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Mexico Deports Hundreds of American Illegal-Aliens Back to the U.S.

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by TheoHuxtab|e, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. TheoHuxtab|e

    TheoHuxtab|e Banned

    Joined: Jul 28, 2004 Messages: 468 Likes Received: 0

    TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - Authorities closed three rehabilitation centers in northern Mexico this week and deported hundreds of U.S. teenagers sent there for treatment of drug, alcohol or behavior problems, immigration officials said on Saturday.

    Authorities shut the three centers in the Baja California towns of Ensenada and Rosarito on Friday and began deporting 590 youths, many of whom were in Mexico illegally.

    A man who answered the phone at one of the centers identified by the immigration officials, the House of Hope Academy in the Pacific coastal town of Ensenada, refused to comment.

    The other two centers could not be immediately identified and contacted for comment.

    Mexico investigated the centers after complaints of maltreatment, and found the youths had entered Mexico as tourists, not residents of treatment programs, the National Immigration Institute said.

    Immigration officials also said at least one of the centers was run by an American who had also entered on a tourist visa and had no legal right to run a business in Mexico.

    "Seventy-five percent of the undocumented Americans have left the country. The rest will stay in the care of the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana until their parents are contacted," said Raul Zarate, spokesman for the immigration institute.

    The youths were residents at the centers, which treat behavioral problems, drug and alcohol abuse, the Mexican authorities said.

    The immigration institute said in a statement the centers had been closed temporarily by the state health ministry after patients complained of physical and psychological abuses.
  2. fermentor666

    fermentor666 Veteran Member

    Joined: Sep 27, 2003 Messages: 8,152 Likes Received: 15
    Who the fuck sends their kids to Mexico for rehab? Tijuana, no less?
  3. justaname

    justaname Member

    Joined: May 18, 2003 Messages: 807 Likes Received: 23
    american parents would do that
  4. Kr430n5_666

    Kr430n5_666 Banned

    Joined: Oct 6, 2004 Messages: 19,229 Likes Received: 30
    t: awesome
    t: i ate grilled cheese before i went to bed and that was a bad idea
    d: hahahaha
    d: did you wake up on shit island?
    t: nooo
  5. StarzAbove

    StarzAbove Veteran Member

    Joined: Jul 15, 2003 Messages: 7,134 Likes Received: 6
    Thats pretty funny Illegal Americans haha
  6. This, along with the brazillian law to photograph all americans that enter the country via plane and the security toughened canadian borders could be translated as ' a taste of your own medicine'...the world grows unfond of the us...kerry is a flaming pussy but i'm just sayin...;)
  7. GamblersGrin

    GamblersGrin Elite Member

    Joined: Sep 24, 2003 Messages: 3,243 Likes Received: 16
  8. KaBar2

    KaBar2 Senior Member

    Joined: Jun 27, 2003 Messages: 2,130 Likes Received: 66
    Not a problem

    Mexico has every right to kick illegal aliens of any nationality out of their country. Every single country of the world requires foreign visitors to have a visa, or at the very least, an entry permit. Mexico regularly kicks out illegal aliens from Guatemala and other Central American and South American countries out of Mexico, because they have no passport, no innoculation certificates, no visa and no permission to be in Mexico. It's a serious offense there, too, not like here, where basically the illegal aliens get a scolding and a free ride back home.

    But of course, if the U.S. boots out illegal aliens from Mexico, suddenly it's a big problem---and I can sure understand why---those illegal aliens are sending millions and millions of dollars home to their families.

    The only reason the Mexican government would bother kicking rehabilitation patients out of Mexico is that the rehabilitation center did not pay it's bribe to the proper Government officials. It's probably a lot cheaper to operate a treatment center down there, and there would be no government agencies breathing down your neck, bitching about patient rights, etc. Up here, some teenaged drug user psycho is used to cussing out the rehabilitation staff and acting like a little bitch with impunity. Down in Mexico, if you cuss out a psych tech you probably get your ass thumped good and then locked into Seclusion for a week until you decide to change your fucking attitude. You don't disrespect an adult in Mexico and expect to not get your ass kicked.

    Here in the U.S., many teenagers are under the mistaken illusion that they are Billy Bad Asses who can defy adult authority. And that isn't true, even here, it's just that instead of bitch-slapping the shit out of a insolent little punk, we just let him waste his whole adolescence going from one treatment center to another, from one juvenile lock-up to another, until he finally wakes the fuck up. In Mexico, the process takes a couple of weeks. Up here, the process takes several years because our precious little babies can't be manhandled. I guess it's better that they spend years of their life in a "treatment center" than to be given a reality check the first time they talk shit to an adult. You can thank the fucking liberal assholes who run our schools and mental health care system for that.

    There are lots of people who are genuinely mentally ill, but for every genuinely mentally ill person I see, I probably see twenty who are just immature, entitled, spoiled-rotten kids whose parents are too lazy and too uncaring to discipline them. No wonder they're so fucked up.

    You know what my number one problem as an adolescent psych nurse is? Many of my patients do not want to leave the hospital and return back home. It sounds crazy, but it's the truth. We receive phone calls almost every day from kids that were discharged who want to talk to us, tell us how they're doing, tell us that they are doing well in school. They often don't seem to realize that the people they knew here while they were admitted (the other patients) are gone now. They ask "How's Bobby? How's Jennifer?" And Bobby and Jennifer have been gone home, or to placement, or back to Juvenile Detention weeks ago.

    I need to find another way to make a living. I am burned out dealing with fucked up, oppositional, spoiled-rotten little punks, no shit.
  9. GLIK$

    GLIK$ Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Jul 23, 2002 Messages: 22,277 Likes Received: 117




  10. KaBar2

    KaBar2 Senior Member

    Joined: Jun 27, 2003 Messages: 2,130 Likes Received: 66
    Glik0, sweetheart, I bet you are a pluperfect example of what I'm talking about. See you at work.
  11. 455

    455 Guest

    Kabar hit the nail on the head...
  12. japillahan

    japillahan Senior Member

    Joined: May 5, 2003 Messages: 1,308 Likes Received: 69
    Re: Not a problem

    isnt that the truth. maybe you should just move to mexico do to your same job.

    as for deporting americans "go back to your own damn country!"
    there are illegal americans at home(nicaragua) as well, but there arent any youth treatment places there(that i know of), most u.s. illegals are either drug runners, drug addicts(apparently cocaine is cheap there, i wouldnt know for sure though), or just outlaws.
  13. 2 blaazed

    2 blaazed New Jack

    Joined: Jun 28, 2002 Messages: 0 Likes Received: 3
    :lol: haha
  14. KaBar2

    KaBar2 Senior Member

    Joined: Jun 27, 2003 Messages: 2,130 Likes Received: 66
    That IS a wierd pic, though

    What the fuck is that about, anyway? Some sort of artistic expression deal or what? I wonder what country it's from? I'm guessing France.

    KING BLING Guest

    Re: Not a problem

    So you think we should torture the little bastards to set them straight? Hell yeah, we should set there hair on fire if they don't finish dinner, and if they're not getting along with people tell them that there family died but that they can't go to the funeral because they're bad and you can sodomize them with broom sticks if they yell back at you and maybe you can tie them up and urinate on them if they get in a fight or attach electrodes to there genitals and tell them if they move it will shock them if they support Saddam...

    Don't mess with Texas