and Morehead Railroad Co
    BMIZ Burlington Motor Carriers
    BML Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad
    BMRG Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad
    BMS St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company
    BMSX Bemis Company Incorporated
    BMZ Boston and Maine Corp
    BN Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Burlington Northern)
    BNAU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNAZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNFE Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNIU British and Irish Steam Packet Company
    BNML Burlington Northern (Manitoba) Limited
    BNO Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNPZ Pacific Rail Services
    BNQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNRQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNRZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNXU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BNZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    BO CSX Transportation Incorporated (Baltimore & Ohio)
    BOBX Freeman Gas of N.C. Incorporated
    BOCT CSX Transportation (Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad)
    BOCX BOC Gases
    BOGU BSL Transport
    BONU Bond International Limited
    BOP Border Pacific Railroad Company
    BORX U.S. Borax Incorporated
    BORZ Ecorail Incorporated
    BOSU W. BOS Vloeistof Transport B.V.
    BOZ CSX Transportation Incorporated (Baltimore & Ohio)
    BPAX US Dept of Energy Bonneville Power Administration
    BPAZ Acme Markets Incorporated
    BPCU B P Chemicals Belgium
    BPCX Basin Electric Power Cooperative
    BPIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
    BPLU M1 Engineering Limited
    BPLX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
    BPOX BP Amoco Chemical Comp. BP Oil Division
    BPPX GATX Capital Corporation
    BPRR Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Incorporated
    BR Bradford Industrial Rail Incorporated
    BRAX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
    BRBX Bombardier Transportation
    BRC Belt Railway Company of Chicago
    BRCX Bunge Corporation
    BREX Big Rivers Electric Corporation (Ky.)
    BRFD Branford Steam Railroad
    BRG Brownsville and Rio Grande International Railroad
    BRIX Incobrasa Industries Limited
    BRNU Brun S.A.
    BRNZ Comtrak Incorporated
    BROU Swedish Transocean Lines
    BRRC Borinstein Railroad Company
    BRRX Brooklyn Resource Recovery Incorporated
    BRW Black River and Western Corporation
    BS Birmingham Southern Railroad Company
    BSCX Bethlehem Steel Corporation
    BSDA BSDA Railroad
    BSIX Bethlehem Steel Corporation
    BSLU Blue Star Line Limited
    BSMX Bay State Milling Company
    BSOR Buffalo Southern Railroad Incorporated
    BSPX Otter Tail Power Company (S.Dak.)
    BSRX Branson Scenic Railway Incorporated
    BSTX Trinitas Corporation
    BTAX Air Liquide America Corporation.
    BTC Birmingham Terminal
    BTCO Boston Terminal Company
    BTCU Bulkmatic Transport Co
    BTCZ Bulkmatic Transport Company
    BTEX BTE Equipment LLC
    BTLZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
    BTRX Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
    BTTX TTX Company
    BUDX Budd Company (temporary)
    BUDZ Bud Antle Incorporated
    BUGX Bruggere and Monson
    BUKX Louisville Gas and Electric Company
    BUNZ Burnside International Trucks Limited
    BVCX West Coast Express
    BVHX B.V. Heddrick Gravel and Sand Company
    BVRY Brandywine Valley Railroad Company
    BWCX GE Plastics
    BXBX BXB Corporation
    BXN Bauxite and Northern Railway Company

