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I just heard the new daft punk tune...

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by Fabo 2, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Fabo 2

    Fabo 2 Member

    Joined: Mar 20, 2002 Messages: 345 Likes Received: 2
    it's called human after all. search for it on soulseek/limewire/whatever you use. big ting.
  2. Nekro

    Nekro Elite Member

    Joined: Feb 19, 2003 Messages: 2,568 Likes Received: 1
    Downloading that shit now.

    You should check out Ratatat.
  3. <KEY3>

    <KEY3> Veteran Member

    Joined: Mar 24, 2004 Messages: 6,878 Likes Received: 2
    Daft punk is playing at my house!

    Great freakin' album, for those who like the rock crossover.
  4. Sarah Tonin

    Sarah Tonin Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 20, 2002 Messages: 1,946 Likes Received: 1
    bout damn time they came out with something new. i heard this tune last week and it has been bumped everyday ever since.

    KRON KING Member

    Joined: Sep 2, 2004 Messages: 905 Likes Received: 0
    that was a song? i dont like it. techno or whatever it was thats all
  6. decu goldyn1

    decu goldyn1 Senior Member

    Joined: Oct 24, 2001 Messages: 1,098 Likes Received: 1
    it's ok
    nothing really special though

    outhud's got new shit out
    good stuff
  7. sneak

    sneak Guest

    the last album was fucking heavy.
  8. InnerCityRebel

    InnerCityRebel Veteran Member

    Joined: Aug 19, 2002 Messages: 8,297 Likes Received: 117
    Hmm sould i get soulseek or limewire..What are the pros and cons people???
  9. Sarah Tonin

    Sarah Tonin Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 20, 2002 Messages: 1,946 Likes Received: 1
  10. got milk?

    got milk? Banned

    Joined: Mar 6, 2005 Messages: 19 Likes Received: 0