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planet of origin?

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by cracked ass, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. cracked ass

    cracked ass Guest

    Anyone else here not from earth? I'm not sure where I came from, but I doubt it was this fucking place.
    I just came from the "money" thread (which is mostly about deodorant), and was logging some serious despair. I have no job, no car, no money, and I choose not to rub smelly goo in my armpits, ALL FOUR of which I have to change in order to get laid again. It makes me wonder why I have arms, legs, eyes, a liver...all of these being human things...when I don't feel like a human.
    My next thought was how fucking ordinary it seems to feel alienated, the way everyone writes songs and makes art about it. Is there anyone out there who DOESN'T feel alienated from the human race? If not, something is seriously fucked. And if so, then I'm seriously fucked.
    I should have called this "cracked's monday night post".
  2. dosoner

    dosoner Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 8, 2000 Messages: 3,735 Likes Received: 26
    all i know is that iv often found humans to act very stupid, and irrationaly. after a long night of watching tv, me and my friend were discussing the 2 hour infommercial we had just watched when we came to the conclusion that humans are stupid and that we couldnt possible be from the same species that would try to sell a foam matress as some space aged sleep system.

    im with cracked, because i think 95% percent of all humans act extremly unatural.
  3. brown twinkie

    brown twinkie Veteran Member

    Joined: Jan 6, 2001 Messages: 8,127 Likes Received: 0
    ..mmm....dope...i have some thoughts on this extremely strange existence...............but i'm way too tired...
    maybe i'll try and put it into words later.
  4. LUKY

    LUKY Member

    Joined: Sep 22, 2000 Messages: 459 Likes Received: 0
    naw im from here, i just dont enjoy it that much, being in a city makes me feel far more dirty than being in the woods coverd with mud.
  5. dosoner

    dosoner Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 8, 2000 Messages: 3,735 Likes Received: 26
    i find the concept of a job a bit unatural, but that gets a whole door of shit open, like money, witch i find unatural as well, but i understand a need for a currancy. what i dont understand is the hell some people go through to get money. i find it much more natural to enjoy your life, and have just enough money to get buy, and have alot more fun, than waste away your days going to school and working overtime, and not calling in sick to go fishing. but i think i have a mental disorder dealing with modern society, and i dont understand why i can end up in jail for having an 8th of mushrooms on me, its not like everyone in the world would suffer if i took too many and fucked my head up, its my body and i want to have fun, i dont understand why people should be throwin in jail for victimless crimes, thats seems unatural to me.
  6. theFUME

    theFUME Senior Member

    Joined: Mar 6, 2001 Messages: 2,489 Likes Received: 1

    thats like an oxymoron to me - victimless crime


    "now how can i perfect this? livin' recless, die for my neclace"
    - [​IMG]
  7. dosoner

    dosoner Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 8, 2000 Messages: 3,735 Likes Received: 26
    as far as victim less crimes, i belive they are few and far between, such as possesion of drugs, the only real victim there is yourself, and your body, so i dont see how someone can say that is wrong, for you to do what you want to your own fucking body. i understand why you dont belive there is a such thing as a victimless crime, there are very few of them anyways, graffiti is not one of them.
  8. cracked ass

    cracked ass Guest

    I'm feeling an old song by Peace Corpse right now called Whores...
    "My pride has been cut open to the marrow
    Can't get my broken arrow to fly straight
    I'll fucking re-invent your blessed sacrament
    And get the message sent, understand?
    Fools...take action...the time is now
    Your time's come and gone
    Whores, every one of us
    Who can you trust
    If you can't trust yourself"

    One thing bothering me is, except for a few things I consider minor character flaws I could work on, for the most part I'm proud of who I am and what I do (and don't do) and too stubborn to give that up. Yet to stand up for my identity forces me to lose out on the good things in life, such as money and pussy. I watch the rest of the human race assholing along and it makes me weary. Corporations selling shame so you'll buy health and beauty aids, selling rebellion so you'll drink Mountain Dew, just like fifty million other fucking clones. Insurance companies telling you "you're covered", not telling you it's with shit. If it were just the corporations I'm not feeling, that would be one thing, but I get dissed by all their pseudo-rebellious drones. People stare at me sometimes, even when I'm way out of range of them being able to tell I don't smear smelly goo in my armpits like everybody else. I'll just be sitting near a road and drivers will crane their heads to look at me, and I'll be thinking, what the fuck are you looking at? Ever see a guy sitting before? Get out much, you stupid fuck? I used to feel superior to people as a teenager because of my higher intelligence, but now I only feel despair. I can't belong in a society where I'm the only one who has figured out how stupid the things are that most people do with their time.
    And then I remember religion - I've been without it for so long that I sometimes forget that a whole shitload of people seriously believe in a Santa-like god who sends bad people to hell and other absurd shit. That REALLY alienates me - I'm the same race as those dumb, unimaginative and unobservant fucks? What planet am I from? I ask it a lot lately. If I was sure death washed it all away I'd be more enthusiastic about suicide, but who's to say we don't go someplace even stupider?
  9. Rivers Cuomo