    CA Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad
    CAAX MHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra Incorporated
    CABU Bacardi and Company Limited
    CABX Cabot Corporation
    CACZ Comacasa Line
    CADX CAN DO Incorporated
    CAFU Bay Cities Leasing Company
    CAGX MHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra Incorporated
    CAGY Columbus and Greenville Railway Company
    CAGZ Columbus and Greenville Railway Company
    CALA Carolina Southern Railroad Company
    CALX California Railcar Corporation
    CANX CANAC International Incorporated
    CAOX Westlake CA and O
    CAPX TransAlta Utilities Corporation
    CARR Carrollton Railroad
    CARX Lamson and Sessions
    CARZ Anton Caraton and Son
    CASO Canadian Pacific Railway (Canada Southern)
    CATU CATU Containers S.A.
    CAXU Container Applications International Incorporated
    CBC Chemins de fer Baie des Chaleurs Incorporated
    CBCX Morton International
    CBGR Council Bluffs Railway Company/Great Western Railway of Iowa LLC
    CBHU China Ocean Shipping Company
    CBIU Combi Line-Lash
    CBIX Central Bi-Products
    CBL Conemaugh and Black Lick Railroad
    CBLU Cooper Brothers Containers Limited
    CBNS Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway
    CBPU CBSL Transportation Services Limited
    CBQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy)
    CBQZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    CBRM Chillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority
    CBRW Columbia Basin Railroad Company
    CBRY Copper Basin Railway Incorporated
    CBYN Crosbyton Railway Company Incorporated
    CC Canadian National (Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad)
    CCAX FDJ Leasing
    CCBX Union Carbide Corporation
    CCCL Connecticut Central Railroad Company
    CCCU Compass Container Co Incorporated
    CCCZ Compass Container Co Incorporated
    CCDX Dayton Power and Light Company
    CCEZ Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company
    CCFZ Chi-Can Freight Forwarding
    CCGX Cando Contracting Limited
    CCHX Columbian Chemicals Canada Limited
    CCIM Corpus Christie Terminal
    CCIZ Crete Intermodal
    CCKX CCKX Incorporated
    CCKY Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway Company
    CCLU Char Ching Shipping (USA) Limited
    CCLX Crystal Car Line Incorporated
    CCPX Canadian Chemical Producers' Assoc.
    CCR Kansas City Southern Railway Company (Corinth & Counce)
    CCRA Camp Chase Industrial Railroad Corporation
    CCRR Claremont Concord Railroad Corporation
    CCRU Compagnie Des Containers Reservoir
    CCRX Coastal Refining and Marketing Incorporated
    CCRY Charles City Rail Lines Incorporated
    CCRZ Kansas City Southern Railway Company
    CCSU Trans Ocean Limited
    CCT Central California Traction Company
    CCTU Coordinated Caribbean Transport Incorporated
    CCTX Central Power and Light Company (Texas)
    CCTZ Crowley Maritime Corporation
    CCUO Chicago-Chemung Railroad Corporation
    CCWX Coastal Chem Incorporated
    CCX Columbian Chemicals Co (Subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Corporation)
    CCXU Char Ching Shipping (USA) Limited
    CCXX Costain Coal Incorporated
    CDAC Canadian American Railroad Company
    CDAU Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
    CDAZ Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
    CDCX Air Liquide America Corporation
    CDGX Service Oil Company
    CDLZ Cardinal Freight Carriers
    CDNU Carotrans International
    CDTX California Department of Transportation
    CEBX Combustion Engineering Incorporated
    CEDR Cedar River Railroad Company
    CEFX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
    CEI Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago & Eastern Illinois)
    CEIW Central Indiana and Western RR Company
    CELX Celtran Incorporated Subsidiary of Hoechst Celanese Corporation
    CEMR Central Manitoba Railway Incorporated
    CEMX Cemex Mexico SA de CV
    CENX Western Aggregates Incorporated
    CEPX Trinity Industries Leasing
    CERA Central Railroad Company of Indianapolis
    CERX ER Carpenter LLP
    CETU Custom Environmental Transport Incorporated
    CEWX Canadian Enterprise Gas Products
    CF Cape Fear Railways Incorporated
    CFKZ XTRA Intermodal
    CFLX Crestbrook Forest Industries (captive service)
    CFMX Cargill Incorporated
    CFNR California Northern Railroad Company
    CFRU Cardinal Freight Carriers
    CFSX C and T Refinery Incorporated
    CFTX Canadian Fertilizers Limited
    CFWR Caney Fork and Western Railroad
    CG Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Central of Georgia)
    CGAX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
    CGBX Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated
    CGCX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
    CGDX Country Gas Distributors Incorporated
    CGEX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
    CGFX Consolidated Gas Company of Florida
    CGLX CGTX Incorporated
    CGMU Compagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
    CGMX CGTX Incorporated
    CGMZ Compagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
    CGNE Champagne Railroad Incorporated
    CGOX Cargill Incorporated
    CGRX Consolidated Grain and Barge Company
    CGSX Proflame Incorporated
    CGT Canada and Gulf Terminal Railway
    CGTU Compagnie Generale Maritime (French Line)
    CGTX CGTX Incorporated
    CGW Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago Great Western)
    CHAU Combined Transport Group Incorporated
    CHAX Chartrand's Tank Car Service
    CHEX Equistar Chemicals
    CHFU Challenge International
    CHIU Chimco - Bulgaria
    CHLX Chemleco Incorporated
    CHMX Southern Illinois Railcar Incorporated
    CHP Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
    CHR Chestnut Ridge Railway Company
    CHRC Chaparral Railroad Company Incorporated
    CHRR Chesapeake Railroad Company
    CHRX The Chesapeake Division
    CHSX Cenex Harvest States Cooperative
    CHSZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
    CHTS Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
    CHTT Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer)
    CHVX Chevron Chemical Company
    CHW Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CI Cambria and Indiana Railroad Company
    CIC Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway
    CIIX Contico International Incorporated
    CIND Central Railroad Company of Indiana
    CIPX Ameren Energy Generating Company
    CIR City of Rochelle Illinois
    CIRR Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad
    CIRX Consbec Incorporated
    CISD Colonel's Island Railroad Company
    CITU Citroen
    CITX PLM International Incorporated
    CIW Illinois Central Railroad Company (Chicago & Illinois Western)
    CIXX Calciner Industries Incorporated
    CJPX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    CKIX C.K. Industries
    CKP Colorado Kansas and Pacific Railway Company
    CKRY Central Kansas Railway Incorporated
    CKSI Carthage Knightstown and Shirley Railroad
    CLC Columbia and Cowlitz Railway Company
    CLCZ Complete Logistics Company
    CLDZ Celadon Trucking Services Incorporated
    CLEX Cieco Corporation
    CLGU Costa Line Cargo Services
    CLIX Calumet Lubricants
    CLMX Cyprus Sierrita Corporation
    CLNA Carolina Coastal Railway Incorporated
    CLOU CLOU Container Leasing GmbH
    CLOX Clark Refining and Marketing Incorporated
    CLP Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad
    CLPX Boulder Scientific Company
    CLPZ Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company
    CLRX Clayton Rail
    CLSL Columbia and Silver Creek Railroad
    CLSX Cargill Incorporated Salt Division
    CLTU Chemical Leaman Tank Lines Incorporated
    CLTX Cloro de Tehuantepec S.A. de C.V.
    CM Central Montana Rail Incorporated
    CMC CMC Railroad Incorporated
    CMCU Crowley Maritime Corporation
    CMCX Sweetman Construction Company
    CMCZ Crowley Maritime Corporation
    CMDX Cargill Incorporated
    CMGN Central Michigan Railway Company
    CMHX CarMath Incorporated
    CMIX Consolidated Minerals Incorporated
    CMLU Containers Marine Lines (Division of American Export)
    CMLZ Containers Marine Lines Isbrandtsen
    CMMU Medcontainers
    CMO Union Pacific Railroad Company
    CMPA Madison Railroad Division of City of Madison Port Authority
    CMPU Complete Logistics Company
    CMSN Crowley Marine Services
    CMU Columbus Charter Service
    CMUU Canada Maritime Agencies Limited
    CN Canadian National Railway
    CNA Canadian National Railway
    CNAZ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
    CNDX Connecticut Department of Transportation
    CNEU Canadian National Railway
    CNEZ Canadian National Railway
    CNGU Sicng (Ind. Chim. Du Nord de la Grece S.A.)
    CNGX CONAG Finance Incorporated-CNG Transmission Corporation
    CNHX Ontario Hydro
    CNIS Canadian National Railway
    CNLX CANAC International Incorporated
    CNMZ Consolidated Rail Corporation
    CNNU Compania Nacional de Nabegacao (US African Line)
    CNOR Cincinnati Northern
    CNOW Columbia and Northern Railway Company
    CNPU Canadian National Railway
    CNPZ Canadian National Railway
    CNQ Canadian National Railway
    CNRR California Northern Railroad
    CNRU Canadian National Railway
    CNRZ Canadian National Railway
    CNSX Consolidated Oil and Transportation Company Incorporated
    CNTP Norfolk Southern (Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Company)
    CNTX Continental Tank Car Corporation
    CNUR C and NC Railroad Corporation
    CNVX Convoyeur National Incorporated
    CNW Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago & North Western)
    CNWX Canadian Wheat Board
    CNWZ Union Pacific Railroad Company (Chicago & North Western)
    CNYK Central New York Locomotive Company
    CNZR Central New England Railroad Company
    CO CSX Transportation Incorporated (Chesapeake & Ohio)
    COAX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated.
    COBX Cobre Mining Company Limited
    COCX Chevron Oronite Company LLC
    COER Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
    COEZ Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
    COLX Alliant Energy
    COMX Commonwealth Edison Company
    CONU Contrans
    CONX Conoco Incorporated
    COOK Cook Transit
    COOX First Union Rail
    COP City of Prineville Railway
    COPX CanadianOxy Industrial Chemicals Limited Partnership
    CORP Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad Incorporated
    CORU CATU Containers S.A.
    CORX Coors Brewing Company
    COSU China Ocean Steamship Limited
    COSX Cabot Corporation CAB-O-SIL Division
    COTX GLNX Corp
    COZ CSX Transportation Incorporated (Chesapeake & Ohio)
    CP Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPAA Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPAX CITGO Petroleum Corporation
    CPBU SOO Line Railroad
    CPBZ SOO Line Railroad
    CPCX CPS Chemical Company
    CPDR Carolina Piedmont Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
    CPDU Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
    CPDX Chevron USA Incorporated
    CPDZ Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
    CPGZ ContainerPort Group Incorporated
    CPHX Ontario Hydro
    CPI Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPIX ICI Acrylics Incorporated
    CPLX CPLX Leasing Limited
    CPOX Consumers Power Company (Mich.)
    CPPU Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPPX Consolidated Papers Incorporated
    CPPZ Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPRS Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPRX Carolina Power and Light Company
    CPRZ Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPT Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPVU Containers And Pressure Vessels ltd
    CPWX Canadian Wheat Board
    CQPA Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania Railway Incorporated
    CR Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Conrail)
    CRAZ Cornucopia Transportation Incorporated
    CRCU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRCX Consolidated Rail Corporation
    CRCZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRDX Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
    CRE Consolidated Rail Corporation (Eastern District)
    CREU Canadian Retail Shippers Association
    CREX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
    CREZ Canadian Retail Shippers Association
    CRGX Cargill Incorporated
    CRIJ Carolina Rail Services Incorporated
    CRIX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
    CRL Chicago Rail Link
    CRLE Coe Rail Incorporated
    CRLU Carlisle Leasing International
    CRLX Canadian Railserve Limited
    CRMU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRMX MHC Incorporated (Subsidiary of Conagra Incorporated)
    CRMZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRN Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRPU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRPX Centennial Gas Liquide LLC
    CRQU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRR CSX Transportation Incorporated (Clinchfield Railroad)
    CRRX Canon City and Royal Gorge Railroad LLC
    CRSX Cost Rail Service
    CRTZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CRXU Cronos Containers (U.K.)
    CRYX Cryo-Trans Incorporated
    CRZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    CS Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Colorado & Southern)
    CSAU Costa Line
    CSBX Cargill Incorporated Salt Division
    CSCD Cascade and Columbia River Railroad Company
    CSCX Coal Supply Corporation
    CSDX Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
    CSKR C and S Railroad Corporation
    CSKU Consolidated Services Incorporated
    CSL Chicago Short Line Railway Company
    CSMX Carol and Andy Muller
    CSNX Trident NGL Incorporated
    CSO Connecticut Southern Railroad
    CSOX CITGO Petroleum Corporation
    CSP Camas Prairie RailNet Incorporated
    CSPX Chesapeake Speciality Products
    CSRX Conway Scenic Railroad
    CSRZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
    CSS Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad
    CSTX Canada Starch Company Incorporated
    CSUX City of Colorado Springs Department of Electric Generation
    CSVU Compania Sud Americana de Vapores GmbH
    CSWX Central and South West Services Incorporated
    CSXE CSX Transportation Incorporated
    CSXT CSX Transportation Incorporated
    CSXU CSX Transportation Incorporated
    CSXZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
    CSYX Central Soya Company Incorporated
    CT City of Columbia d/b/a Columbia Terminal
    CTCU Container Trading Company
    CTCX Endasa S.A. De C.V.
    CTE Cen-Tex Rail Link Limited
    CTEU Spanish Lines
    CTEX PLM International Incorporated
    CTGZ Combined Transport Group Incorporated
    CTIE Kansas City Southern Railway Company
    CTIU CTI-Container Transport International Incorporated
    CTIZ CTI-Container Transport International Incorporated
    CTKU Container Tank Services Limited
    CTLX Endasa S.A. De C.V.
    CTML Cairo Terminal Railroad Company
    CTN Canton Railroad Company
    CTNX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    CTPX Courtesy Corporation
    CTR Clinton Terminal Railroad Company
    CTRN Central of Tennessee Railway and Navigation Company
    CTRU Container Trading Company
    CTRW Carlton Trail Railway Company
    CTRX C and T Refinery Incorporated
    CTSU Bibby Bros Company
    CTSX Chem Comp Systems d/b/a CTS Cement Manufacturing Incorporated
    CTSZ Carotrans International
    CTTX TTX Company
    CTUU Container Trading Company
    CTVX Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railway Incorporated
    CTWU Container Trading Company
    CTZZ Continental Transportation Company
    CUEX Colorado-Utility Electric Assoc.
    CUOH Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company
    CUST Chicago Union Station Company
    CUVA Cuyahoga Valley Railway Company
    CV Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (Central Vermont)
    CVC Canadian National Railway (Central Vermont)
    CVQ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
    CVR Cimarron Valley Railroad L.C.
    CVRX Locomotive and Tower Preservation Fund Limited
    CVRX Caddo Valley Railroad Company
    CVRY Caddo Valley Railroad Company
    CVRZ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
    CW Colorado and Wyoming Railway Company
    CWBX C. W. Brooks Incorporated
    CWCX Canandaigua Wine Company Incorporated
    CWCY Caldwell County Railroad Company
    CWEX Midwest Generation LLC (Ill.)
    CWIU Con-Way Intermodal
    CWIZ Con-Way Intermodal
    CWMX Chemical Waste Management Incorporated
    CWP Chicago Rail Link
    CWR CWR Incorporated
    CWRL RailAmerica Central Western Railway Corporation
    CWRY Commonwealth Railway Incorporated
    CWRZ Providence and Worcester Railroad Company
    CWTX ChemWest Industries Incorporated
    CWTZ Con-Way Truckload Services
    CXPZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
    CXRZ CSX Transportation Incorporated
    CXVZ CSX Intermodal Incorporated
    CYCY Crystal City Railroad Incorporated
    CYDX Conrad Yelvington Distributors Incorporated
    CYTX Construcciones Y Trituaraciones S.A. De C.V.
    CZCX Crown Zellerbach Corporation

