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media influences by technological advancement

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by blink_ATX, May 4, 2002.

  1. blink_ATX

    blink_ATX Guest

    Its not that the world is filled with stupid people or that humans of lesser intelligence even exist. It is the presence of technology, which we welcome with open arms, that creates complete automation in our transactions. Leaving some of us un-able to complete processes of logical thinking and an individual ability to think upon our own devices. One might call this the information age, but we here in the states are bombarded day by day with useless facts, rumors, and pieces of information that have little relevance to life in general. More and more speculation is to be had about lesser and lesser ideals that have no basis for human progression.
    Religious sects and political parties pop-up like franchises, changing ideas and resetting human values of which to live by. Call me a libertarian, or call me a Democrat, maybe I am a black or an African-American, am I white or am I Hispanic, my speech is studded with slang words, but I am not from that neighborhood. Society through this wonder of automation and grave advances in technology has fallen into a rut of classification to better an understanding of the world around us. The actual explanation for this might come from the lack of a material creator. Science and man’s need to progress is only driven by his complete lack of affirmation that he is inferior to anything unseen by the human eye.
    However the truth be told, it is evident by all, if you dare to look, that human nature is to be greedy, and it is to be authoritarian. If you look long enough at our past you will find that throughout our short history, we have killed in the name of many gods, many causes and many ideals, that in the end, change, as does the tide. This of course is an extremely feasible argument since the history books can lie. Although if they do and the truth be found, it only again proves mans natural pull towards deception. So it goes to show that this natural ability to destroy one another in the name of a great cause; religion, imperialism, and now capitalism, we find that the media is just another subsidiary of the machines overall functionality. Much like a car engine, which needs to be cooled by the radiator or catalyzed by the spark plugs igniting gasoline.
    We will call the catalyst in our realm of this argument, the media. Which keeps the people through heresy accounts from seeing blatant truths. At one end of that spectrum someone will lose and someone will come across a great gain in the name of either fame, which is fueled in most cases by money, or power. Power, which goes back to the origin of natural human instincts.
  2. NATO

    NATO Guest

    damn the infernal internet to hell!!!
  3. platapie

    platapie Guest

    whered you cut and paste that from blink? cause do to your previous posts i know you are not that intelligent to write somthing liek that. give credit to the author
  4. If you're gonna copy/paste, at least give credit to the author. Beer,

    El Mamerro
  5. Hahahaha, me and platie wrote the same thing at the same time. WHOA CRAZY NUTS TELEPATHY ROCK 2002!!!! Beer,
  6. platapie

    platapie Guest

    eye to eye el mam..................
  7. blink_ATX

    blink_ATX Guest

    im not copying and pasting jack shit, i just chose in earlier posts to have weak ass arguments for the sake of first impressions. Its something i perform well at since its my human nature, TO BE DECEPTIVE!!!! ahahahaahhaah

    and not to mention in at work so i have no choice but to feel intellegent adn most of that prose comes from dealing with tech support calls all day...

    "oh my cd player doesnt work, im not sure what a stereo is"

  8. Anyone with basic knowledge of online bulletin boards knows the formatting on that first post is the result of a copy/paste. Beer,

    El Mamerro
  9. blink_ATX

    blink_ATX Guest

    you know nothing, I wrote that entire thing, and if youthink any different i will honour your attempt at finding the original author.

    loser, you simple logic to figure it out and go read the midwest bombing thread, you see how long it ook me to reply to smart with a solid example to back my arguement?

    dont be an ass and quit bieng jealous.


    l0rd Ka0s
  10. platapie

    platapie Guest

    yeah sure you typed that whole thign all by yourself blink;)
    your so smart. look mom no hands
  11. My simple logic can't figure out what the hell this means. Please, PLEASE learn to write well before you attempt to take on big subjects. Beer,

    El Mamerro


    I suppose this is your "solid argument" in the Midwest bombing thread... please believe this is an old-ass urban legend and is completely wrong. Come correct or don't come at all.
  12. blink_ATX

    blink_ATX Guest

    look asshole, im at work and im replying to your pathetic asses while hearing "i got surround level turned all the way up and imnot getting anything..." so lay off i meant to type use...

    and yes id bet my life on the fact that i wrote it all assfuck
  13. whoami

    whoami Guest

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I swear its all this fucking 16 year old does....And blink how about quitting drinking and driving and stopping the encouragement of killing writers like NACE who get up more than you in a week than you do in the bathroom stalls at your school in 2 years...
  14. platapie

    platapie Guest

    who cares if your at work? i dont i dont think mammero does ethier. if you dont have the time to argue your point dont comeback.
  15. blink_ATX

    blink_ATX Guest

    no its not an urban legend you dumbshit, its in a very large amount ofhistory books and you sir havejust proven your immenent ignorance. If i were you i would pull my foot outta my stomach so one doesnt die of suffocation.

    l0rd Ka0s