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Lets get into it...

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by Ted Wakowski, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. Ted Wakowski

    Ted Wakowski Guest

    Biological evolution. More specifically, human evolution vs. technological evolution. Neo-humanism. Artificial intelligence. Exponential growth. Moore's law ...........

    What do you think of these things? Optimist or doomsayer?

    I'm just curious what other characteristically rebellious writer-types who might be into thinking about this kind of shit have to say about it.
  2. THEdude

    THEdude Guest

    One thing I'm am most sure of, the point from which I view things, I believe that if there is a meaning to this which there has to be since you mention the very same things that connect us, then yes, yes indeed.
  3. Dyptheria

    Dyptheria Guest

    Biological Evolution is a fact as far as i'm concerned. Nothing has disproven it. It doesn't disprove the existence of a higher being or any sort of deity, but it does disprove the inane story of creation in the old testament.
  4. yoink

    yoink Elite Member

    Joined: May 27, 2002 Messages: 3,428 Likes Received: 0
    i believe in a higher being yes...

    the bible is a history book

    thats the way i look at it..hard to look away from fact and science
  5. Dyptheria

    Dyptheria Guest

    the bible is not a history book. it is incorrect in many ways....this is an evolution thread, not a bible thread. there's one of those, go back in the archives and bump it if you care to talk about that shit further
  6. im not witty

    im not witty Guest

    "If you're looking at the highlights of human development, you have to look at the evolution of the organism, and then add the development of the interaction with its environment. Evolution of the organism will begin with the evolution of life, proceeding through the hominid, coming to the evolution of mankind: neanderthal, cro-magnon man. Now, interestingly, what you're looking at here are three strains: biological, anthropological (development of cities, cultures), and cultural (which is human expression). Now, what you've seen here is the evolution of populations, not so much the evolution of individuals. And in addition, if you look at the time-scale that's involved here: two billion years for life, six million years
    for the hominid, a hundred-thousand years for mankind as we know it, you're beginning to see the telescoping nature of the evolutionary paradigm. And then, when you get to agriculture, when you get to the scientific revolution and the industrial revolution, you're looking at ten thousand years, four hundred years, a hundred and fifty years. You're seeing a further telescoping of this evolutionary time. What that means is that as we go through the new evolution, it's going to telescope to the point that we should see it manifest itself within our lifetimes, within a generation. The new evolution stems from information, and it stems from two types of information: digital and analog. The digital is artificial intelligence; The analog results from molecular biology, the cloning of the organism, and you knit the two together with neurobiology. Before, under the old evolutionary paradigm, one would die and the other would grow and dominate. But, under the new paradigm, they would exist as a mutually supportive, non-competitive grouping independent from the external. Now what is interesting here is that evolution now becomes an individually-centered process eminating from the needs and desires of the individual, and not an external process, a passive process, where the individual is just at the whim of the collective.
    So, you produce a neo-human with a new individuality, a new consciousness. But, that's only the beginning of the evolutionary cycle because as the next cycle proceeds, the input is now this new intelligence. As intelligence pods on intelligence, as abilty pods on ability, the speed changes. Until what? Until you reach a crescendo. In a way, it could be imagined as an almost instantaneous fulfillment of human, human and neo-human, potential. It could be something totally different. It could be the amplification of the individual...the multiplication of individual existences, parallel existences, now with the individual no longer restricted by time and space. And the manifestations of this neo-human type evolution could be dramatically counter-intuitive; That's the interesting part. The old evolution is cold, it's sterile, it's efficient. And, it's manifestations are those social adaptations. We're talking about parasitism, dominance, morality, war, predation. These will be subject to de-emphasis. These will be subject to de-evolution. The new evolutionary paradigm will give us the human traits of truth, of loyalty, of justice, of freedom. These will be the manifestations of the new evolution, and that is what we would hope to see from this, that would be nice."
  7. Dyptheria

    Dyptheria Guest

    that was one of many of my favorite dialogs from that movie. i also liked the one about freewill, and what is freewill, and do we really have freewill?

    did yo get that from a website that has all of the dialog transcribed? if so can you share?
  8. yoink

    yoink Elite Member

    Joined: May 27, 2002 Messages: 3,428 Likes Received: 0
    eh i did not mean it that way...i say history cause it was written by mortal men...thats all..i dont really care enough bout the subject to really get into it ;)
    you folks continue on
  9. Ted Wakowski

    Ted Wakowski Guest

    That's Eamonn Healey!! Word up, it's dope they used him ... I threw that excerpt my friend's way today while we were looking at something Ray Kurzweil wrote.

    Talk about a fucking optimist. That's a good thing though, kind of rare in a fairly pessimistic modern science community.

    Evolution makes sense to me. In a sense, so does religion. What starts to get me really thinking, considering a certain belief I'll conform to as far as an evolutionary process even more exponentially expansive than Moore's law suggests, is trying to see the next step. I guess certain trans- or neohumanistic theories might make sense when really rationally considered, beyond the floating stigma of science-fiction. Then again so does the idea of everything being fucking doomed.

    I don't know. Talk to me in twenty or thirty years when I've seen more of the situation first-hand and have accumulated a lot more knowledge and awareness.

    This is honestly a HUGE subject. You could debate or sink into thought on these ideas for the rest of your life and maybe never come to any really solid conclusions. Eventually, I think you'll just settle back into what you believe, be it the definitive "truth" in your mind or not.
  10. JIGSAW

    JIGSAW Guest

    Technology begins to climb at a great rate, yet we still have men reading at grade eight....
  11. im not witty

    im not witty Guest

  12. im not witty

    im not witty Guest

  13. DETO

    DETO Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Apr 25, 2002 Messages: 11,350 Likes Received: 154
  14. Kr430n5_666

    Kr430n5_666 Banned

    Joined: Oct 6, 2004 Messages: 19,229 Likes Received: 30
  15. --zeSto--

    --zeSto-- Guest

    it's so very obvious that our natural pace of evolution is clashing with our
    current rate of technical progress.

    let me simplify...

    Lactose Intolerance.

    The human body hasn't evolved to really handle milk after the nursing phase.
    How ever... we not only drink milk all our lives,
    and suffer from varying degrees of lactose intolerance...
    but we make the milk taste like chocolate! Now that's fucked up.

    here's another breakdown of terms...
    Humans (and all living things) evolve at a steady pace unless a mutation occurs.
    Humans have had way more evolutions than most animals in too short a time frame.
    Our technology occurs in Revolutions... where everything changes overnight.
    So imagine the imbalance that happens when our present bodies
    are subjected to medicines 'of the future' (evolutionally speaking)

    you know what you get...?
    People over extending their natural lives way beoyond what the rest of the planet can support.
    Great.... every one of those humans will make 30 years extra trash then they used to.
    Bring on the matrix.