    DA Canadian Pacific Railway (Dominion Atlantic)
    DACX VIP Tank Services
    DAFU Dafra Lines SA
    DAFX Department of Defence Troop Support and Aviation Material Readines
    DAFZ Dafra Lines SA
    DAIR D and I Railroad Company
    DAKR Dakota Rail Incorporated
    DALZ D and A Leasing Incorporated
    DAPX Dairyland Power Cooperative (Wis.)
    DARU Dart Containerline Incorporated
    DARZ Dart Intermodal Incorporated
    DATU Dart Containerline Incorporated
    DATX DATX Associates
    DAVX W. R. Grace and Company - Conn. Davison Chemical Division
    DAWX D.A. Walmsley and Company
    DAX Occidental Chemical Corporation
    DBCX BASF Corporation
    DBSU Donbar Steamship Company Incorporated
    DBUX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
    DC Delray Connecting Railroad Company
    DCAX Tarmac Fla. Incorporated
    DCBX Degussa Corporation
    DCCU Dow Corning Corporation
    DCCX McDonnell Douglas Corporation
    DCFB Dodge City Ford and Bucklin Railroad Company Incorporated
    DCFX PLM International Incorporated
    DCIU Dana Container Incorporated
    DCIX Danella Construction Corporation
    DCLU Dutch Container Leasing B.V.
    DCLX Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated
    DCOU Dow Corning Corporation
    DCPX Dart Container Corporation of Pennsylvania
    DCRR Dubois County Railroad
    DCSU Delta Conteneur Service
    DCTX PLM International Incorporated
    DDDX Frontier Cooperative Company
    DDEX Dupont Dow Elastomers LLC
    DDNX Didion Incorporated
    DEEX Detroit Edison Company
    DEGX Mississippi Power Company
    DEMX Demeter Incorporated
    DETX Detroit Edison Company
    DFTX DTE Transportation Services Limited
    DGBY Digby Trucklines
    DGCX Dakota Gasification Company
    DGHX North American Chemical
    DGNO Dallas Garland and Northeastern Railroad Incorporated
    DH Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
    DHNY Canadian Pacific (Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated)
    DHPX Dugassa Corporation
    DHRU Den Hartogh NV
    DIIU Dart Intermodal Incorporated
    DJBX Donald J. Bertel d/b/a Gandy Dancer Incorporated
    DJJX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
    DJLX Joseph Leasing Limited
    DJMX Daniel John Marnell
    DJPX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
    DJRX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
    DJTX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
    DKPX Duke Power Company (Scale Test Cars)
    DKS Union Pacific Railroad Company
    DKUX Exxon Company U.S.A.
    DL Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Company
    DLC Drummond Lighterage
    DLFX Diversified Lease Funding Incorporated
    DLKU Deltank Limited
    DLMX Daylight Locomotives and Machine Works Incorporated
    DLPX Degussa Canada Limited
    DLRX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    DLSX Diesel Supply Company Incorporated
    DLTX Dale L. Thornborough
    DLVX Thiokol Corporation
    DLWR Depew Lancaster and Western Railroad Company Incorporated
    DLWX D.L. and W. Incorporated
    DM Lake State Railway Company
    DME Dakota Minnesota and Eastern Railroad Corporation
    DMHX Davenport Mammoet LLC
    DMIR Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company
    DMIX Minnesota Corn Processors Bulk Products Division
    DMLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    DMLZ DML Containers
    DMM Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad Company
    DMVW Dakota Missouri Valley and Western Railroad Incorporated
    DNAX Dana Railcare
    DNE Duluth and Northeastern Railroad Company
    DOCX Du Pont Canada Incorporated
    DODU Department of Defence (U.S.)
    DODX Department of Defence Military Traffic Management Command
    DODZ Department of Defence (U.S.) 20' chassis
    DOLX Dolese Bros. Company
    DOTX USDOT/Federal Railroad Administration
    DOWU Dow Chemical Company
    DOWX Dow Chemical Company
    DPDZ Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
    DPGX Tractech Systems
    DPIX Dufour Petroleum Incorporated
    DQE De Queen and Eastern Railroad Incorporated
    DR Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad Incorporated
    DRGW Union Pacific Railroad Company (Denver & Rio Grande Western)
    DRGX Denver and Royal Gorge Railway LLC
    DRHY Durham Transport Incorporated
    DRI Davenport Rock Island and North Western RR Company
    DRIR Denver Rock Island Railroad
    DRMX Danbury Railway Museum Incorporated
    DRSX D.O.T. Rail Services Incorporated
    DRTU Dart Intermodal Incorporated
    DRTZ Dart Intermodal Incorporated
    DSA Soo Line Railroad (Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic)
    DSBU Ameribrom Incorporated
    DSCX DIFCO Incorporated
    DSIX Dowell Schlumberger Incorporated
    DSLX DeGussa Corporation
    DSLZ Intermodal Services Incorporated
    DSRC Dakota Southern Railway Company
    DSRR Delta Southern Railroad Company
    DT Decatur Junction Railway Company
    DTCX DTE Transportation Services Incorporated
    DTEX Dresser Transportation Equipment Division Dresser Industries (Test Cars)
    DTI Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (Detroit, Toledo & Ironton)
    DTIZ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
    DTLX Delta Tank Line Company
    DTRR Housatonic Rail Road Company (Danbury Terminal)
    DTS Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (Detroit & Toledo South Shore)
    DTTX TTX Company
    DTZZ Direct Transit Incorporated
    DUCX Du Pont Canada Incorporated
    DUKX Dupps Company
    DUPX Du Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated
    DUT Denver Union Terminal Railway Company
    DUTC Dallas Union Terminal
    DV Delaware Valley Railway Company
    DVLX Freeport-McRo-Ran Sulphur Company
    DVR Devco Railway Cape Breton Development Corporation (Coal Division)
    DVRU Dover Limited
    DVS Delta Valley and Southern Railway Company
    DVSZ Delta Valley and Southern Railway Company
    DWAU Degussa Antwerpen NV
    DWC Canadian National Railway (Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific)
    DWCX David Witherspoon Incorporated
    DWP Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific Railway
    DYLX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
    DYNX Dyno Nobel Incorporated

