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Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by GEAsusONEnep, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. GEAsusONEnep

    GEAsusONEnep Guest

    This is fucking awesome.
  2. hulk hogan

    hulk hogan Member

    Joined: Oct 31, 2001 Messages: 648 Likes Received: 0
  3. ElectricitySucks

    ElectricitySucks Veteran Member

    Joined: Jul 13, 2001 Messages: 6,395 Likes Received: 24
    im not even going to bother saying it...

    but i guess thats cool?
  4. Pistol

    Pistol Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Jul 12, 2001 Messages: 19,364 Likes Received: 299
    i have very thick hair. it's always cut short with a 2 clip. but i am getting/have tons of gray hair. they gray hairs stand out against my jet black hair. i even spotted one on my cheek the other day. hopefully my pubes don't turn gray.
  5. socrates

    socrates Guest

    Spraypaint will make your hair fall out, but we can use the hair from our palms due to the chronic masturbation.
  6. boogie hands

    boogie hands 12oz Legend

    Joined: Feb 15, 2001 Messages: 16,059 Likes Received: 13
    im with you....before a job interview i decided to tidy up the hair doo and since my girl was out of town i broke out the double mirrors so i could examine the back of my head....no tufts of hair....JUST A HUGE FUCKING BALD SPOT THAT NO ONE BOTHERED TO MENTION TO ME!!!!

    everyone i know is an asshole....fuck you guys
  7. GEAsusONEnep

    GEAsusONEnep Guest

    But you dont got the kind where the two corners of your forehead gets bigger? Thats what I have. I'm going to get rogaine or some shit.
  8. 150's~

    150's~ Guest

    haha. for some reason this post is crackin' me up. Yo, word up, I know my hair line is receding and the shit sucks. I tend to let my shit grow out now instead of cutting it short. I get pissed when I see cats with a tight ass hair line. shit, im going bald!! its not that bad yet tho... I heard rogaine makes your dick limp.
  9. chicken bone

    chicken bone Guest

    lol.. glad to see your holdin it down. word son, word!

    i hope i dont get bald, that shit is unattractive on the whoa! you better whip out the cream and blade and go bald style.. then you can tell all the honeys your going for the 'moby look'. then you can have mad prep art fag bitches riding your junk like a fat girl singing the blues quietly to herself in the lonely street light of an abandoned alleyway in new orleans. word.
  10. GEAsusONEnep

    GEAsusONEnep Guest

    i'm most definitely growing my hair out now. my girlfriend was the first one to notice and shes been calling me baldy all day. this shit is pretty depressing, especially considering i'm only 18.

  11. DOLR....LED

    DOLR....LED Member

    Joined: Jul 2, 2002 Messages: 675 Likes Received: 1
  12. Grandola

    Grandola Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 16, 2002 Messages: 1,773 Likes Received: 0
  13. ToYs

    ToYs Guest

    sucks to be you... watch me get bald now. fuckin karma
  14. capindikfays

    capindikfays New Jack

    Joined: Jun 29, 2002 Messages: 5 Likes Received: 0
    don't worry..

    you can always wax your head
  15. Brownbread?

    Brownbread? Junior Member

    Joined: Mar 18, 2002 Messages: 191 Likes Received: 0
    150's i feel ya. thats why i stopped going to barbers so often and started cutting my own hair because they always push your hair line back giving you a big ass forehead.

    wouldn't that just make the thinning spots stand out more??