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REALLY WIERD DREAM.(please do not delete)

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by SPLINTER, Nov 10, 2001.


    SPLINTER Guest

    i know theres already a thread but i doubt anyones gonna look trhu the 4 pages anymore and i need to type this out NOW.

    ok im having a dream where im taking care of my cousins baby who is almost a year old. im takin care of him cuz his mom has to go do somthing. well the baby seem to be really attracted to yellow. the two connections i can make from this is that he was a bee for holloween and that i have a crus on a girl whose fave color is yellow. so im carrying this baby around outside cuz he hates being inside. som guy gets out of a car and comes over to me, he normally chills with the babys dad so i let him hold the kid. he plays with it and walks to our next door neighbors house and i get real confused but then remember that the kids dad hangs out there. a few seconds later i must have realized his dad wasnt home or somethin and fun back ther to get the baby. the guy who took it gives me a clothes hanger with purple grapes in a plastic bag. i some how understood that i needed to turn this into a baby with out him saying anything. some im there like an idiout try to turn the stuff into a baby, and i figure its not gonna happen. so i walk over to the guy who took the baby and demand the baby back he says he doesnt have it and i demand again and he asks me how he supposed to give it back if he didnt have it so i socked him in the face and a whole crew of people showed up, luckly they were on my side and the only guys i can remember are the kicker from the football team, my next door neighbor, and a guy with wierd hair and boxing gloves. so me and the boxer dude start at him and he rounds around the palm tree in my neighbors front yard wher my neighbor catches him and then the whole crew begins to kick his ass and backs him into the fence around my house, there he begins to whistle and some guy gets out of his car, this guy happens to be som 6'3 tall guy at school who thinks hes a hard ass cholo and kicks it with a girl that used to be my friend, well anyways this guy anit shit and we dont even bother with him. well after all this we still dont have the baby. my cousin tells me to use my psychic powers to look into the future and find her baby. well my great grandma does seem to have psychic powers so its not that far out. my cousin also tells me shes had dreams of the baby getting lost (ive never heard her talk about this in real life) and i say that i hace had dreams of the same baby dying (i have had a dream where this baby dies) and a dream where her stillborn baby survives (she did have a stillborn a few years ago). after i finish talking to my cousin we seem lying there next to the fence where we beat that guy when a baby just pops up, it looks like the lost baby but a bit older, this baby begins to run and dissapears, i seem to be the only one that saw it. we (me, cousin) walk back to my house and seemed to be carrying blankets which we quietly leave in the back yard as to not disturb the people with in the house. i cant see where she went, i decide to start lookin for the baby in the back yard, i look in all the places my cousin (babys uncle) might keep his stash. then i look on the roof because somewhere along the line of the dream the babys uncle says to someone that he once lost a baby and then found it on the roof. well after not finding it in the back yard i begin to start walking to the front yard, there i see a truck load of my football coaches and they start talking to me about all this wrestling and weightlifting nonesense (i cant decide which one ill do next). out of nowhere two football players, the quarterback and a linemen are playing baseball and to show off to one of the caoches the linemen guy catches a ball behind his back. (this same guy been showing off because thursday they one a game (football) that might get them into the stae champ playoffs.) the dream ends whe the
    guy catches the ball. like i said weird. and for anyone who knows about dreams please tell me what this means.

  2. RaiD

    RaiD Guest

    you cant truly translate dreams man. really all dreams are is you uncontrolably thinking about stuff that has happened in the past or what will happen in the future. its obvious that you love the baby, and you like football or something. my generall conclusion of what your dream means is that your a BIG NUTJOB! yep your a fruitloop, seek help now. i hope i cleared things up for you.:D
  3. fr8lover

    fr8lover Guest

    dreams arent telling your future or past, thats a bunch of bullshit.

    dreams are simply EVERYTHING that youve lived or seen be it tv or real life, anything that have come to your senses in your life put together and randomized more or less...they dont tell your future, and you cant really speculate what they mean or anything...