    EACH East Camden and Highland RR Company
    EACU East Asiatic Company Limited
    EAGX Eaglebrook Incorporated
    EARY Eastern Alabama Railway
    EASO EASX Corporation d/b/a EASX Railroad Corporation
    EASU Waterfront Container Leasing Company Incorporated
    EASZ Waterfront Container Leasing Company Incorporated
    EBAX Albemarle Corporation
    EBPX Empire Builder Private Cars
    ECBR East Cooper and Berkeley Railroad Company
    ECCX Ethyl Canada Incorporated
    ECDX Ethyl Petroleum Additives Incorporated
    ECGX Alabama Power Company
    ECIX Erman Corporation
    ECLX ELM-Central Rail Leasing
    ECO Ecorail Incorporated
    ECOX Eco East
    ECOZ Ecorail Incorporated
    ECPX E.C.C. America Incorporated
    ECQX Engineered Carbons Incorporated
    ECRX Econo-Rail Corporation
    ECRZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    ECUX Exxon Chemical Americas
    ECXX ECDC Environmental L.C.
    EDCX El Dorado Chemical Company
    EDEX Empire District Electric Company
    EDGX Alliant Energy
    EDIU EDI Incorporated
    EDIZ EDI Incorporated
    EDW El Dorado and Wesson Railway Company
    EDZX Envases de Zacatecas S.A. de C.V.
    EE Ellis and Eastern Company
    EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad
    EEIX Electric Energy Incorporated
    EELX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    EERX Ebenezar Railcar Services Incorporated
    EFRR Effingham Railroad Company
    EGSX Entegy Gulf States Incorporated
    EHSX Essex Hybrid Seed Company Incorporated
    EICX Edlow International Company
    EIDU Ethyl S A
    EIRC Eastern Illinois Railroad Company
    EIRR Eastern Idaho Railroad Incorporated
    EISU Evergreen International (USA)
    EJE Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railway Company
    EJR East Jersey Railroad and Terminal
    EKBU Keiserling (UK) Limited
    EKLU K Line
    EL Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Erie Lackawanna)
    ELCX Eli Lilly and Company
    ELFX Electric Fuels Corporation (Fla.)
    ELKR Elk River Railroad Incorporated
    ELKX Elkem Metals Company
    ELOX ELCON Incorporated
    ELS Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad Company
    ELSX Kentucky May Coal Company Incorporated
    ELTX Soltex Polymers Incorporated
    EM Edgemoor and Manetta Railway
    EMCU Evergreen Marine Corporation
    EMCZ Evergreen International (USA) Corporation
    EMEU East Med Tanks Limited
    EMHR East Mahanoy and Hazelton Railroad Company
    EMIX Environmental Management Incorporated
    EMMU Eastern Mediterranean Cont. Company Limited
    EMPU REZ-1
    EMPX Empiregas Equipment Corporation
    EMRY Eastern Maine Railway Company
    EMTU East-Med Tanks International
    EMUU REZ-1
    EN Canadian Pacific Railway (Esquimalt & Nanaimo)
    ENDX Joseph Transportion de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
    ENGX Englehard Corporation
    ENR E and N Railway Company (1998) Limited
    ENRX United States Enrichment Corporation
    ENSZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    EOGX Union Carbide Ethylene Oxide/Glycol Company
    EPAX Exxon Mobil Corporation
    EPCX Enterprise Products Company
    EPRY East Penn Railway Incorporated
    EPTC East Portland Traction Company
    EQUX Equistar Chemicals
    ERBU Containers for Bulk Haul Kieserling
    ERCU Erco Industries Limited
    ERCX EXCEL Railcar Corporation
    ERFU Ermefer S.A.
    ERLX General Electric Rail Services
    ERSX Excel Railcar Services Incorporated
    ESCX First Security Bank National Association
    ESHR Eastern Shore Railroad Incorporated
    ESLJ East St. Louis Junction Railroad
    ESLZ East St. Louis Junction RR
    ESRX Empire State Railcar Incorporated
    ESSU K Line
    ESSX Colonial Chemical Company
    ETC East Texas Central Railroad
    ETCX Eastman Chemical Company Incorporated
    ETL Essex Terminal Railway Company
    ETRX Arkansas Power and Light Company
    ETRY East Tennessee Railway L.P.
    ETSX Emery Tree Service Incorporated
    ETTX TTX Company
    EUGX Farmland Industries Incorporated
    EURX Eurocan Pulp and Paper Company
    EUSX Exxon Company U.S.A.
    EV Everett Railroad Company
    EVAU Eisenbahn-Vverkehrsmittel A.G.
    EVT Evansville Terminal Company Incorporated
    EWEX Commonwealth Edison Company
    EWSX Indianapolis Power and Light Company
    EXFU Exsif
    EXMX Express Marco Incorporated

