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recent actions in the middle east

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by mental invalid, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. mental invalid

    mental invalid Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 11, 2001 Messages: 13,050 Likes Received: 8
    ...over 100 people injured and 22 dead in the suicide attack during the jewish holiday.....woman kills two today...man stabs and kills two jews

    ...israel sends in troops and bulldozes a hole into arafats compound...5 dead...they makes allegations of "war".....

    ....the summit in lebanon is looking like a joke....with leaders not showing, people walking out, changes in plans....

    im begining to really become afraid....on a positive side 600 pro-Palestinian foreigners have gone into Palestine to act as a human sheild...and try to prevent more violence

    subscrition needed, but its free...


    so i guess my questions are

    can arafat be effective in a peace process? is he even capable of gaining control? is afraid of political backlash against him or part of the plan?

    should he be ousted?
    should we go over his head, and go straight to hamas and jihad leaders...that would mean readdressing them as a political organization and not as a terrorist group....we negotiate with the ira and ulster parties, is there a difference?

    can someone like sharon convicted of war crimes ever be a leader of peace?

    how come when the israeli army kills a palestinian citizen its an atrocity and they issue a formal apology, but when hamas does it, its for the cause and against the enemy? is there a double standard?

    in muslim religion suicide is considered the gravest of sins, how do they rationalize the suicide bombings?

    add whateva ya want, i just wanted to get my thoughts in order for myself and hear anyone elses....
  2. secn

    secn Junior Member

    Joined: Mar 14, 2002 Messages: 163 Likes Received: 0
    Well it sucks to live over their, and all this hasnt really effected me much but in a way it has.Bcause i hear about it all the time, and i just would rather have things being under control.Damn terrorists piss me off, oh well i have no clue whats going to happen next.
  3. seeking

    seeking Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 25, 2000 Messages: 32,277 Likes Received: 235
    that whole situation is so completely beyond me, i cant even begin to understand why the fuck the whole thing cant just be solved. to me it seems so simple and plain, isreal, give them back their land, palestine, quit fucking killing people. send in a bunch of un peace keepers for a while, cook everyone waffles and fucking chill out. damn man. in michael mores new book, he details his plan for ending that conflict. i cant remember the details, but its so very simple and so seemingly effective.

    can arafat control the fringe groups blowing themselfs up? well, considering that everytime one of them does it, arafat is the only one that takes a beating, clearly they arent real concerned with his safety and well being. this whole fucking mess was started by the UN, and it needs to be fixed by the UN. isreal and palestine are like two bratty kids fighting over a stuffed monkey. now its time for mom to step in, send them to their rooms, cut the monkey in half and say 'see, is that what you wanted, is that all better now'? and fucking ground them for a week with no allowance.
  4. 23578

    23578 Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 2, 2000 Messages: 2,521 Likes Received: 0
    it's definately time to play nice. i'm still pissed at israel a bit for thier authoritarian role that they're stuck in which is mostly sharon's doing, but, hey, they elected him. i'm sure there is a better way. i heard on the radio, the israeli ambassador was speaking, sharon apparently imposed the travel restrictions and then realized it was a mistake, but it'd make him look weak if he backed off now. that seems like a snapshot of what's going on. fucking disturbing sometimes.
  5. whoami

    whoami Guest

    its not religion and their land and money...Money is usually always the cause of large terror.....Legalize weed their and peace will come....
  6. Ted Wakowski

    Ted Wakowski Guest

    ^^ Hahaha. Someone should fly crop dusters over the area spraying out mass amounts of weed smoke. Imagine a bunch of fucked-up Palestinian suicide-bombers ...

    Palestinian radical 1: "Brooo, fuck bombin' those other dudes, *cough* it's like totally tooo much effort, and I'm like toootally wasted."

    Palestinian radical 2: "Man *cough* I'm like totally on that wavelength. Lets knock down some filafels and hit up the shrine -- I got a fuckin' killer new form of strict religious worship and a bomb-ass prayer style to show you."

    Palestinan radical 1: "Right on!"
  7. dukeofyork

    dukeofyork Guest

    palestine isnt a country, a state, a nation, nothing....the land was controlled by jordan for a while before it was controlled by britain, and then given to the jews after world war II...wasnt it?
  8. dukeofyork

    dukeofyork Guest

    bottom line is youre dealing with two groups of people that believe they are in the right arguing over land...one group was given the land, the others havent had the land in a couple hundred years...at least..
  9. dojafx

    dojafx Member

    Joined: Nov 20, 2001 Messages: 831 Likes Received: 0
    My view on the issue is the revolutionary one: israel has no right to exist. The palestinians have had their land stolen from them, they are fighting to get it back, what is wrong with that? striking back at their oppressors and the so called "terrorism" that they are using is just like what george washington used against the brittish (i dont think they had suicide bombers back then though)
  10. whoami

    whoami Guest

    Yes america had to take away their land and give it away to the poor old jews....Its like what we did to the indians except the indians here dont care enough to go blow themselfs up..
  11. Pistol

    Pistol Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Jul 12, 2001 Messages: 19,363 Likes Received: 299
    George Washington fought soldiers NOT unarmed civilians shopping for food.

    I've been thinking about this alot. Shit is out of control.
    A suicide bomber hits that hotel full of families eating a religious dinner on a very holy night.

    A female suicide bomber explodes at the entrance of a supermarket on Passover when innocent people are shopping.

    A Palestinian attacks and stabs to death two 70 year olds Jews on the way to a Synagouge.

    Then you got the Arab summit. Where they don't allow Arafat to be broadcasted live. The PLO representatives walk out. The Saudi's and Egyptians don't bother to attend.

    Arafat says after having his headquarters surrounded. That "Israel want's him in jail, out of power, or dead...I pray to Allah to be a Martyr" Coming from a man that always tells the West he is against Martyrs is sure sounds like he supporting them with his little pep talk.

    If these Palestinians Suicide Bombers/knifers really want to do something they should attack Israeli barracks or the police NOT innocent women and children buying food at the local supermarket.

    What pisses me off more is all these Islamic leaders were telling the US not to continue bombing during the month of Ramadan, which would give Al qaeda and the Taliban a month to recover. Yet when all these suicide bombers attack Israeli civilians on 2 of their holiest days no one says shit. No Arab leader condemns their actions publicly.
  12. Soul_On_Ice

    Soul_On_Ice Guest

    Good points Pistol. I was basically going to say the same the same thing. I don't really see an end. If they agree on peace there are still going to be suicide bombers that are unhappy. If they go to war & one side wins, the other side is still gonna rebel.
  13. willy.wonka

    willy.wonka Guest

    when did this all start?

    world war one???????
  14. BROWNer

    BROWNer Guest

    most days i'm like a swing..
    today i can't fuckin' stand israel.
    tomorrow it'll probly be the other
    way around.
  15. greedy mars

    greedy mars Guest