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````````Old Photos

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by 12centProfit, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. 12centProfit

    12centProfit New Jack

    Joined: Feb 22, 2004 Messages: 36 Likes Received: 0
    Words cannot express how cool this site is...


    Search for anything and post what you like.

    1941 Vermont.

    1917 Vermont

    1912 Texas

    1942 D.C.

    1914 Illinois


    18?? Texas

    1913 New York
  2. vaginabuster

    vaginabuster New Jack

    Joined: Mar 17, 2004 Messages: 27 Likes Received: 0
  3. Overtime

    Overtime Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 22, 2003 Messages: 13,989 Likes Received: 313
    you are retarded (vaginabuster)....but yes the pictures are good looking
  4. timemachine

    timemachine Banned

    Joined: Mar 21, 2004 Messages: 773 Likes Received: 0
    word old photos are hot
    cool site

  5. jbrshmonster

    jbrshmonster Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 11, 2002 Messages: 3,902 Likes Received: 295
  6. ares

    ares Member

    Joined: Sep 17, 2002 Messages: 979 Likes Received: 8
    I really dig that old Vermont flick. Nice thread.
  7. me IS cool

    me IS cool Guest

    Damn that website is bad ass. I especally like how they let you see a 150dpi version of each one.

    Thanks for the link! :king:
  8. jbrshmonster

    jbrshmonster Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 11, 2002 Messages: 3,902 Likes Received: 295
    round lake, ny
    nuns clamming..'57
    garden city, long island


    that site IS badass..
    let me know if these are too big^^
  9. me IS cool

    me IS cool Guest

    This picture is from March 24, 1909**


  10. jbrshmonster

    jbrshmonster Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 11, 2002 Messages: 3,902 Likes Received: 295
    leaving a murder scene in denver

    different murder scene

    accused murderer-1912
    his co-defendant
  11. jbrshmonster

    jbrshmonster Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 11, 2002 Messages: 3,902 Likes Received: 295
    State prison cell block showing damage after 1929 riot

    Jimmy "DYNOMITE" Walker, NYC Mayor in Chicago 1927

    Madison Square Garden- 1924
  12. slave_one

    slave_one Elite Member

    Joined: Apr 4, 2003 Messages: 2,745 Likes Received: 2
    black and white photographs make everything look so classy and beautiful. that prison cell riot photo looks CRAZY. good find man.
  13. Devilush

    Devilush 12oz Legend

    Joined: Feb 1, 2001 Messages: 17,035 Likes Received: 3
    that site is one of my faves.
  14. SteveAustin

    SteveAustin Veteran Member

    Joined: Mar 12, 2002 Messages: 7,042 Likes Received: 2
    awesome...I've picked up a few old books and found lots of old photos stuck inside. If I get motivated enough...I'll scan em and postem up.
  15. JesusMachine

    JesusMachine Elite Member

    Joined: Sep 3, 2002 Messages: 4,509 Likes Received: 207
    i found alot of nice walls and spots in my old neighborhood through this website.