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pros and cons on o'reilly shit

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by VANDALISTIKO, Mar 28, 2002.


    VANDALISTIKO Junior Member

    Joined: Aug 22, 2001 Messages: 157 Likes Received: 0
    aight, i just finished watching bill o'reilly talk about the corruption of the american child, (a.k.a, why is my white son a thug?)

    I agreed with some of the things he talked about, one thing that bothered me though was when he was talking to russell simmons and he said he was interested in the poor child, fuck that, also russell simmons is a dumbass, he says that rappers, (not emcees mind you), are pretending to be what the streets are and that they should not worry about the kids because it's the parents problem...now the issue i got, you all might have a different perspective, is that it's not about the child that has the parental guidance, the child that is suffering is the child that has no parental guidance, the child whose parents just dont give a fuck about him, that's the children that the entertainers should be thinking about. the whole porn issue, i agree that kids should never be exposed to porn, i got exposed to that shit early cuz im a perv and i have a fucked up perspective of women, but that could be something else, insane clown posse deserves a dick in their mouth cuz they are just plain out dumbshits, they talk out of their ass in every interview. the girls bootydancing was funny, all of them were white too so that just boosts my theory that mainstream society (music, television, radio) are mainly targeted to suburban teens who have the cash in their parents pocket to go out and get whatever they see mtv blasting onto their visual spectrum.

    what are your opinions people?
  2. whoami

    whoami Guest

    Amen.....But not all kids with stupid ass parents who dont care come out like failures I meet a whole lot who are very interesting....

    VANDALISTIKO Junior Member

    Joined: Aug 22, 2001 Messages: 157 Likes Received: 0
    Re: Re: pros and cons on o'reilly shit

  4. willy.wonka

    willy.wonka Guest

    i missed it too,but i know what ever happened,he had the last word and interupted right when the other person would come to thier point.
    he's a funny asshole.