    Rivers Cuomo Guest

    If standing up for your principles gets you nothing (except for pride...?) then why do it? Is pride more important to you then money or getting laid?
  10. dosoner

    dosoner Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 8, 2000 Messages: 3,735 Likes Received: 26
    cracked has numbed my brain with thoughts that never really entered my head, and i find pretty logical, although most times people stare at me its because i offended them in someway, witch iv been doing acidentally quite often these days
  11. Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth Senior Member

    Joined: Dec 6, 2000 Messages: 2,388 Likes Received: 1

    Cracked Ass- You have no idea how well you and I would get along.
  12. cracked ass

    cracked ass Guest

    I didn't say standing up for principles, I said standing up for my identity...which I suppose is nearly the same thing, except one part of my identity which is not a "principle" would be apathy. The world makes me weary, the idea of undertaking the necessary work to get rich or get laid...it's too much work. I like money and pussy a lot...but my hatred of what it takes to get them is bigger.
    In fact, the effort isn't worth it to me. Yes, sex feels good. But let's divorce the sex act from everything else for a moment. If I got laid right now, with a girl who met my strangely high beauty standards, I would nut in about 4 minutes, if that. There it is, 4 minutes of pleasure. To just be in a position to attain that, I have to do the following:
    -Get up early every weekday for at least a few weeks
    -Dress up well
    -Smear smelly goo in my armpits
    -Scrape the hair off my face with a sharp knife
    -Walk or bike for many miles, stopping at each potential employer
    -Adopt a respectful and slightly humble attitude
    Do I need to list the next dozen steps? It's already in the fuck that, not worth it category.
    I guess your original question is valid, and my basic answer is not so much that I need to keep my pride, but that the prices are too high for money and pussy. People fucking torture themselves to attain those things. I just won't do it to myself.
    Which is strange because I'll brave poison ivy, mosquitoes, heat, humidity, snowstorms and below zero temps, prowling cops, crawling through swamps, hours of waiting (sometimes for nothing that day), and dropping cash on paint, gas, transport, just to get my name up on trains.
    What planet am I from again?
  13. bobobi11

    bobobi11 Elite Member

    Joined: Dec 15, 2000 Messages: 2,807 Likes Received: 0
    I hear what all of you are saying. And I think because we all choose an "alternative lifestyle" of some type we feel this atmosphere more severely. Other mainstream drones are beginning to feel this dis-satisfaction with life as well. They won't join in the protests and actions right away, but they will. Since WTO the number of "good citizens" that are turning out for such a variety of causes have increased hundred-fold.

    I truly believe we are entering a period of social revolution in the United States similar to that of the 60's. It looks a lot different and is slower to start, but the issues are more diverse and not as compelling to the media.

    In the 60's early 70's you had a few well defined issues that were regularly published; (i.e.) Vietnam, Civil Rights, Feminism. These issues were impossible for the media to ignore.

    We have so fucked up are society at this point the issues are complicated and diverse. There are so many horrific things happening that the media can over give the public minimal exposure and are willing to look the other way if a corporate interest has objections. So it's happening DIY and grassroots, it will happen.
  14. Rivers Cuomo

    Rivers Cuomo Guest

    same one as me.

    I think when you find a girl (or anything that seems worth it) that you feel the same way about as you do graffiti, you'll go through the same things for her/it. pussy isn't worth it, but sooner or later you'll hopefully encounter something that is....(besides graff, which is a noble cause in itself)

    to most guys, pussy and money are worth it to smear smelly goo in their armpits and cut the hair off their face with a sharp knife(I love how you worded that). my question is, is it you who is from another planet? or them?
  15. cracked ass

    cracked ass Guest

    Well, that's the thing...I'd like to believe they're the weirdos, but I'm vastly outnumbered.
    Maybe I'm just in the wrong country. I should probably give Europe a shot, they have a four-hour lunch break and aren't as big on smelly goo.