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new, and hopefully improved

Discussion in 'Paper Chase' started by gimpos, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. gimpos

    gimpos Guest

    yeah guys, been sketching alot recently, most emphasis on handstyle though rather than fills etc... so yeah, tell me if im going in the right direction...










    well hit me up with pointers please yall...

  2. Tre$Loco$

    Tre$Loco$ Member

    Joined: Sep 15, 2002 Messages: 623 Likes Received: 0
    keep working especially on that pink handstyle one that looks cool, and ditch the "chinese letters". use more ink/markers your on your way keep working on your tag too it sucks
  3. HAZER

    HAZER New Jack

    Joined: Mar 1, 2002 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0
    On the second one, if all the letters were the same size it would look much better.
  4. ComicBookGuy

    ComicBookGuy Guest

    go simple, dont try to connect letters.
  5. gimpos

    gimpos Guest


    duh a handstyle is supposed to flow, if ya writing the shit quick ye let it flow out and the letters join, if you fuck around with sperating letters that just a waste of time man...
  6. WALE!pd

    WALE!pd 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Jun 7, 2002 Messages: 12,040 Likes Received: 364
    all of them are total shit except the second one, thats where you should be. not trying to connect letters not trying to tweak shit. simple straight letters imagine doing a roller on your paper lol. make them all the same size too please for the love of god man..
  7. gimpos

    gimpos Guest

    hating anything but simple

    yo guys thanks for the pointers, but seriously yall seem to hate on any sketch that people post and all yall ever say is stay simple... like how do ya mean anyway, i'll try it, don't get me wrong i know i'm still a toy in this graf game but when ya stay simple and make block letters how do you advance it from there? yo could yall maybee post up some of your early block sketches just so i can see what yall getting at. well props for tryin to educate me yall. peace.
  8. tears*uno

    tears*uno Guest

    why arent you posting in toys post here..toy

  9. FourOneTwo

    FourOneTwo Member

    Joined: May 10, 2002 Messages: 924 Likes Received: 0
    Re: duh

    Why ask for pointers...and then when they are given to you say that they are wrong?
  10. gimpos

    gimpos Guest

    because that shit doesn't help, i'm still to see anyone on this forum give any pointers other than stay simple, the shit up there is simple, i've done way more complex shit before but folks told me to go simple so i go simpler and yall say its too complex, whats complex about writing yer handstyle out, putting an outline and a lil shadow on. mofukas want me to write blocks, blocks suck man, and if yall say you gotta start there then you stupid u should develop a handstyle first and how can ya develop a flowing handstyle doing blocks, shits stupid. peace
  11. gimpos

    gimpos Guest

    i just did this

    yo i just did this shit in the last ten minutes, is this what yall mean by simple or that too complex. i dont get u guys sometimes... well hit back. peace

  12. tears*uno

    tears*uno Guest

    then quit writing you whiney little bitch...thats jsut the way it goes, dont act liek you knwo how to do a handstyle then ask for tips. yeah its boring but if yo uwanna whine about startign where yo ushoudl start then stop fucking writing. dont call us stupid, blocks are where yo ustart PERIOD. faggot. do it or dont write.
  13. gimpos

    gimpos Guest

    nah man

    nah man, yall got it all upside down... what did taki start writing, and stay high, that shit was a handstyle... then they went on to do blocks.... super kool did than with star 9 and phase 2, but first they were out there getting a handstyle flowing... and man i aint whining, i'm just pointing out that quite a lot of yall never say anything to anyone other than stay simple most of yall never even post your own shit up here anyway. i dont wanna start no hate slanging here tho bro. some peace... but ya threw me the diss and i aint throwing it back. peace yall.
  14. WALE!pd

    WALE!pd 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Jun 7, 2002 Messages: 12,040 Likes Received: 364
    that last one is simple and what you should be doing now, just do VERY simple block letters like this font lol and once you get those down to where they look good (for what they are simple block letters) add a little style to em, bend em a bit add spikes or projections but whatever you do it should flow good together
  15. Intangible

    Intangible 12oz Legend

    Joined: Jul 9, 2001 Messages: 17,479 Likes Received: 6