    FAIX FAIX Leasing
    FALX Falk Corporation
    FANU Brenner Tank Incorporated
    FAPR Floydada and Plainview Railroad
    FBAU Ahlers Lines NV
    FBDC Ford County Historical Railroad Preservation Foundation
    FBFU Marine Transworld Equip. Corporation
    FBMU CIE Maritime Belge S.A.
    FBMX Fayblock Materials
    FBSU Franco Belgian Services
    FBZU China Ocean Shipping Company
    FC Fulton County Railroad Incorporated
    FCCM Compania de Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab S.A. de C.V.
    FCCX Foxley Cattle Company
    FCEN Florida Central Railroad Company Incorporated
    FCEX Cenex Harvest States Cooperative
    FCHZ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    FCM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
    FCOX FLO CO2 Incorporated
    FCP Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
    FCPZ National Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales)
    FCSX Florida Crushed Stone Company
    FCTX Farmers Commodities Transportation
    FDDM Union Pacific Railroad Company
    FDSU Foodsource Incorporated
    FDSZ Foodsource Incorporated
    FEC Florida East Coast Railway Company
    FECU Yamashita-Shinnihon Line
    FECZ Florida East Coast Railway Company
    FEIX Farmers Elevator Incorporated of Grace City
    FFEZ Frozen Food Express
    FFFZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
    FFIX Procor Limited
    FFTX Fun Trains Incorporated
    FGCX Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum Incorporated
    FGER Fruit Growers Express Company
    FGGX Farmers Grain Co-Operative
    FGLK Finger Lakes Railway Corporation
    FGLX Factor Gas Liquids Incorporated
    FGMR Fruit Growers Express Company
    FGWX Federal Grain Inspection Service (USDA) (Scale Test Cars)
    FILX Wellman Incorporated
    FINU Interpool Limited
    FINX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
    FIR Flats Industrial Railroad Company
    FISZ Ecorail Incorporated
    FJLX Big West Oil Company
    FLAX Flexsys America L.P.
    FLCX Flex Leasing Corporation
    FLDX DTE Transportation Services Incorporated
    FLEX RailLease Incorporated
    FLIX Farmland Industries Incorporated
    FLJX Big West Oil Company
    FLNX R.P. Flynn Incorporated d/b/a Ohio Railway Supply
    FLOX Flex Leasing Corporation
    FLRX ADM Milling Company
    FLSX Great Miami Incorporated
    FLT Foss Launch and Tug
    FLXU Flexi-Van Containers/Chassis
    FLXZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
    FMCU FMC Corporation Industrial Chenical Group
    FMGU Flota Mercante Grancolombiana S.A.
    FMID Florida Midland Railroad Company Incorporated
    FMIX CCKX Incorporated
    FMLX FMC Corporation
    FMOX FMC Corporation
    FMRC Farmrail Corporation
    FNAX Ferrellgas LLP
    FNE TFM S.A de C.V.
    FNOR Florida Northern Railroad Company Inc
    FP Fordyce and Princeton Railroad Company
    FPAX Formosa Transrail Corporation
    FPBX International Paper Corporation
    FPCX Oxy Vinyls LP
    FPN Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
    FPPX Fayette Power Project (Texas)
    FPXZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
    FRDN H and S Railroad Company Incorporated
    FREU ABS Industrial Verification Incorporated
    FRLU Farrell Lines Incorporated
    FRR Falls Road Railroad Company Incorporated
    FRSU China Ocean Shipping Company
    FRTX Farm-City Transport Incorporated
    FRVR Fox Valley and Western Limited
    FSHX General Electric Rail Services
    FSIX FSIX Incorporated
    FSR Fort Smith Railroad Company
    FSRR Ferrocarril del Sureste S.A. de C.V.
    FST Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
    FSTU Fastrac Intermodal LLC
    FSTX Fuel Supply Trust
    FSTZ Fastrac Intermodal LLC
    FSUD Fort Street Union Depot Company
    FSVB Fort Smith and Van Buren Railway Co
    FTCU Firsttank Corporation
    FTMZ Fruit Growers Express Company
    FTSX Fairmont Tamper
    FTTX TTX Company
    FUCU Shinko Pantec Company Limited
    FURX First Union Rail
    FUS Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
    FVIU Flexi-Van Incorporated
    FVIZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
    FVLZ Venezuelan Line
    FVRR Fredonia Valley Railroad Incorporated
    FVW Fox Valley and Western Limited
    FWCR Florida West Coast Railroad Incorporated
    FWD Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Fort Worth & Denver)
    FWDB Fort Worth and Dallas Belt Railroad
    FWDR Fort Worth and Dallas Railroad Company
    FWIU Trans Ocean Limited
    FWLX Foster Wheeler Limited
    FWRY Fillmore Western Railway Company
    FWTZ Flexi-Van Leasing Incorporated
    FWWR Fort Worth and Western Railroad Company
    FXE Ferrocarril Mexicano S.A. de C.V

    GA CSX Transportation Incorporated (Georgia Railroad)
    GAAB Georgia and Alabama Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
    GABX General American Marks Company
    GACX General American Marks Company
    GAEX General American Marks Company
    GAFX Fuller Company
    GALX Georgia Power Company
    GAMX Arrendadora Nacional De Carros De Ferrocaril
    GANO Georgia Northern Railway Company
    GAPX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division
    GARX General American Marks Company
    GASX General American Marks Company
    GATU Gateway Container Leasing
    GATX General American Marks Company
    GBRX Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
    GBRY Gettysburg Railway.
    GBRZ Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
    GBW Canadian National (Green Bay & Western)
    GC Georgia Central Railway L.P.
    GCAU G.C.A. Transport Limited
    GCCX GATX Capital Corporation
    GCDU Overseas Container Limited
    GCEU Genstar Container Corporation
    GCEZ Genstar Container Corporation
    GCFX Alstom Canada Incorporated - Transport
    GCIX Gabriel Chemicals Incorporated
    GCLX Gold Coast Limited
    GCLZ Global Chassis Leasing Incorporated
    GCPU Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    GCPX Georgia Gulf Corporation PVC Division
    GCRX Grand Canyon Railway Incorporated
    GCSR Gulf Colorado and San Saba Railway
    GCSU G.C.S. Containers Service S.A.
    GCTU Gulf Container Lines
    GCTX General Chemical Corporation
    GCW Garden City Western Railway Company
    GCX Honeywell International Incorporated
    GDCX General American Marks Company
    GDJX Grimmel Industries
    GEAX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
    GECX General Electric Company Transportation Systems Business Operations
    GECZ GE Captial Container Finance Corporation
    GEGX GE Gas Turbine
    GELX Grain Marketing L.C.
    GEMX General Electric Rail Services
    GENX General Electric Rail Services
    GEOX GEO Specialty Chemicals
    GEPX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
    GETX General American Marks Company
    GETZ Transport International Pool Incorporated
    GEX General Electric Company
    GEXR Goderich-Exeter Railway Company Limited
    GF Norfolk Southern Railway Company (Georgia & Florida)
    GFAX Gordon Fay Associates Incorporated
    GFC Grand Falls Central Railway Company Limited
    GFCZ General Foods Corporation
    GFR Grand Forks Railway Company
    GFRR Georgia and Florida Railroad Company
    GFSX GATX Capital Corporation
    GGCX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Div
    GGIX Garvey International Garvey Grain Division
    GGMX Golden Gate Railroad Museum Incorporated
    GGPX General American Marks Company
    GGS Georgia Great Southern Division South Carolina Central Railroad
    GHBX G.Heileman Brewing CompanyIncorporated
    GHRD Green Hills Rural Development d/b/a Chillicothe-Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority
    GIEX GATX Capital Corporation
    GIHX Cornerstone C and M Incorporated d/b/a Gifford Hill and Company
    GILX Gilman Paper Company
    GIMX GATX Capital Corporation
    GITM Golden Isles Terminal Railroad Incorporated
    GKLX Gold Kist Incorporated
    GLBZ Trac Lease Incorporated
    GLCU Flex-Van Leasing Incorporated
    GLCX Great Lakes Carbon Corporation
    GLKU Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
    GLKX Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
    GLNX GLNX Corporation
    GLRX Georgetown Loop Railroad Incorporated
    GLSR Gloster Southern Railroad Corporation
    GLSX Glacier State Distribution Services Incorporated
    GMGX M and G Incorporated
    GMHX General Leasing Corporation
    GMIX Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
    GMO Illinois Central Railroad Company (Gulf, Mobile & Ohio)
    GMRC Green Mountain Railroad Corporation
    GMRY Great Miami and Scioto Railway Company
    GMSR Kansas City Southern Railway Company (Gulf & Mississippi)
    GN Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (Great Northern)
    GNA Kansas City Southern Railway Company
    GNAX Holnam Incorporated
    GNBC Grainbelt Corporation
    GNCU Gallatin National Company
    GNFX City of Gainesville Florida
    GNLX Georgia Industrial Leasing Company
    GNRR Georgia Northeastern Railroad Company
    GNWR Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company
    GOCU Greenfield Overseas Cont. Incorporated
    GOCX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
    GOHX General American Marks Company
    GONX Railgon Company
    GOT Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority
    GOTU Gulf Overseas Towing
    GPBX Georgia-Pacific Corporation
    GPCX Georgia-Pacific Corporation
    GPDX General American Marks Company
    GPFX General American Marks Company
    GPIX Sunbelt Cement
    GPLU Management Control and Maintenance S.A.
    GPLX General American Marks Company
    GPMX Georgia-Pacific Corporation- Mid Continent Wood Products Mfg.Division
    GPPX Georgia-Pacific Corporation
    GPSX Georgia-Pacific Corporation Eastern Wood Products Mfg.Division
    GPUX GPU Service Corporation
    GR Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad Incorporated
    GRCX Granite Rock Company
    GRDX Grand River Dam Authority (Okla.)
    GREX Georgetown Rail Equipment Company
    GRFF Georgia and Florida Railroad Company
    GRIV Gauley River Railroad LLC
    GRMX Gopher State Railway Museum
    GRN Carolina Piedmont Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
    GRNR Grand River Railway Company
    GROX First Union Rail
    GRPX CIT Group/Capital Finance Group
    GRR Georgetown Railroad Company
    GRRX Wampum Hardware
    GRSX Gunderson Rail Services
    GRTX Wheelabrator Coal Services Company
    GRWR Great Walton Railroad Company
    GRYX John H. Grace Company
    GSAX Granite State Concrete Company
    GSCU Eurotainer U.S. Incorporated
    GSCX GATX/GLC Leasing Corporation
    GSF Georgia Southern and Florida Railway Company
    GSIX Williams Energy Ventures Incorporated
    GSM Great Smokey Mountains Railway
    GSNX Helm Financial Corporation
    GSOR Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation
    GSRX Golden Spike Railroad Services
    GSSX Gopher State Scrap and Metal
    GSTU Genstar Container Corporation
    GSWR Georgia Southwestern Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
    GTA Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
    GTAX Harvest States Cooperative
    GTEU General Transport Equipment Co Inc
    GTIS Guilford Transportation Industries
    GTIZ G. T. Intermodal U.S.A.
    GTLZ G. T. Leasing
    GTPZ TIT Services
    GTR Great River Railroad; d/b/a Rosedale-Bolivar County Port Comm.
    GTRA Golden Triangle Railroad
    GTTX TTX Company
    GTW Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
    GTWQ Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated
    GTZZ GT Trucking Incorporated
    GU Grafton and Upton Railroad Company
    GUAX Georgia Power Company
    GUEX General American Marks Company
    GURZ Grafton and Upton Railroad Company
    GVDX Oxy Vinyls LP
    GVSR Galveston Railroad L.P.
    GWAX Railroad Salvage and Restoration Incorporated
    GWIX GWI Leasing Corporation
    GWR Great Western Railway Company
    GWRC Georgia Woodlands Railroad Company
    GWRS Great Western Railway Company
    GWSR Great Western Railway Company
    GWSW GWI Switching Services L.P.
    GWWE Gateway Eastern Railway Company
    GWWR Gateway Western Railway

    HABX Habco International Incorporated
    HALX Holland American Line - Westours Incorporated
    HAMU Costa Line
    HANU Hansa Line
    HANX L. Hansen’s Forwarding
    HAPX Helm-Atlantic Leasing LLP
    HARX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    HATU H A T Enterprises Incorporated
    HATX Helm Financial Corporation
    HATZ H A T Enterprises Incorporated
    HB Hampton and Branchville Railroad Company Incorporated
    HBGX HBG Enterprises of Tampa Incorporated
    HBL Harbor Belt Line
    HBRY Hudson Bay Railway Company
    HBT Houston Belt and Terminal Railway
    HBWX Georgia Power Company
    HCDU ER Nahrungsmittel Ges.MBH and Company KG.
    HCGX North American Salt Company
    HCIU Steam Packet Yard
    HCLX Basell Canada Incorporated
    HCMX Harnischfeger CCorporation
    HCPX Occidental Chemical Corporation
    HCRR Honey Creek Railroad Incorporated
    HCRY Huron Central Railway
    HCSX Helm Chesapeake LLP
    HCTX Martin Marietta Corporation
    HDMU Hyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
    HDMZ Hyundai Merchant Marine (America) Incorporated
    HDSX RailAmerica Equipment Corporation
    HE Hollis and Eastern Railroad Company
    HECX Hoosier Energy REC Incorporated
    HELX Helm Financial Corporation
    HENU Provincial Trailer Rentals
    HENZ Provincial Trailer Rentals
    HEPX Ontario Hydro
    HEQX HELM Financial Corporation
    HERX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    HESR Huron and Eastern Railway Company
    HESU Heritage Environmental Services Incorporated
    HESX Heritage Environmental Services
    HESZ Heritage Environmental Services Incorporated
    HGPX Harrison Gypsum Company
    HHEX H and H Engineering Construction Incorporated
    HHHX Public Service Company of Colorado
    HIIX TTX Company - Hamburg Division
    HINX Heritage Inks International Corporation
    HIPX Reliant Energy HL and P
    HJBX H.J. Baker and Bros.Incorporated
    HJCU HANJIN Container Lines Limited
    HJCZ HANJIN Container Lines Limited
    HJVX Helm Locomotive Leasing
    HKGU Hong Kong Island
    HKIU Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
    HKPU Hong Kong Islands Line
    HKTU Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
    HKUU Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
    HKZZ Hong Kong Islands Line America S.A.
    HLBZ Hill Brothers Transportation
    HLCU Hapag-Lloyd A G
    HLCX HELM Financial Corporation
    HLEX Hunstman Polymers Corporation
    HLGX HELM Financial Corporation
    HLLX Helm Locomotive Leasing
    HLMX HELM Financial Corporation
    HLSC Hampton Railway Incorporated
    HMAX Huntsman Corporation
    HMCR Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority
    HMCX HoltraChem Manufacturing Company LLC
    HMFX Florida Rock Industries Incorporated
    HMIX Henkels and McCoy Inc
    HMJX HELM Financial Corporation
    HMR Hoboken Manufacturers
    HN Hutchinson and Northern Railway Company
    HNPU Navale Et Commerciale Havraise Penninsulaire
    HOCU Hoegh Container Lines
    HOEU Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft
    HOG Heart of Georgia Railroad
    HOKX Occidental Chemical Corporation
    HOMX PLM International Incorporated
    HONX Honeymead Products Company (Division of Harvest States Cooperatives)
    HOS Hoosier Southern Railroad
    HOWZ Flex-Van Leasing Incorporated
    HOYU Hoyer GMBH Internationale
    HPAX International Paper Company
    HPCX Hercules Incorporated
    HPIX Besell USA Incorporated
    HPJX Helm-Pacific Leasing
    HPLX Exxon Mobil Corporation
    HPPX Huntsman Polypropylene Corporation
    HPTD High Point Thomasville and Denton Railroad
    HPTU Highway Pipeline
    HRCX Heritage Railcar
    HRDX Silver Star Enterprises Incorporated
    HREX Heavy Railroad Excavations Incorporated
    HRLU Hudson Railway Equipment Company
    HRLZ Hudson Railway Equipment Company
    HRRC Housatonic Railroad Company
    HRRX On-Track Railcar Services Incorporated
    HRS Holidaysburg and Roaring Spring Railroad Company
    HRSX Harbor Rail Services of California Incorporated
    HRT Hartwell Railroad Company
    HS H and S Railroad Company Incorporated (Hartford & Slocomb)
    HSCX Steel Wheels Limited
    HSFZ Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
    HSIX Housing Starts Incorporated
    HSLU Haulage Services Limited
    HSRR Hardin Southern Railroad Incorporated
    HSRZ H and S Railroad Company Incorporated
    HTCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
    HTMU Hansen and Tidemann Incorporated
    HTSU High Tech Transport Limited
    HTTX TTX Company
    HTW Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington
    HUBA Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
    HUDX Hudson Technologies Incorporated
    HUKU Huktra (UK) Limited
    HUTX Hutchinson Transportation Company
    HWCX Halliburton Company
    HWPX Hiram Walker and Sons Incorporated
    HYDX Praxair Incorporated
    HYWX Georgia Power Company
    HZGX Herzog Contracting Corporation

    IAIS Iowa Interstat
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    interesting...where was this information obtained?

    FR8HOUND Dirty Dozen Crew

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  4. nocomply

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    thanks fr8hound...are you going benching in this weather?!

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    ahahaheehuhuhohohihiheeeeeeeee...what are you kidding me???? well, i did try..got about 3 feet out my garage, and spent 1/2 an hour digging to get my car back into my garage..shit there were 4 feet snow drifts, up to my chest out back, crazy ass weather, and still snowing...the drifts are incredible, iv'e seen buried cars..shit's crazy...even if i did manage to get my car out, i'd never make it down the street, there is a consistent 3 foot all the way down the block, to a main street..i am seriously pondering on getting a jeep, or 4wdrive truck...this weather sucks...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....will i ever see the train yard [email protected]#$%%&)_+_?:nut: :heated: :scramble: :spent:
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    oh shit he is going into withdrawal!!
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    thats pretty good. yeah i noticed he was not using caps, maybe thats another symptom of bench withdrawl.
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    i'd love to see an ann arbor rail car. never knew there was one.
  9. WITS

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    mississippi delta railroad.. i was wondering what msdr stood for.
    It was not on the list i checked awhile back.
  10. porque

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    ...check list?...first one with everycar wins...
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    this should be a sticky
  12. SPFlatty

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    sticky it is!! that was great, i always wonder what a lot of those shortline marks mean. who would have guessed CHTT was a UP affiliate? or that SLGG wasn't Salt Lake somethin' or other. it seems i get quite a few General electric trains, i never knew!! well, i printed it out in landscape and it was 73 pages!!! but a wonderful tool to take with me to the many bench spots...thanks again, really...oh, and i'd love to see that site updated with the amount of rail cars each one has running.
  13. SPFlatty

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    haha...i was thinking the same thing. i wonder if all these marks are still active? i'm down for a road trip to hunt em all out...if anyone wants to go i got three open seats and a big trunk...
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    ...i'll start on the east coast and meet you at the mississippi...
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    first one to finish gets a CASE of henny from my ass......